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The leisure and hospitality sector must take controlled risks to be successful just like any other corporate entity. Manage the threats which could bring financial loss to your hospitality or leisure business. Identify new business opportunities in the leisure industry to grow your leisure related business faster with less uncertainty. Access leisure industry news opinions reviews and special offers.

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Are you working in the leisure industry? Could you manage leisure industry business risks better? Want to develop you revenue income?

What are the top risks facing the leisure and hospitality industry in the UK? UK domestic spend is increasing and the lower value of the pound has produced a surge in foreign visitors spending more on holidays and business trips.   

Our hospitality and leisure industry experts can advise on a range of sector including hotels pubs and restaurants travel and tourism sport and leisure and art culture and entertainment.

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28th February 2018 Leisure and Hospitality Industry Needs To Think Smarter and Be More Pragmatic

Instead of whinging about the lack of people to employ, the industry could gain inspiration from some businesses who are managing the problem constructively instead of sitting on their hands hoping Brexit will be stopped.

Hotel operator PPHE has brought more staff in-house and shifted a planned pay rise forward to try to retain staff already working in their hotels and attract new staff.

PPHE now directly employs housekeeping staff in three of its London hotels instead outsourcing housekeeping. PPHE offers better benefits to its inhouse workers. It has already started paying the higher national living wage rate which will become mandatory in April 2018.

Higher pay and better employee benefits might be a solution to attracting and retaining employees in the leisure and hospitality industry

Chief financial officer Daniel Kos of PPHE says the changes really helped to maintain staff levels and made it more enticing to would be job seekers.

The Brexit vote has led to a devaluation of the pound that is unlikely to increase in value for the foreseeable future. This has brought more foreigners to the UK looking for a cheaper holiday, which the leisure industry has benefited from, but it has also discouraged some EU workers from working in the UK, making recruiting staff into hospitality and leisure industry.

28th August 2017 More Tourism In UK If People Had More Time

A Virgin Trains survey found that the majority of British people would indulge themselves in more sightseeing in the UK if only they had more spare time.

69% would do more sightseeing in UK if they could. More visits would include Edinburgh York Oxford Bath and London.

27th April 2017 UK Tourism Supported 2017 By Weak Value Of Pound

British hoteliers and leisure industry as a whole set for bumper 2017 income from UK residents holidaying at home avoiding less spending power abroad, and increased overseas tourists coming to the UK for a cheap holiday taking advantage of more bang for their buck!

Foreign tourists will flock to the UK in 2017 and spend more in the UK than ever before. The UK is a more attractive holiday destination for both UK residents and foreign tourists.

The hospitality and leisure industry includes businesses across hotels pubs and restaurants travel and tourism sport and leisure and gaming.

Consumer confidence in the UK is presently Dec 2016 very high. The hospitality and leisure industry thrives upon high consumer confidence, sometimes fuelled by credit available and unemployment rates. Unemployment in the UK is at an 11-year low.

Securing the consumers spending power requires business leaders to be innovative and the delivery of a quality service for repeat business. Effective promotion and marketing of your business is crucial for attracting new business income. Making sure what you offer is critical to maximise returns on investing in marketing.

The industry needs to use effective and profitable means of marketing to make consumers increased interest turn into actual spending at your till.

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