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Sustaining Business Innovation

Partnering with business disruption innovators to create a new marketplace online. We value our network of disruptive innovators who have the same vision as us to disrupt existing business marketplaces. Sustaining innovation is hard. We provide support tips and help to get you to the next stage so you can get to your finishing line.

We seek to displace established market leading businesses products and services via an alliance of like minded disruptive innovators. Disruptive innovation in any country or industry is not easy. We make it easier. Innovate better with another problem solver at your back.

Access help to seed your innovative ideas products or services into the market. Establish roots and then grow rapidly but sustainably. Advance and expand from your foothold in the marketplace to flourish and fly. As you grow up we can work to speed up your progress. Think bigger with BusinessRiskTV!

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Disruptive Innovation

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Disruptive Innovation

BusinessRiskTV is developing powerful new way of thinking about innovation driven growth. Just because it has been done that way for years does not mean it will always be done that way or that it is the best way of doing it!

Disruptive innovation does not have to be a gadget. It can be an idea or service. What is it that needs to be done differently then work backwards to your new innovative idea that will disrupt the traditional normal way of working. Do not accept the status quo. Your new customers will buy your idea if it works better for them. Take reassurance your likelihood of creative disruptive growth success will happen with our backing.

We have started at the bottom of a marketplace from nothing and are relentlessly spreading our vision of a new online marketplace that will eventually displace established competitors operating their own business models.

Disruptive driven growth initiatives across BusinessRiskTV will support creative ideas from small entrepreneurial companies seeking a deeper foothold in the marketplace. We will help create new markets and slice into the existing market share of the established market leading firms products and services.

Business Innovation Business Growth
Get Your Products Or Services To The Marketplace Quicker and Cheaper
Mammoth task with massive returns

BusinessRiskTV partners are thinking big. Grab the chance to create dramatic changes for your new customers and your own future. It can take time to significantly affect the way the online marketplace functions. Every long journey starts with a first step. We are further along the road but are looking for partners to enjoy the rewards at the end.

Looking for sustainable business growth from disruptive innovators in the UK and globally.


We will help your ideas products and services take root in the bottom of the marketplace and help SMEs move up market.

If you are a fairly new startup or want to startup a new business think big!   Together we can shift consumer and other business expectations. Shift their loyalty to your product or service with BusinessRiskTV disruptive innovation tools and techniques.

Are you ready to be disrupted?

In surveys for the new year business leaders say that their biggest fear or corporate risk is disruptive business competition. Even if you are not in the mindset of being a business disruptor you do need to get ready for disruption of your marketplace. The 4th Industrial Revolution is upon us and it is either a threat you need to manage or an opportunity to be seized by your business.

New business models are already being created. This is not tomorrows world. It is the world today.

It is also a mistake to think of the 4th Industrial Revolution as a digital disruption. Technological advances maybe be the cause of the disruption but it is more like a catalyst for change in the way we do business and the type of business we do.

No industry or country will be untouched by the disruption. Very few business leaders seem to acknowledge their area of business is or is to be disrupted let alone get prepared for the impact of the disruption. Getting prepared for the disruption also means getting prepared for the opportunities flowing from the disruptive changes.

We can help you get ready for disruption

Join our online forum from your phone pc mobile device or even TV. Prepare your business for the impact of disruption on your business and seize the business opportunities to grow faster. Collaborate with global business innovators and go on the offensive as well as prepare your business defence.

The only think that is certain in future is change death and taxes. You can prepare for all three but you can not stop them! However the pace of change is switching gear. It is now called disruption as things are moving so fast. How are you going to keep up and even get ahead of the game?

A tsunami of change is about to wash over your country. The ones who are prepared will survive and prosper. The businesses that are not prepared will have to rely on lady luck to get them through the next decade.

Showcase Your Innovation Ideas Services or Products

Great ideas to disrupt the normal market for products or services? Still at development stage or just launching your new product or service? Want to attract new investment to project you over the finishing line or push your new idea forward? Need to promote market or advertise your innovation or even just an idea? Are you a business leader or entrepreneur who needs a little help to get you to the next stage? BusinessRiskTV can help with innovation driven business growth.

Whether you are creating a whole new market or are aiming to disrupt an existing market in future.

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