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10th June 2020 Britains Two Months Without Using Coal To Generate Power A New Record Coal Free Period For UK

The new record period was helped by the reduction in demand due to coronavirus pandemic. A decade ago about 40 percent of the UKs electricity came from coal.

The UK now has biggest offshore wind industry in the world.

3rd March 2020 Norways Sovereign Wealth Fund Doubles Down On Enterprise Risk Management ERM To Protect Investments Better

Norways trillion pound wealth fund is the biggest fund in the world. Built on the back of oil and gas it has been changing its philosophy and approach to investing.

The fund will insist on the businesses it invests in to be more transparent about their key risks including asking for more corporate sustainability data regularly and in a standardised way. It wants not just financial information but how businesses manage all key risks.

27th January 2020 Pension Fund Managing 30 Billion Plus Of Retirement Savings Says Will Vote Down Boards and Sack Asset Managers Whose Investments Fail To Meet Climate Targets.

The Brunel Pension Partnership which manages pension fund for UK local government workers and pensioners across the South West England said money managers must move towards carbon neutral investments by 2022 or risk being axed.

Brunel will pressure managers it works with to change their investment policies to reflect climate risk and said it would stress test investments based on environmental concerns.

Brunel said the financial sector was currently not fit for purpose when to came to addressing climate issues. The pension fund said investment managers were too short term focused and reliant on benchmarks that do not reflect accurate climate risk.

We have a climate emergency on our hands and it would be irresponsible of us to accept the status quo. We need to systematically change the investment industry in order to keep temperature rise to well below 2°C.

Brunel Pension Partnership

27th November 2019 Norways Sovereign Wealth Fund Continues To Explore Risk Based Divestment On Environment Grounds

Norway trillion pound wealth fund is the worlds largest fund. It has already sold hundreds of stakes in businesses considered too risky on climate change issues.

The wealth fund was created from the revenues from Norways oil and gas production. It now invests more money than any other fund but continues to divest from businesses with unacceptable environmental risk management credentials. However many companies do not fully report publicly on environmental risk management performance.

Norways wealth funds corporate governance team assesses how good companies were at managing environmental risks. In addition the corporate governance team assesses the potential impact of climate change on its other wealth assets to identify potential loss of value to the fund.

29th October 2019 Is There Really A Need To Travel To Conferences Around The World If You Are Worried About Climate Change Given There Is A Thing Called The Internet?


Do people who protest and call for climate action need to look at themselves before asking others to change how they live and work? CLICK HERE to join the debate.

17th October 2019 Flybe Renamed Virgin Connect May Stop Some Flights Over Environmental Concerns

Flying is currently the single biggest damaging thing an individual can do to the environment as a consumer of products and services.

Flybe was renamed Virgin Connect after being taken over by the Connect Airways consortium of operators including Virgin Atlantic.

Connect Airways could stop flying between airports where the journey can be made easily by train or car.

Connect Airways CEO Mark Anderson

In an interview with the PA news agency at the Airlines 2050 aviation summit in Westminster he said We need to be responsible. Maybe there are some routes in the future as I look at the future of Virgin Connect and how we are connecting people to their world that we will potentially not fly.

25th September 2019 UK Needs To Think About How It Acts On The Environment Before Criticising Brazlian Politicians

We rightly call on other nations to protect their stunning places. But where are our rainforests?

23rd September 2019 Bank of England Governor Mark Carney Says Financial Services Industry Needs Better Climate Risk Management

Carney says the financial sector must transform its management of climate risk as global warming threatens business asset valuations. He advocates sustainable investing. He thinks climate change threatens the stability of the global financial system.

23rd September 2019 Insurers and Pension Funds Managing 2 Trillion Pounds Worth Of Money Pledge Divest Away From Carbon Heavy Industries To More Environmentally Sensitive Corporate Investments

Getting the financial industry to vote with its money is crucial to environmental protection. The value of investment power on changing corporate practices is one of the most important changes needed to drive positive change.

Global insurers and pension fund managers signed up to the principle and practice of a Net Zero Asset Owner Alliance launched at a United Nations climate summit.

Political commitment in the form of financial incentives for mitigating climate damage combined with green investing will massively change corporate business decision makers actions to protect the environment.

The financial industry can benefit financially from adoption of climate damage mitigation policies that limit fossil fuel usage. It is not an altruistic change of thinking that is required by insurers and pension fund managers. It is just good business sense for long term investors and those charged with managing money on behalf of investors.


Insurers and pension fund managers have the biggest pots of money. How they use their pots of money can drive environmental protection changes. These managers should be looking at the long game and the long term returns will be greater in environmentally sound businesses.

The world is on track for well over 3 degrees Celsius of warming by the end of the century which environmental experts say is an existential threat to the planet.


Climate change poses urgent and systemic risk to the planet. The pension funds and insurers said they would rebalance their portfolios to ensure their investments were carbon neutral by 2050 with intermediate targets set for 2025 2030 and 2040. This means that large corporate polluters may need to change their environmental risk management systems to receive investments and protect their value. It could also mean corporate decision makers will need to change environmental risk management practices to maintain their salary and bonuses.

The power of money speaks volumes and motivates change. The handful of people managing these enormous funds have more power than most people realise. They are unelected powers behind change and they need economic and financial persuasion. That includes consumers acting with their wallets and purses not hashtags.

21st September 2019 Changing What We Buy Or Pay For Will Save The World From Environmental Damage Not Marches On The Streets

The marches around the world this last week on climate change and calls for action on climate damage were a good marker for the corporate world. However what will work is changes to the economic practicalities of environmental protection.

We will change the world for the better if when we use the power of money to make real progress. This needs financial incentives through government action but the main thrust should be about what we do as individuals not what we want other people to do to save the planet.

  • Have any of the people on the marches around the world flown in recent years or do the plan to fly in future? If they do they have or are indulging in hypocrisy. Flying is one of the most damaging things you can do to the environment. You say we are in crisis but you flew to Spain Greece or further for your summer holidays? What about the effect on the young people of Spain and Greece who are still suffering very high levels of unemployment following 2008 financial crisis. Spain and Greece rely heavily on tourism for jobs.
  • Do you always use public transport? It may be more expensive take longer or be very inconvenient but you say we are in an existential crisis?
  • If you do have your own car is it environmentally friendly? If not why not? What about car battery recycling or non recycling? Does this cause more damage than say a small car with petrol engine? Is a battery powered car more environmentally damaging when you consider is birth life and death environmental costs?
  • Do you eat meat? Why do you not switch to meat that does not come from the death of an animal that has produced carbon dioxide all its life? Why not switch to become a vegetarian or even better for the environment a vegan?
  • Have you switched your heating to only renewable energy provided power? If not why not?
  • Do you recycle your purchases? If not what are your excuses and are they really justifiable?
  • Do you buy locally? The cost of imports maybe cheaper than buying locally but what is the environmental impact of imports?

It is too easy to look and sound good about how others who you think need to act to stop environmental damage. It is a lot harder to act yourself to stop climate damage. When you follow your justifying statement with a but remember there are no ifs or buts if you say we are already in existential environmental crisis. You can protect the ecosystem with your own personal actions. Do not expect governments to do everything. You can start with your own wallet or purse.

Lifestyles need to change not just governments. Lifestyles do not need to get worse but they need to change. If they change then the economic consequences of this needs to be addressed.

Much economic growth comes from the manufacture of automotive vehicles and planes. The way these products are manufactured will change if people change how they spend their money.

If young people in UK committed over the next 10 years to not going to the most popular holiday destinations by plane including Spain and Greece then this would be a real practical step forward in protecting the environment. This would be a more serious demonstration of young peoples serious practical commitment to protecting the environment than going on strike and marching.

paraphrasing Trevor Phillips speaking on BBC Politics Live programme this week when discussing the validity of young people in particular going on strike and marching to protest about climate damage. Trevor Phillips is former chairman of Equality and Human Rights Commission and former head of Commission for Racial Equality in UK.

Technology already provides lots of the answers. The technology will work even better in future if your spending power supports technological developments.

The environmental solutions will come from economic and technological solutions combining to give the same or better standard of living without damaging the environment. Simply asking for the end of environmental damage will not effect the outcome many environmental activists ask for.

7th September 2019 Brazil and 6 Other South American Countries Come Together To Protect Amazonian Rain Forest

Seven South American countries have agreed how to protect the Amazon Rain Forest from fires with coordinated and satellite monitoring. In addition they will work together on reforestation.

Several international retailers are reported as suspending purchases of Brazilian leather because of claims that the Brazilian government has encouraged deliberate fire setting in the Rain Forest this year.

The actions of retailers and economic sanctions combined with monetary support is more likely to save the Rain Forest than coordination on putting out fires.

The economic solution with sticks and carrots monetary punishment and support is what works not protests in the street or climate change conferences which the delegates farcically fly into to attend.

6th September 2019 Too Many Environmental Activists Want Other People To Act To Save The Planet

Have you been on a march to call for action on climate change? Do you lobby your politician to act to save the Brazilian Rain Forest? Do you shout at the telly at politicians who are not doing enough to save the planet or who are actively damaging the environment?

Climate change is happening. The effects of climate change are net bad though there will be some winners from climate change. For example businesses who provide environmental protection solutions will be winners.

The solutions to climate change are actually pretty simple:

  1. Switch entirely to renewable energy
  2. Switch to electric forms of transport
  3. Stop cutting down trees and start planting trillions of more trees
  4. Stop flying unless via electric powered aviation
  5. Stop eating meat and switch to become a vegan

If we implement the above the planet will be saved from effects of climate change and probably reverse the damage that has been done.

Learn how much damage a single flight does to the planet CLICK HERE

Nearly all of the above with the exception of commercially viable electric flight are available to us right now. Most people can choose to help deliver most of them.

  • Do you buy from an energy supplier who only uses 100 percent renewable energy? It will be more expensive just now but if we all switched it would not be. Have you switched?
  • It is possible for most people to commute on public transport of some form which is less environmentally damaging. It could take you twice as long to get to work but it would help save plant and if we all switched public transport could get better. Have you switched?
  • If you can afford your own transport have you switched to an electric car? There are many options that will work for most people. If we all bought electric cars the price of buying an electric car would come down for all and they would improve. Have you bought an electric car or will you switch to one now not when it needs changing to save the planet?
  • There are organisations around the world who plant trees for a living. Have you bought or paid for a tree to be planted?
  • If we stop eating meat one of the biggest contributors of carbon dioxide to atmosphere will no longer be required to feed the planet. In addition alternate forms of meat that are available right now that are hugely expensive will drop in price like a stone as people who do not want to be vegan find more palatable alternatives in form of technologically produced safe meat substitutes. They contain all the constituents of meat but have not come from a dead animal that has produced carbon dioxide all its life.

The last points 4 and 5 above are critically important. The reason they are important is that they are under your control right now. Too many people who argue for action by governments or businesses expect governments or businesses to solve climate change.

Environmental activists who fly and eat meat are not acting to manage climate change and want everyone else to take the pain of changing how we live. If everyone puts their own house in order first before asking others to sacrifice then we will together save the planet. There are many things you can do to save the planet that will make your life more difficult now but if you argue to make other peoples lives harder now when you have not done everything you can to save the planet then you are a hypocrite.

Join the debate on whether we need fewer activists and more people who act to save the planet CLICK HERE

23rd August 2019 Instead Of Threatening Brazil France and Ireland Might Be Better Helping Brazil To Save The Planet

France and Ireland have reportedly said they will not ratify a trade deal with South American nations unless Brazil does more to fight fires in the Amazon.

France has failed to comply with European Union rules on fiscal deficit for years. Maybe if France sorted out its own stall the world would be a better place to live.


Incredible really. Its easy to criticise Brazil. Maybe France and Ireland can plant a similar amount of tress being burnt in Brazil on farmland in France and Ireland. By turning over their highly productive farmland to trees they would increase oxygenation of the planet – at the expense of their economy. Or they could pay Brazil to stop burning trees?

If the Brazilian rain forest is so important to saving the planet then why threaten Brazil? Could it be that France and Ireland do not have that much trade with Brazil and are not likely to trade much with Brazil? Could Presidential leaders in France and Ireland be playing politics instead of actually helping save the planet?

Join the discussion on saving the planet CLICK HERE

Learn environmental risks management best practices from peers and guest speakers. Interactive environmental risks management forum for executives environmental practitioners and managers with responsibilities for improving environmental management.

8th August 2019 UN Environmental Experts Report Recommends Key Action To Fight Climate Change

The latest UN report on climate change recommends we change our diet to to a plant based diet. High and increasing consumption of meat and dairy products is a key driver of climate change.

Environmental experts have produced UN report Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC.

2nd November 2018 UK Fracking Company Brings Gas To Surface In Lancashire

UK energy company Cuadrilla has reported first shale gas since started fracking again. It has extracted a small amount of shale gas. So fracking in Lancashire is possible but will it be commercially viable and environmentally safe at same time?

Cuadrilla say fracking will transform the UKs energy sector and reduce reliance on gas imports providing the UK with energy security as its North Sea oil gas production fades away.

Cuadrillas Preston New Road site is being monitored to check the safety of fracking.

22nd October 2018 German Industry Lobbying German Government To Keep Coal Fired Power Stations

The head of Germanys steel association wants to keep coal fired power stations for longer to remain globally competitive.

Hans Juergen Kerkhoff said he expects rising power prices from a hasty withdrawal from coal to lead to additional electricity costs of between 140 million euros and 220 million euros year for the steel industry.


German government is creating a roadmap for phasing out coal as an energy source. If coal fired power stations were closed down the steel industry wants compensated in same way.

15th October 2018 Fracking Begins In Lancashire

Cuadrilla starts fracking for gas in Lancashire. The UK government has directly intervened to permit fracking by Cuadrilla to cut UKs reliance on gas imports as North Sea gas supplies are depleted.

British Geological Survey estimates gas resources in northern England could top 1300 trillion cubic feet of gas 10 percent of which could meet UK demand for almost 40 years


Local communities and environmental campaigners say the risks of environment and ground water contamination are too high and is against the UKs policy on the environment.

Whats happening that could impact on your organisation? How could you manage environmental risks better? Who is offering the best environmental risks products and services? Are there any environmental risks product discounts deals or special offers you should know about?

  1. Whats good and bad today?
  2. Who are the movers and shakers who can help your business?
  3. How could you improve what you do?

Why is it worthwhile for your business to change its practices and procedures?   Pick up tips advice and support.

There are many ways to comply with regulations. What is the most cost effective? How do you use the compliance to improve business performance?

Risk experts support the discussions to facilitate the learning process. Their free professional advice will help guide the best practice chat.

3rd July 2018 Germany Produced Enough Renewable Energy In First 6 Months 2018 To Power Every Household In Germany For A Year

Germany is producing enough energy from wind sun biomass and hydroelectric power sources to power all its homes according to energy firm E.On.

Germany continues to increase its renewable energy production as it pushes forward to a low carbon sustainable economy. Around a third of Germanys total electricity needs comes from renewable energy. Germany is planning to phase out its nuclear power plants by 2022.

11th June 2018 Better Batteries Is The Key To Sustainable Renewable Energy

The latest state of the art batteries can power small towns when renewable energy production is not available. Wind is not always blowing or can blow too fast. Solar energy does not provide round the clock energy.

Better batteries and investment in even better batteries will hasten the need for coal and gas electricity generation power systems. Fossil fuel generation plants are more expensive than renewable energy power systems but are more reliable for the time being. New battery technology can change all that.

Join the discussion on renewable energy nuclear energy and fossil fuel energy production – CLICK HERE

20th March 2018 – UK Wind Power Is Powering More Of UK

How is the UK managing energy supply risks to UK economy?

Power generation from Britain’s wind farms accounted for 34.2 percent of domestic electricity generation on the 17th March 2018. According to the UKs National Grid wind farms in UK hit a record 14.2 gigawatts.

The UK is in the two 3 of wind generation countries in the European Union EU, after Germany and Spain and more wind farms in the UK are on their way to boost wind power generation still further.

Britain is looking to wind power to help bolster electricity supply gap as dirty old coal fired power stations close.

2nd January 2018 Chinas Ban On Importing Plastic Waste Will Create Pile Up Of Waste In UK

China banned the importation of plastic waste from the 1st January 2018. Some UK recycling businesses stopped shipping plastic waste to China in the Autumn of 2017 in case it didn’t arrive before the new year ban.

The UK has been exporting most of its corporate plastic waste problem for years. Now it can not what will happen to the likes of single use plastic bottles?

More innovate schemes must be adopted in the UK. On the plus side of more expensive plastic waste disposal is that it will soon become more economical to recycle plastic waste cause the benchmark cost of plastic waste recycling is going up.

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