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Do you want to sell your farm products online?

Our online marketplaces provide opportunities for farmers to sell more online direct to buyers, both locally and globally.   Create more turnover from our online farmers services.   Check out new ways to sell your farm products.   Get a better price and find the right buyers for your farm produce with help of

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How could farmers sell their produce more profitably?

We want to disrupt the way farmers are rewarded for their hard work and investment, in the favour of farmers in UK.   Whether you voted for Brexit or not, there are great threats and opportunities for farmers on the horizon.   Some questions come to mind before we can create and support the selling of farm produce more profitably.

  • Where do farmers sell their produce just now and why?
  • How can we sell farm produce online both locally, nationally and even globally?
  • How can we sell more via online farmers markets?
  • Who do farmers sell crops to?

Like we said, we’re not interested in re-running the Brexit vote.   However, we’re very interested in seizing the farmers opportunities from Brexit.

The value of the pound could stay low or even fall significantly for some time.   The financial markets don’t care about Brexit but they do care about uncertainty.   They hate uncertainty.   Once thing is certain about Brexit.   There will be lots of uncertainty for the next couple of years.   This means that UK farmers who produce food and drink have a massive opportunity to sell more profitably both in the UK and overseas.   Those who import farm produce to sell in the UK may suffer as could those who import farming machinery.  However this article is focusing on the positives, the opportunities to farmers, of Brexit.

Buyers in the UK of UK farm produce will be prepared to pay more for UK farm produce as importing costs compare less favourably than they may have done pre-Brexit vote.   The UK domestic market farmers market should be gobbled up by food and drink retailers and many of them will want to tie farmers into long-term deals to guarantee supply at low prices.   Farmers need to resist the understandable desire to sign up for long-term food retailer deals without getting a higher premium price than previously coughed up by UK retailers.

Looking overseas?   Why not?   The value of the pound makes UK farm produce more attractive.   Why not get together online to sell more UK farm produce overseas?   What are the problems?   How do we overcome those problems.   Maybe the subject of an upcoming online Farming Risk Forum discussion.   Come back to find out more.

Farming Risk Management farming risk management tips advice and support online.   Food and production within the current economic, political and business climate change is difficult especially trying to deliver a safe quality food to consumers.   A successful farming business is not just about the quality of the food and drink produced.   We can help you adopt new ways of thinking about your farm business and farming in general.

Risk is inherent in farming.   Take more risk in agricultural production to achieve more for your farm.   Do so knowingly with suitable risk control measures in place to reduce likelihood and impact of risk events.

Farmers Farming Farms UK

There are many different types of risk and uncertainty in agriculture including political risks, economic risks, social risks, technological risks, legal risks and environmental risks as well as each farmers own organisational risks.   Tackle risks more confidently with better risk management in agriculture sector.

Do you have a farming risk management video?   What can you offer farmers in terms of better risk management?   Could your products or services make farming more sustainable as a business?

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Farm risk management strategies

Farming Farmers Business Risk Management Magazine
Mitigating Threats To Farming Seizing New Business Development Opportunities

What are the best farming risk management practices globally and locally?   Who can help farmers to protect assets more cost-effectively and grow farm revenues more profitably?   Why does farming risk management not always work well?   Which parts of the world could you learn from?   How could you improve the management of farm risks?

Agricultural risks can range from stand alone single risks or relate mutually to all farmers in the UK.

Managing risk better in farming is about mitigating increasingly risky trading environment and making more informed commercial farming decisions. helps farmers to understand the risks they face and develop risk management skills to improve problem solving.

Ultimately farming risk management will make farming farmers and farms more resilient and more sustainable.

Farmers have many strategic operational and project risk management options for managing risks and a balanced approach is required for greater success.   Managing farming risks better will preserve farmers income and reduce uncertainty impacting on what farmers want to achieve from their farms.

Risk in Agriculture Industry

Risk management in farming : learn more about risk management for farmers farming risk management approach is to take an holistic approach to the various types of risk in agriculture industry.

  • Use risk assessment tools and techniques to understand farm risks better.
  • Types of risk vary across livestock, farm labour issues including safety, finance risks, political risks, economic risks, societal risks, technology risks, compliance and regulatory risks and environmental risks.   The optimal management of these risks is best achieved by looking at the whole not the individual risks.
  • Access latest news opinions and reviews to improve farm financial position, mitigate threats and maximise opportunities.

Risk is an inherent part of the business of farming.   Farm risks management is often an informal affair, but a systematic risk management approach could make your farm more sustainable and successful

Farmers have many options for managing the risks.   Our service does not offer a panacea for farmers. aims to facilitate the solutions to how to manage farm risks better. Farming News Views Reviews Tips Advice and Support

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24th February 2018 – Competition In UK For Farm Products Keeping A Lid On Food Price Rises But Hitting Farmers Profit

In addition the shift in demand for retailers is radically changing what farmers need to produce to stay in business.

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21st February 2018 – British Farmers Union Elects First Female President

The UK’s National Farmers Union NFU has elected its first female president, Minette Batters.   She is also a leader in farming business including horse livery, wedding and corporate events venue and a catering business specialising in home-grown produce in Wiltshire.

20th February 2018 – UK Post Brexit Agriculture Plan

The UK government will publish a consultation paper on future agriculture policy soon, according to Environment Minister Michael Gove speaking at the annual conference of National Farmers Union NFU.

Farmers are desperate for more clarity on the potential impact on their business after the UK leaves the European Union EU.

The consultation plan will outline how the UK government plans to change things for farmers in broad terms but will only cover England as agriculture in Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland is the responsibility of the devolved administrations.

9th February 2018 – Smart Farming To Develop With Artificial Intelligence AI Advancement

Smart farming includes using equipment with developing technology that will increasingly using AI to boost productivity in developed countries.

Precision farming is not new, but farm labour will become increasingly unnecessary, if finance is easily available, with the use of AI, and farmers will become more productive.

The Bank of England recently indicated that UK interest rates are going to rise sooner and faster to try to cool an overheating economy.   There is therefore doubt that the money will be available to farmers in UK.   The lack of money is the key impediment to smarter farming, not the tech knowhow needed to make farmers more productive.

The UK government will need to step in where the EU are leaving and invest more in farmers and farming technology to make the country more efficient, self-sufficient so we don’t need to buy-in and make farming more sustainable.

18th January 2018 – Bird Flu In Dorset

The UK government has issued a bird flu warning to anyone keeping poultry and captive birds.

If you keep any kind of captive birds you need to register your animals so that you can keep up to date with developments.   This s a legal requirement if you have 50 or more birds.

Bird keepers must follow strict biosecurity precautions to restrict the spread of bird flu.

Anyone who finds dead wild birds should report them to the Defra helpline on 03459 33 55 77.

4th January 2018 – Life After Brexit On The Farm In UK

The UK will move away from “subsidies for inefficiency” where landowners benefited from simply being owners of land.   The system will change to reward more agri-environment schemes where taxpayers money will be used for “public goods”.

Additional promises for a post-Brexit farming world that ditches the Common Agricultural Policy CAP subsidy include reduced bureaucracy, according to Michael Gove, Secretary of State for the Environment.   Subsidies to farmers will continue until at least March 2024, but the strategy for helping farmers long-term is not yet clear.

4th January 2018 – Schmallenberg SBV Virus Found In Northern England and Scotland Threatens This Spring’s Lambing

Experts have warned that lambs and calves due to be born this spring may have been infected with SBV virus and could be born with deformities.

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Enterprise Risk Management ERM Training For Better Protection and Faster Growth

Managing business enterprise risks better in farming to achieve enterprise objectives more easily, with less uncertainty and more confidence.   Good farm businesses go hand in hand with good risk management skills and practices.   Develop a new farm business strategy with a more risk-based approach to farmer decision-making.

Managing risks in farming is not straight forward.   Understand your key farming risks better and improve your farming risk management skills.   Identify threats and opportunities to your business in farming.   Assess the impact of threats and find out how to exploit farming business opportunities more.   Learn how to control corporate risks within your risk tolerance and appetite for risk to boost your business performance.

Find a better way to deal with the complexities of enterprise-wide risk management ERM.   Sign-up for one of our online enterprise risk management ERM workshops or book an inclassroom workshop.

  • Develop ERM risk knowledge and skills required for you and your business in farming.
  • Revise your enterprise risk management ERM framework and risk assessment process.
  • Build a new risk-based approach to your strategic, operational and project risks.

Use our enterprise risk management distance learning training or book an inhouse workshop to learn more about innovative farm risk management strategies for your farm.


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