Fiduciary duties owed to investors BusinessRiskTV Investment Advisers

The regulation of investment funds insurance companies and banks in Europe is fragmented in terms of consumer protection. This may expose the individual consumer of financial products and services to unnecessary risks. Trying to change this is near impossible for practical and political time reasons. It would take too long to change this and there is not the political timetable to make it happen ever. However it means that the financial services industry needs to accept duplication of reporting and higher than needed regulatory and risk management compliance costs.

The way to protect consumers of financial products is to adopt enterprise risk management principles and practices in the management of investment fund insurance company and banking risks.


The financial services industry should maintain its focus on whether high quality financial services best practices are being provided for the benefit of the consumer the financial services business and the financial services business leaders.

Amber Rudds proposal to jail people for up to 7 years who wilfully or recklessly manage or handle pension funds in UK may be another indicator of a desire to tackle the financial services industry’s inability to properly protect the end benefactor of investment related products.


In terms of governance risk culture and conduct outcomes for customers there is increasing focus on named individuals and clarity of roles. Risk Management governance and compliance failure will increasingly result in repercussions for those charged with the responsibility for governance and compliance.

Product conduct risk governance and disclosures are rising. Financial advisers will become more accountable to act in best interest of clients. BusinessRiskTV can help with your duty of care.

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When should I switch jobs in UK?

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Car Insurance Comparison

Looking for cheapest car insurance UK

Compare car insurance in the UK. The cost of car insurance in the UK rises and falls. However car insurance always has a significant impact on personal and corporate budgets.

Motor Fleet Risk Management
Motor Fleet Risk Management Forum enter code #FleetRiskForum

Very cheap car insurance is a little bit closer in UK

It is easy to compare cheap car insurance in UK. Whether you are responsible for your household budget or business budget it is easy to compare the cost of car insurance in UK.

It is not always to beat the car insurance renewal price. That can depend on car insurance market fluctuations.

UK car insurance premiums biggest annual fall in average price since 2014

The cost of a comprehensive motor insurance policy fell 11 percent in the UK between April and June 2018 compared to the same period last year.

Willis Towers Watson insurance brokers has reviewed the cost of car insurance in UK for The insurance broker has found that car insurance premiums have fallen for the fourth quarter in a row.

Motor Insurance for Business

General Commercial Insurance Experts General Business Insurance Experts BusinessRiskTV

BusinessRiskTV Car Cheap Car Insurance UK

3D Printed House

Why would you not live in a 3D printed home

The construction industry has many innovations to solve the housing crisis in UK quicker. Could the quickest and cheapest solution to the housing crisis be 3D printing?

3D Printed Home
Homes Interiors Magazine

Low cost homes for UK to solve homelessness and housing shortage

Ramping up affordable homes in the UK is key to solving many social problems in UK. The UK housing crisis requires more than one solution. Perhaps 3D printed homes is one realistic solution right now not tomorrow.

Traditional methods of building affordable housing in the UK can be too expensive. If house building is too expensive houses will not get built. If homes do not get built the UK economy suffers as well as people.

Social Housing Sector Risks Forum BusinessRiskTV Forums


Homes and Interiors Online Marketplace Discover A New Home

BusinessRiskTV Could 3D Printed Homes Solve Housing Crisis in UK

UK Economy Weak Start To 2018 Due To Weather Not Economic Climate

Latest Economic News For UK

UK economic growth 2018 started more slowly than end of 2017. The UK economy news is normally weaker at the beginning of the calendar year. Most of the UKs economic growth comes as the calendar year progresses.

UK economy news
Latest economic news for UK and global economy

Governor of the Bank of England Mr Carney

Mr Mark Carney the head of the Bank of England says poor UK economic activity at the beginning of the calendar year 2018 was due to the weather and not UK economic climate.

In addition Mr Carney reports that all slack in the UK economy has been taken up and this is likely to push up UK prices and UK inflation.

With very high levels of employment low levels of unemployment and a million plus job vacancies unfilled it is more likely that wages will increase faster. UK employers will need to pay more to attract candidates and to keep existing staff.

Jobs Trending Now Best Jobs In UK BusinessRiskTV

Mr Carney paints a rosier future for the UK economy in 2018 with downside risks including global international trade war. UK interest rates more likely to rise later this year and this should boost value of the UK pound.

UK Online BusinessRiskTV Doing More Business In UK

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Your Business Forecast To Grow Faster Than The CBI Thinks

Confederation of British Industry CBI Is Politically Motivated and Industry Biased Reports

Absolutely no one can state with absolute certainty what the impact of Brexit will be on UK economy. Most of the articles on the impact of Brexit are politically biased Leave or Remain as there is still a fight for the result of the real Brexit vote.

Many reports including the ones from the CBI are also industry biased. The industry most likely though not guaranteed to suffer if and when the UK leaves the European Union EU will be the financial services industry. This particular industry could actually also be the main industry benefactor from Brexit too but a lot will depend on the end deal with the EU.

Political Risks Forum BusinessRiskTV Political Risk Experts

Most business leaders in the UK can not control Brexit but they can control the impact of Brexit on their own business

Do not let the CBI the media or your mother dictate how you react to Brexit should it eventually happen. Deal with what you know for certain. The value of the UK pound has fallen against a basket of foreign currencies because the financial markets do not like uncertainty and it is highly uncertain if there will be a Brexit, and if it happens what kind of Brexit it will be. The UK certainly has a massive opportunity right now, never mind March 2019 or later to sell more overseas.

UK business leaders need to lay the foundations for a better future whether Brexit happens or not

Seize the day! The devaluation of the UK pound will remain as it is or devalue further over the next few years unless Brexit is stopped. This devaluation negates most of the trade tariffs that could be imposed by EU or are imposed by other non EU countries already.

Don’t wait for tariff free agreements from wherever they might come. Tariff free agreements could become the cherry on top of the cake for UK international traders. Tariff free agreements could also boost the value of the pound and there will be no net benefit from the signing of tariff free agreement in terms of the cost of your products or services to overseas buyers from your business in UK.

UK business leaders will look back on this period of UK economic history and think they missed a massive business opportunity to sell more overseas

This is the time to sell more overseas not when free trade agreements have been signed if they ever get signed.

European Free Trade

Economic uncertainty has brought a massive opportunity as well as threat to UK businesses. Many UK business manufacturers have already exploited this perceived UK economy weakness to export more. If you want to concentrate your focus on the UK domestic market alone, then we wish you well.

If you want to explore ways to sell more and export more from the UK then click here – and enter code UK EXPORTER when you complete form. Alternatively, complete the form below and enter same code.


Higher UK Interest Rates Are Coming So Fill Your Boots With Cheap Money Now

UK Interest Rate Predictions

Current interest rate in UK is 0.25 percent but this is set to rise in 2017

International business growth tips advice and support

If the Bank of England pushes up UK interest rate, lenders will follow suit and it will cost you more money to buy a house build that extension lease a new car or invest in your business.

17th October 2017 UK Inflation Rises Even Further Beyond Bank of England Target of 2 percent

UK’s inflation reached 3 percent in September 50 percent higher than targeted according to the Office for National Statistics ONS.

3 percent is the UKs highest inflation level in since April 2012. This is a continuation a rising inflation trend in the UK. This validates the expectation of a UK interest rate hike in November 2017 especially as rising UK inflation should herald rising wages.

Pensioners will definitely win from September’s increase in inflation. UK state pension is linked to September’s inflation rate and this means pensioners will get a 3 percent wage rise next April 2018. The triple lock on pensions means that pensioners are guaranteed a minimum increase each year by whichever is the highest of Septembers inflation rate average earnings growth or 2.5 percent.

If you are planning on borrowing money in UK get in now whilst lenders rates are at their lowest

Could UK interest rates fall even further? Of course they could! Will they? Not on your nelly!

UK interest rate is currently at its lowest. The only way is up but when will they rise? They should have risen by now and as each day passes the likelihood of an increase in interest rate in UK increases.

Currently the UK manufacturing sector is selling more than it has ever done since 1988. Exports are at their highest since 1995. The UK manufacturing sector is trying to recruit more people.

Unemployment is at its lowest rate since the 1970s. Employment rate is at its highest ever. Millions of job vacancies are unfilled. Employers will have to increase pay to retain and attract staff and this will push inflation up higher.

Inflation is running at 2.9 percent and is probably already at 3.0 percent. The Bank of England has a KPI to trigger interest rate increases. Its 2.0 percent. UK inflation is currently 50 percent higher than the optimal inflation rate of 2.0 percent and if the Governor of the Bank of England was a balanced analyst he would know that he needs to help the Monetary Policy Committee to increase UK interest rate to 0.5 percent in 2017.

Mr Carney has today admitted UK businesses are investing more as the global economy is set to boom. The UK economy will probably grow at least as fast as 2016 and by the end of 2017 growth in UK will be a healthy 2.0 percent.

Increasing UK interest rate will support the value of the UK pound and this will make it slightly harder to export and slightly easier to import to UK which will help control inflation.

The UK needs to prepare for the next financial disaster that the financial services industry cook’s up. Part of the preparation is increasing interest rate towards the long-term UK average of 5.0 percent yes 5.0 percent not 0.5 percent. Even if the Bank of England did increase UK interest rate to 0.5 percent it would still be at a rate that is a tenth of the normal for the UK. Thats how far interest rates will go and it will go relatively fast to stop consumer bubble like that in car sales by finance.

So if you want to borrow money in the UK you will never get a better time to borrow than now. Mr Carney flip flops about when it comes to monetary guidance. One minute the economic data points to a UK interest rate rise the next Mr Carney thinks the same data points to maintaining UK interest rate, or even cutting UK interest rate. Mr Carney will soon be going on a mid career break with Mrs May. She will bore him to death about her policy of a strong and stable government, and he can bore her about his kangeroo petrol monetary guidance policy.

The new and enlightened and emboldened MPC should increase UK interest rate this year. If the MPC doesn’t then we need a new MPC.

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Subscribe to BusinessRiskTV for FREE email alerts to business risk analysis business news headlines and product or service reviews
Subscribe to BusinessRiskTV for FREE email alerts to business risk analysis business news headlines and product or service reviews

Banking Industry Business Risk Forum Emerging Risks In Banking BusinessRiskTV

BusinessRiskTV Higher UK Interest Rates

UK Unfunded Pension Liabilities

UK Pension Liabilities In Private Sector Public Sector and Not For Profit Sector Are Out Of Control

Why are the systems meant to protect those saving for retirement so inadequate? You might say they are underfunded rather than unfunded until you see how much underfunding there is and then you might agree that really pensions are unfunded!

Retirement Lifestyle UK
How well will you live in the UK in the autumn of your life enter code #PensionAdvice

Pension News Headlines Risk Analysis and Reviews

18th March 2018 In Future UK Employees Pensions Maybe Better Protected

Avoiding or abusing pension responsibilities maybe made a crime under plans to crack down on business leaders who fail to comply with their responsibilities to protect pensions and pensioners in UK.

The UK’s Insolvency Service will also be given extra powers to help protect employees from negligent corporate business decision makers who put pension schemes at risk.

22nd January 2018 UK Prime Minister May Says UK Will Stop Abuse Of Pension Schemes By Executives and Shareholders

The scandal of continuous underfunding of UK pensions and the abuse of pension provision in the UK has been highlighted once again by the collapse of the UK’s second biggest construction company Carillion. Some 28,000 pensioners are likely to face reduced pension payments due to the collapse of Carillion with perhaps a £1 billion pension hole where Carillions money should be.

Instead of addressing the pension hole Carillion executives chose to boost the performance of the firm by underfunding the pension pot paying higher dividends and paying themselves larger bonuses than they would otherwise have been entitled to. Carillion pensioners will transfer to the Pension Protection Fund after the collapse of Carillion but many pensioners many pension members out of pocket when their pension is likely to be cut.

The UK Prime Minister says the UK will clamp down on executives who line their own pockets while not protecting workers pensions.

New rules in the spring of 2018 will aim to deal with executives who threaten worker’s pensions in order to benefit personally from bigger bonuses or rewards.

However Mrs May said last year after the BHS scandal that she would tackle executive abuse to pension contributions with no progress to date.

27th June 2017 UK Pension Regulator published its report into a deal under which Philip Green paid £363m to BHS pension scheme

The Pension Regulator says the main purpose in selling BHS was to prevent taking on liability for the BHS pension scheme. The Pension Regulator says that under Mr Greens watch the BHS pension fund had moved from a surplus into a deficit. However after Mr Greens personal recent substantial contribution BHS pension fund now has a £100m surplus.

However what is clear is that pension fund risk management is highly inadequate. Periodically massive pension fund shortfalls materialise into real financial loss to pensioners. This will continue until legislation corrects the inadequacy of the present regulatory control and monitoring. Perhaps the Pension Regulator could also do its job better. It needs to show its teeth earlier.

Citibank Report 2016

According to Citibank, the 20 largest OECD countries alone owe $78 trillion to their public sector pension funds funding for pay-as-you-go and defined benefit public pensions.

Do you pay into a private pension in UK? Your employer is not! Overall private pension funding in UK is only up to around two-thirds of what is needed. Around three quarters of a trillion pounds extra is needed to fully fund private UK pensions!

Where is this money going to come from to make sure you get your pension when you retire?

Carillion BHS Steelworkers et al are not the only ones who are worried about their retirement money!

Too many people in the UK who think they are saving for their retirement via a pension have been let down and will continue to be let down

People saving for their retirement and who are in retirement have lost money due to the inadequate management and protection of pension funds in the UK.

Unfunded public sector pensions make up two-thirds of the £2 trillion UK pension liabilities. Private sector pension funds should hopefully become less of an issue as private pension funds or closed to new members and subsequently closed down altogether. However BHS has shown how private pension funds can throw up real problems for those saving for retirement or in retirement.

Why has the UK got saving for retirement so badly wrong?

Unfunded state pensions are the legacy of our fathers and mothers. They have failed to grasp the nettle of saving for retirement and have left a mess to the next generation in the UK whilst pocketing relatively generous pensions for themselves. This is compounded by unfunded central and local government employee pensions.

Public sector pensions are essentially like illegal Ponzi schemes where people think they are investing in their future retirement, but largely they are paying the pensions of those who are retired in UK now. They are really paying money with little more than a hope that the young of today will pay their pension when they retire. However there is no guarantee that the young of today and government’s of the future will feel inclined to pay for retired people’s lifestyles they have no hope of matching when the young eventually retire. The main risk control measure seems to be increasing the state retirement age. And so it continues.

Corrupt business leaders are also failing to pay into private pensions to fund the pension of many people in private sector funds. They seem to be hoping that they will get away with it and someone else will pick up the tab which is normally the retired person who did pay their fair share into the pension fund.

The pension scandal is yet more evidence of the failure of risk management, corporate governance and compliance to create a fair society and corporate culture. A demographic time bomb will soon explode but at the moment successive UK governments are happy to pass the parcel in the hope that the music doesn’t stop when they are in charge.

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UK public sector and private sector pension funds are seriously underfunded so keep up to date with developments to see if you will get your pension in UK when you retire enter code #PensionCrisis

Jail Financial Services Leaders For Action and Inertia

Financial Services Industry Risk Management

Management of risk in financial services industry.

International Risk Management
Ask the experts in corporate business risk management on

Scores of bankers have been jailed for their part in the financial crisis but the rest of the world should hang its head in shame for its lack of demonstration of accountability for actions and inaction in face of corporate risk

Financial services industry leaders not just bankers were highly culpable for the financial crisis upon which people committed suicide and a lost their shirts.   Financial leaders should lose their liberty.

The next financial crisis is just around the corner. We have seen many incidents since the financial crisis that haven’t quite been systemic risk events but they have cost financial services companys billions in fines for poor and deliberate malpractice. Financial services leaders haven’t learnt their lesson. They are just paying lip-service to good corporate governance. Only the real threat of the jail will stop the next financial crisis happening.

Not only have the culprits for the financial crisis got away with it, they have gone on to be leaders in the financial services industry or other leading businesses.

From leading bankers to leading politicians to leading regulators to leading credit rating agency leaders to leading central bankers they have all prospered despite the financial crisis and many have gone from causing the financial crisis to other positions of power without being held to account for their actions or inaction.

There has been limited tightening of global financial services regulations but the ultimate sanction of losing your liberty is still highly unlikely. It still more likely that financial services leaders will depart their employer with handsome pay-offs and pension packages rather than serving time in a USA or UK jail.

Until individual financial services industry leaders face and are convicted of criminal prosecutions business leaders will continue to lead their employers to hefty financial penalties and even liquidation. If you kill someone at work, you at least have some real chance of going to jail. If you kill a corporate entity, you will almost certainly not go to jail in UK and USA. Appearing in court to face charges is not the same as losing your liberty for 7 to 10 years.

European countries have been a little more robust at jailing the guilty but only a few can be proud of their resolve to improve corporate governance in practice.

Financial Services Industry Risk News Headlines Industry Analysis and Risk Reviews

Pick up the latest financial services news opinions reviews and jobs

20th June 2017 SFO charges former Barclays chief executive John Varley and three others Roger Jenkins Tom Kalaris and Richard Boath. After a five-year investigation into the £12bn bailout fundraising recapitalisation of Barclays bank by Qatar

Barclays strategy was to go to Qatar for money instead of UK government. The bank and the ex-bank executives will officially respond to SFO charges on 3rd July. The charges include conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation in relation to a fundraising in June 2008. The ex bank executives are facing potential jail of up to 10 years if convicted.

Other charges for some of those accused and the bank include providing unlawful financial assistance through a loan.

Barclays said it was considering its position in relation to these developments and awaiting further details of the charges.

Financial Services Industry Risks Forum BusinessRiskTV Forums

BusinessRiskTV Business Live Latest News

Executives Behaving Badly

UK Unfunded Pension Liabilities

General Commercial Insurance Experts General Business Insurance Experts BusinessRiskTV

UK Online BusinessRiskTV Doing More Business In UK

BusnessRiskTV Jail Financial Services Industry Leaders For Their Action and Lack Of Action

Careers Advice UK For Adults

Where to get careers advice

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