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2nd November 2018 UK Fracking Company Brings Gas To Surface In Lancashire

UK energy company Cuadrilla has reported first shale gas since started fracking again. It has extracted a small amount of shale gas. So fracking in Lancashire is possible but will it be commercially viable and environmentally safe at same time?

Cuadrilla say fracking will transform the UKs energy sector and reduce reliance on gas imports providing the UK with energy security as its North Sea oil gas production fades away.

Cuadrillas Preston New Road site is being monitored to check the safety of fracking.

22nd October 2018 German Industry Lobbying German Government To Keep Coal Fired Power Stations

The head of Germanys steel association wants to keep coal fired power stations for longer to remain globally competitive.

Hans Juergen Kerkhoff said he expects rising power prices from a hasty withdrawal from coal to lead to additional electricity costs of between 140 million euros and 220 million euros year for the steel industry.

German government is creating a roadmap for phasing out coal as an energy source. If coal fired power stations were closed down the steel industry wants compensated in same way.

15th October 2018 Fracking Begins In Lancashire

Cuadrilla starts fracking for gas in Lancashire. The UK government has directly intervened to permit fracking by Cuadrilla to cut UKs reliance on gas imports as North Sea gas supplies are depleted.

British Geological Survey estimates gas resources in northern England could top 1300 trillion cubic feet of gas 10 percent of which could meet UK demand for almost 40 years

Local communities and environmental campaigners say the risks of environment and ground water contamination are too high and is against the UKs policy on the environment.

Whats happening that could impact on your organisation? How could you manage environmental risks better? Who is offering the best environmental risks products and services? Are there any environmental risks product discounts deals or special offers you should know about?

  1. Whats good and bad today?
  2. Who are the movers and shakers who can help your business?
  3. How could you improve what you do?

Why is it worthwhile for your business to change its practices and procedures?   Pick up tips advice and support.

There are many ways to comply with regulations. What is the most cost effective? How do you use the compliance to improve business performance?

Risk experts support the discussions to facilitate the learning process. Their free professional advice will help guide the best practice chat.

Changing the world… One billion trees at a time from zee on Vimeo.

3rd July 2018 Germany Produced Enough Renewable Energy In First 6 Months 2018 To Power Every Household In Germany For A Year

Germany is producing enough energy from wind sun biomass and hydroelectric power sources to power all its homes according to energy firm E.On.

Germany continues to increase its renewable energy production as it pushes forward to a low carbon sustainable economy. Around a third of Germanys total electricity needs comes from renewable energy. Germany is planning to phase out its nuclear power plants by 2022.

11th June 2018 Better Batteries Is The Key To Sustainable Renewable Energy

The latest state of the art batteries can power small towns when renewable energy production is not available. Wind is not always blowing or can blow too fast. Solar energy does not provide round the clock energy.

Better batteries and investment in even better batteries will hasten the need for coal and gas electricity generation power systems. Fossil fuel generation plants are more expensive than renewable energy power systems but are more reliable for the time being. New battery technology can change all that.

Join the discussion on renewable energy nuclear energy and fossil fuel energy production – CLICK HERE

20th March 2018 – UK Wind Power Is Powering More Of UK

How is the UK managing energy supply risks to UK economy?

Power generation from Britain’s wind farms accounted for 34.2 percent of domestic electricity generation on the 17th March 2018. According to the UKs National Grid wind farms in UK hit a record 14.2 gigawatts.

The UK is in the two 3 of wind generation countries in the European Union EU, after Germany and Spain and more wind farms in the UK are on their way to boost wind power generation still further.

Britain is looking to wind power to help bolster electricity supply gap as dirty old coal fired power stations close.

2nd January 2018 Chinas Ban On Importing Plastic Waste Will Create Pile Up Of Waste In UK

China banned the importation of plastic waste from the 1st January 2018. Some UK recycling businesses stopped shipping plastic waste to China in the Autumn of 2017 in case it didn’t arrive before the new year ban.

The UK has been exporting most of its corporate plastic waste problem for years. Now it can not what will happen to the likes of single use plastic bottles?

More innovate schemes must be adopted in the UK. On the plus side of more expensive plastic waste disposal is that it will soon become more economical to recycle plastic waste cause the benchmark cost of plastic waste recycling is going up.

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