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USA Business and Economy Report
USA Manufacturing October 2020 enter code #USAbusiness

3rd August 2020 Exceptional High Manufacturing Activity In America Despite Coronavirus Pandemic

ism manufacturing index july 2020
Source ISM Manufacturing Index July 2020

29th July 2020 USA Coronavirus Deaths Rise By 1485 and New Infections Rise By 66921 In 24 Hour Period

USA virus infections now over 4.5 million and deaths from virus more than 150000.

U.S. New Home Sales June 2020
U.S. New Home Sales June 2020 According To The Commerce Department

New Homes In America Selling Faster In June

The Commerce Department reports new home sales rose 13.8 percent in June. New home sales in June 2020 were at highest since July 2007. New home sales are counted at the signing of a contract which provides a good indication of the health of the housing market in America.

Moreover they can be an early indicator that big ticket item retail sales will rise or fall. Increased new home purchases normally means there will be an increase in the sale of furniture and garden products as Americans then furnish their new home and garden.

The Commerce department figures fly in the face of frighteningly high unemployment levels in USA and out of control spread of the virus in particularly the west and south of USA. However increasing new home sales and likely increased retail sales is not the only good news. General business activity across America has returned to growth according to the U.S. Composite PMI Index from IHS Markit after 5 moves of shrinkage. This applies to the manufacturing and services sector in USA.

Borrowing to buy a new home in USA is currently at the lowest for 49 years according to Freddie Mac. Money has rarely been cheaper or more easily accessible for many Americans. With new homes increasing in value at 5.6 percent and money so cheap maybe now is the time to buy a new home as a good investment especially as they were selling faster in June than May.

24th July 2020 Daily Record Increases In Coronavirus Infection Continue To Be Smashed In America

78009 new infections recorded in last 24 hours. 1141 new deaths.

21st July 2020 USA Breaks Through 4 Million Infections

New infections in USA rise by 67140 in 24 hour period to 4028569 total infected people. 1119 people died in 24 hours taking total deaths to 144953 total deaths.

Home buyers are plotting move to country amid increased home working in America

Coronavirus pandemic could bring forward the 4th Industrial Revolution in America

People used to working from home no longer want to work in the city. They have realised how wasteful and poorer they are financially and socially commuting into American cities. Real estate in the suburbs and rural areas is more affordable.

Conversely commercial property and residential property valuations in cities should fall. The future of real estate in America is uncertain but the repercussions from the coronavirus pandemic has changed the future in more ways than just health. The majority of Americans currently working from home would prefer to continue working from home post pandemic. Many would be prepared to take a cut in pay just to continue working from home.

17th July 2020 Relentless Rise In Record Daily Infections Continue In America

74987 new infections reported in 24 hour period. USA coronavirus deaths rise 946 in 24 hours.

16th July 2020 USA Infections Take Next Record 24 Hour Jump In Infections Of 73388

USA coronavirus deaths rise 963 in 24 hours.

15th July 2020 USA Infections Rise 71750 In 24 Hours To 3616827 Total Infections

1001 new coronavirus deaths were recorded in 24 hour period taking total deaths in USA to 140144.

10th July 2020 USA Infections Jump 71787 In 24 Hours To 3291786 Total Infections

849 additional deaths were recorded taking total to 136761 total deaths across America.

8th July 2020 USA New Virus Infections Jump By 61848 In 24 Hours To 3158932 In Total

890 new deaths were recorded taking total to 134862 total deaths from virus.

2nd July 2020 McDonalds Puts Brakes On Reopening Plans In US As Infection Continues To Spread Out Of Control In Some States

McDonalds is waiting to see where the epidemic leads its business decision making. US McDonalds has at least another 3 weeks of lockdown.

  • USA infections new record rise by 57236 in 24 hour period up to 2nd July taking total infections to 2837189. Number of deaths during same period was 687 taking total deaths to 131485 across America.
  • USA infections rise by 51097 in 24 hour period up to 1st July taking total infections to 2779953. Number of deaths during same period was 676 taking total deaths to 130798 across America.

American business leaders and citizens are not thoroughly complying with sensible coronavirus risk management measures. This has already led to record daily rise in infections. It is likely that 50000 per day is new norm at best. Dr Fauci who advises USA central government on spread of virus says infections could hit 100000 per day if Americans do not adopt good coronavirus risk management measures.

  • Nonfarm payrolls increased by nearly 5 million jobs in June according to Labor Department figures which is the most since since the American government started keeping records in 1939 following a 2.699 million increase in jobs in May.
  • USA unemployment rate fell to 11.1 percent in June down from 13,3 percent in May. Many people have been rehired since much of the economy was reopened in sectors like the leisure sector.

28th June 2020 Florida and Texas Reimpose Tight Lockdown Restrictions To Reduce Spread Of Coronavirus

Dr Fauci who advises USA central government on the coronavirus pandemic says the current rises in infections in many states is due to states opening a little bit too early and to people not following social distancing guidance.

The US Centers for Disease Control CDC said up to 20 million Americans may have been infected with the virus compared to the 2.5 million official infection level.

The surge in new infection is being driven by young people aged between 18 and 34 the most infected age group who are also the least affected by catching the virus. Over 50s are the most impacted after catching the virus. The rate of infection of younger people suggests that the younger age group do not care enough about spreading the virus across America. This is particularly true in the states not yet severely impact by the virus. The emphasis being on the word yet!

Coronavirus US Reports June 2020
As some states quarantine visitors from other US states America and new virus cases in many states are rising fast it reaches a crossroads in coronavirus risk management strategy.

How will America respond to the virus now as the epidemic is USA has changed since March 2020? The north east of the country is coming out of its hell just as other parts descend into it.

26th June 2020 As June Ends America Experiences Record Jumps In Daily Coronavirus Infections

USA new infections rise by 47341 in 24 hours taking total to 2552956 total infections. The number of deaths increased by 663 to 127640 total deaths across America from virus.

25th June 2020 The Number Of New Virus Infections In USA Increase By 40184 In 24 Hour Period To More Than Two And a Half Million Infected People In America

Some scientists say there have been 20 million people infected by virus since pandemic started.

24th June 2020 America Suffers Biggest One Day Virus Covid19 Infection

38386 new infections officially reported across America in 24 hour period. Total number of infections is worst in world and increased to 2462554 infections.

The number of deaths increased by 808 to 124281 which is more than double the next worst number of deaths which is in Brazil.

16th June 2020 US Federal Reserve To Increase Its Support To USA Corporate Debt Market

The Fed will buy corporate bonds thereby protect and sustain cheap money supply to the USA economy.

The Feds lending programme will offer up to 600 billion dollars worth in loans to US businesses with up to 15000 employees or with revenues up to 5 billion dollars. This will also provide a boost to the USA economy as it trys to recover from economic impact of managing coronavirus risks.

7th June 2020 America Breaks Through The 2 Million Infected Level

18905 new infections in last 24 hours took the USA to 2007449 in total.

373 new deaths took the total to 112469 deaths due to coronavirus.

27th May 2020 USA Deaths From Coronavirus Breaks Through 100000

USA deaths from coronavirus rise by 1535 in 24 hours to 102107. Number of new infections in last 24 hours jump 20546 to 1745803.

12th May 2020 Dr A Fauci Americas Top Medical Expert Warns Senate That Some States Could Well Open Up Their Economy Too Early Increase Infections And Cause More Deaths and Need To Reintroduce Lockdown Measures

Early lifting of restrictions could cause localised spikes in infections and deaths. Dr Fauci is an infectious diseases expert advising USA government and other politicians on state and national pandemic risk management controls.

8th May 2020 America Still Has Weaknesses To Produced New Infections That Will Embed The Coronavirus In Society and Its Economy Well Into 2021 Without A Vaccine

In the last 24 hours America recorded 29162 new infections taking the total to 1321785. The USA has recorded 78165 deaths from the coronavirus.

If you are up a mountain it will take a lot longer to get down.


In other countries further down the line to America you can see that the impact of the virus is exponential in terms of human cost and economic cost. However the down slope is much more sedate meandering slowly downwards. Without a vaccine America will not recover until well into 2021. A vaccine is not likely before 2021.

24th April 2020 USA Deaths From Coronavirus Rise By 1959 To 52193

Number of people infected in USA rises by 38958 in 24 hours to 925232.

At the moment you may be safer being in a Federal prison than a US military base or setting. 26 military deaths have occurred with 6213 infected compared to 24 deaths in Federal prisons and just 977 infections. US military had 312 new infections in last 24 hours whereas Federal Prisons had no new infections.

17th April 2020 USA Deaths From Coronavirus Rise By 2535 In 24 Hours To 37154

The number of people infected by virus in America rises by 32165 in 24 hours to 709735.

Deaths From Coronavirus Covid-19 At 17th April 2020
Deaths From Coronavirus Covid-19 At 17th April 2020. Comparison of country death rate by UK government.

16th April 2020 USA Deaths From Coronavirus Rise By 2174 To 34617

The number of people infected by virus rises by 29567 to 677570.

Armed protesters have taken to the streets to demand an end to Michigan coronavirus lockdown measures


Take a look at yourselves Michigan!

InfectionsDeathsDeaths per million population
New York22619816106821
New Jersey753173518396
@ 16th April worst affected states for deaths from Coronavirus Covid-19 based on population size

President Trump says he will support states who want to open up from lockdown

However it will be more than two weeks before any state can open up as they need to have falling infections for two weeks and at this time none have falling infections for two weeks. Other criteria is also required before states can open again.

The north east of America has a more severe problem than some parts of America. The argument for quarantining parts of the north east was a good one. China benefited from sealing down Wuhan.

America as a whole is around a couple of weeks behind likes of Denmark who are opening up some of lockdown rules so it is not unreasonable to target a couple of weeks time for some states to open again. However much of America will remain in lockdown for weeks yet.

There may well be a very good case for releasing some parts of the country sooner rather than latter epidemiologically. However the perceived unfairness may change the desire for heavily affected areas to stay locked up. This behavioural change is understandable. Lifting the lockdown too early even in comparatively unaffected states may result in a spike of infections and deaths for the whole country. The end result could mean more economic damage as well as more deaths for all of America.

15th April 2020 USA Deaths From Coronavirus Rise By 2482 In 24 Hours To 28529

The number of infections rise in 24 hours by 30206 to 644089.

Coronavirus could easily kill 100000 plus people in America. All you are being asked to do is stay at home and watch TV now so that next year not as many people are still dying every day. Get a sense of perspective people. The coronavirus is the worst thing to hit America since Second World War in terms of loss of life combined with economic damage. Take the hit now to get better quicker in long run.

Sit it out for a few more weeks then get back to work. It is not that hard compared to running onto Omaha beach on D Day. Your chances of survival are greater and when you get back to work selling more consumer goods will just be delayed not lost.

75 percent of American economy is based on selling consumer goods. This will return and then some. Rushing back to work will just mean more economic pain and deaths in total not less.

9th April 2020 USA Federal Reserve The Fed To Inject 2 Trillion Dollar Financial Package Into American Economy and Thereby The Global Economy

The Fed plans to provide up to 2 trillion pounds in loans to support households and local governments through coronavirus pandemic. The Fed the central bank for America also provided more details on its Main Street Lending Program to provide up to 600 billion dollars in loans to small and medium businesses in America.

  • USA Deaths From Coronavirus Rise By 1900 To 16691
  • Number of infections rise by 33536 to 468566

7th April 2020 USA Records Highest Ever Daily Deaths Anywhere In The World and Races Towards Half A Million Infected People

USA deaths from coronavirus rise by 1970. More than 400000 people are now infected in the States 4 times as many as most countries in the world. 33331 new infections in 24 hours was yet another new world record. Sadly infections and deaths will still escalate day on day.

6th April 2020 USA Deaths From Coronavirus Rise By 1255 To 10871

The number infected by the virus rises by 30331 to 367004.

The number of people in America infected and dying of the virus is accelerating. However in many ways America is following the same path as other countries who did not jump on the virus right at the beginning with severe lockdown and massive testing including Italy Spain France and UK. However the numbers infected and dying are going to be many tines higher than anywhere in the world.

4th April 2020 USA Deaths From Coronvirus Rise To 8347

USA deaths from coronavirus trajectory is much steeper than even the worst affected European countries. It can anticipate a lot more deaths for a lot longer than the week or two suggested by President Trump. Trump thinks this week is going to be USAs toughest week. I am afraid he is sadly mistaken.

America already has more than 300,000 infected people around 3 times as many as the next worst affected country Spain. However new cases in USA are rising around 6 times as fast as Spain. Remember on average during the rise of infection epidemic every infected person infects 2 people. America will be on the rising part of the epidemic for several more weeks.

Every few days for several more weeks America expect the death rate to double. The daily death rate in America is already around the 1000 mark. Thats on the basis that Americans self isolate on a strict lockdown. If it does not lockdown it will be even worse.

31st March 2020 China Is Returning To Normal Production Where As USA Is Just Starting To Shutdown Economy That Should Be Lesson From Coronavirus Pandemic

Official figures for each country show that there have been around same number of deaths in each country. However China have domestic infections under control and single or double digit deaths. America has triple digit daily deaths and this will probably accelerate to 4 digit daily deaths.

China shutdown society for a few months. America did not and still has not.


Volkswagen has quadrupled vehicle sales in China in March to 1 million compared to February. Volkswagen will be in normal production output in China by mid 2020.

I have a lot of time for President Trump compared to most people in UK but he has made huge mistake in the coronavirus pandemic risk management. Even if he did not care for the lives of Americans which I believe he does he should have seen the net economic benefits of locking down America for a few months. However Democrats politically motivated barriers to economic risk control measures restricted room for Trump to manoeuvre at pace and Democrats are therefore also culpable for higher deaths and increased economic damage in America.


Whether it is at state level or national level the political squabbling and dithering is pitiful. Americans deserve better than their political elite have demonstrated. The politicians will try to rewrite coronavirus pandemic history come voting day. Do not let them.

The USA needs to bite the bullet to limit deaths and economic damage. Lock it down and quarantine now to restrict spread of virus. Madrid in Spain used to have most of the virus cases for all of Spain. Now it has spread across the country. For Madrid substitute New York and for Spain substitute USA. China lockdown its equivalent state for at least two months.

Neither side of the political divide should talk in terms of lives saved as they both have blood on their hands. I hope it is not as much as I fear but I think it will be.

  • 32 of 50 states have ordered people to stay at home. The other third of states should lockdown for themselves and the rest of America. The biggest problem in terms of the ease of spread of the virus is that you may never have symptoms or not have symptoms for around 5 days. Whilst you have no symptoms you are very likely to be walking around infecting on average two people. This simple and worryingly deceptive stat on its own causes exponential growth of infections. When hospitals cannot cope with number of infections thats when deaths start spiralling out of control. Complacency amongst politicians is the proximate cause and driver of death rates around the world. It could well be the same in your state. Then your state Governor scrambles around for medical equipment and replacement medical staff who are not able to be in the job cause they are infected too. He or she blames everyone but their own judgement and lack of action when it really counted. Watch your TV you will see this soon.
  • More than 3000 people have already died in total in America from the coronavirus but this kind of number can be anticipated each day when the pandemic hits its peak especially if all states do not participate in lockdown and some quarantines are imposed.
  • More than 164000 people have officially been infected with the virus but this underestimates the real number as there are not enough virus test kits to test everyone who should be tested. State governors are quarrelling with President Donald Trump about the availability of testing kits.
  • 52 healthcare workers in Italy have died many due to inadequate personal protective equipment PPE. More than 100000 people have been infected and more than 11000 have died. America can anticipate more healthcare worker and citizen deaths.
  • Its not just older people who are at risk. Many younger people with underlying health conditions are at greater risk of dying from virus. Underlying health conditions do not need to be as severe as the likes of cancer. It can be as relatively less threatening as being obese asthma diabetic or just having high blood pressure. America has more than most in these categories than many Europeans. Italians are famous for their life lengthening Mediterranean diet. Lets just say Americans are not and that makes more Americans at risk than Italians and Italians have currently lost many more lives than any other country. Spain is next in terms of deaths and for your information Spanish have Mediterranean diet too! France is not far behind.

28th March 2020 USA Can Easily Anticipate Deaths From Coronavirus Of 100000 People and That Would Be A Good Outcome

It is unlikely that the deaths from the coronavirus in USA will be anything less than 100000 people.

  • Nearly 2000 people have so far died in USA from the coronavirus COVID19
  • New York Governor does not know what quarantining New York State means and does not like the sound of it. However he needs to smarten up and avail himself of how China controlled the coronavirus. It quarantined aggressively a major part of China with many millions of people lockdown for months. If America and New York want to control the virus it needs to quarantine New York now not just think about quarantining. It means that New York state and some surrounding states will need to be quarantined now and for perhaps months not weeks. It needs to happen to protect people in New York and the rest of America. That does not mean New York is abandoned. It needs even more support during a lockdown.

There have been over 10000 deaths in Italy and the virus is not finished with Italy yet. In fact Italy has not yet hit the peak infection period never mind recovering.

Italy closed the country to stop the spread of the virus. America did not do similar things and can expect similar results. However America has a much bigger population and can expect more deaths from the pandemic..

China has 1.3 to 1.5 billion population but significantly less deaths than Italy. However China who caused the virus jumped on top of the virus quickly and Italy did not. America has not and can expect similar consequences but much bigger unless it closes everything down or develops a vaccine. Both are unlikely for different reasons.

  • America has had 324 deaths within the last day. This figure will double every 3 or 4 days. Doubling deaths is exponential death growth that can easily get and exceed 100000 in total dying.
  • More than 2000 have died in USA in total.
  • More than 120000 have tested positive for the coronavirus in America. In the UK the numbers infected have been doubling every 3 or 4 days. How many infected people in America could that be in one month? You need a bigger calculator!

27th March 2020 America Becomes The Country With The Most Number Of Coronavirus Cases In The World

USA becomes the epicentre of the coronavirus COVID19 pandemic.

The US now has more than 85000 coronavirus cases overtaking China. Fatalities at over 1000 are currently much lower than some European countries like Italy and Spain but the USA is only at the foothills of a pandemic mountain it needs to conquer.

At the beginning of the pandemic people die in the country due to COVID19. As the timeline ticks on many more people die as the healthcare system cannot cope with the number of people who cannot breathe for themselves.

With COVID19 if your critical medical facilities are just 50 percent full a couple of days later they can be full. It is the speed of the spread of the virus that is most difficult to cope with. In addition those that need ventilators may need ventilators for weeks. Many still die even with access to ventilators. Without them your chances of survival diminish significantly.


In the worst affected countries medics have to make difficult decisions. In Italy at the peak of pandemic the older you were the less likely you were to receive the best treatment as you were less likely to survive even with medical resources used. The older you are the more likely you will die. Available medical equipment and resources had to be directed at saving more lives. Tough choices nobody would choose to make. America may soon be in the same position as Italy and Spain.

  • 223 people have died since yesterday in America. A total of 1518 have now died in USA since pandemic hit American shores.
  • American healthcare system is set to be overwhelmed. USA can look to Italy for what is about to happen to it but a lot worse. The Lombardy region in northern Italy has suffered horrifically. However it is now spreading south and southern Italy will soon push Italys death rate beyond 1000 per day. Similarly New York is the epicentre of the coronavirus in USA but it will soon spread exponentially acrosss the whole of the USA and the death rate in America is set to spike well above 1000 per day especially if Trump trys to open America instead of self isolating.

24th March 2020 President Trump Is Wrong If He Thinks Coronavirus COVID19 Is Not Going To Be As Bad As Seasonal Flu

President Trump implies the coronavirus deaths in USA are not going to be as bad as seasonal flu so America can quickly overcome challenges of coronavirus pandemic in America.

In the UK we have 8000 deaths from seasonal flu on average. President Trump says America has 50000 deaths from seasonal flu. However the UKs chief medical technical officer in the UK says a good outcome for the UK will be 20000 deaths from COVID19 pandemic. That suggests Americas good outcome if it locks everybody down in America for several months is around 300,000 deaths from COVID19.

If the UK does not control the spread of the virus by locking everybody down for several months then it can expect a lot more than 20,000 deaths from virus. If America does not lock everybody down it can expect a lot more than 300,000 deaths from coronavirus COVID19. Now that is a lot Mr President! Lockdown America now before it is too late for you.

40 percent of all new worldwide coronavirus COVID19 cases occur in USA

World Health Organisation WHO

Around 80 percent of Americans will only get minor symptoms from the virus. However how will voters react to more than 300,000 deaths because America did not do what is necessary to control the spread? If it is their mother father or grandparents who died how will that affect their voting priorities? The virus threatens not just Trumps political future. If the Democrats are perceived to have obstructed the risk management control measures to restrict the spread of the virus to make Trump look bad they will not look good in the eyes of voters either. Just who will USA voters vote for at the end of the year if the vote is allowed to go ahead in face of this pandemic crisis.

  • 593 have so far died in USA due to coronavirus COVID19
  • Around 47000 people have been infected in America
  • The USA is only at the beginning of the pandemic in America. When hits hard thousands of people will be dying everyday. New York City alone needs 30000 extra ventilators to keep critically infected people breathing. Without ventilators many more will die. With ventilators many people still die.
  • America will soon get to the top of one unenviable table. The table for most number of deaths and infections in the world from the coronavirus COVID19. When it really gets going you can expect your deaths in USA to roughly double every 3 days. When you are doubling from the hundreds on thats when it really gets scary! Bye the way you are in the hundreds of deaths now!

Buckle up America cause despite what some say over there you aint gonna get back to normal or anything close until 2021.

23rd March 2020 The American Public Will Not Forgive Either The Democrats Nor Republican Politicians For Their Dithering Over Coronavirus Pandemic Come The Summer Of 2020

USA has not learned the lessons from Europe and South Korea. The former did not act at the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic and tens of thousands perhaps hundreds of thousands more people will die as a result in Europe. In South Korea they aggressively tested and quarantined their people to restrict the spread of the virus. Many fewer South Korean people have died and are dying as a result.

  • 458 people have died in USA from coronavirus COVID19 and more than 35000 have been infected. USA is the third most infected country in the world but this is set to change rapidly and it will soon become the most infected country in the world perhaps in a month or two.
  • A vote on a trillion dollar plus coronavirus stimulus bill failed Sunday night in the Senate as politicians failed to agree on what to do for Americans to manage the risk from coronavirus pandemic.
  • People buying in bulk or hoarding products needed to treat or protect people will be punished by USA government for profiteering. USA government will buy such products for fair price.
  • USA states are competing for testing kits and American manufacturers are pushing up the costs for competing states.
  • The Federal Reserve is creating new finance programmes for USA banks finance companies and corporations to protect against business bankruptcies and keep employee wages flowing.
  • The Fed will serve as a backstop for corporate debt issued by highly rated companies.
  • The Fed will effectively provide cheap loans to large and medium sized companies to help them cover business expenses and stay in operation.

As America runs out of protective gear and testing kits its medical professionals will begin to die. Out of nowhere it will seem the virus is everywhere. As hospitals fill up with critically ill people unable to breath the USA will realise like the rest of the most advanced nations that they should have reacted sooner.

1 in 10 of people infected with virus in Spain are in the Spanish medical profession. Spanish doctors are prioritising the young to get critical medical care over older people unlikely to survive infection. Medical care in every single advanced economy will struggle to cope with the coronavirus pandemic over the coming months. Life and death decisions will face the medical profession. Americans can also make life and death decisions including whether they meet with people outside of the houses. Meeting family not living with you or friends could sentence someone in America to death.


Come the end of 2020 if the presidential election goes ahead which seems unlikely the American people may look back at March 2020 and ask how they can get anyone to govern that deserves their trust.

Both Democrats and Republicans have behaved appallingly since the start. Many more people will die in America as a result. Both sets of politicians have been more interested in political points scoring than acting fast now to save lives and businesses.

America only has a few short weeks to stop the pandemic killing millions. It needs to act now not the summer. Its not just about the money. Its about what you do or more accurately what you do not do.


We beg you America waken up! Not for us but to save yourselves. Across Europe we are confined to our homes not meeting friends and families. If you do not do this and do it for many months you are condemning your older and weaker people of all ages to death and your economy will enter a depression from which it will not recover for years. You have a window of opportunity to reduce all this pain and loss but the window is closing ever so quickly.

20th March 2020 California Imposes State Wide Stay At Home Order For Its 40 Million People

18th March 2020 Trump Asks Lawmakers To Approve 500 Billion Dollars In Cash Payments To Taxpayers In Two Rounds That Would Start 6th April and 50 Billion Dollars In Secured Loans to USA Airlines To Protect Against Economic Impact Of Coronavirus

Reuters news agency says the payments would be tiered based on income and family size. They would be made in two 250 billion dollars rounds on April 6 and May 18.

Every USA taxpayer could be in line for cheques in excess of 1000 dollars to try to get over the economic impact of the coronavirus.


Trump is looking for an economic stimulus well in excess of 1 trillion dollars. However the costs in the number of lives is frequently put at in excess of 2 million if America does not comply with social isolation risk controls. If the people of America do comply with social isolation risk controls then the death toll will look like 200000 deaths countrywide on a good outcome basis.

18th March 2020 USA Government Sending Army Medical Ship To Moor Off Coast New York City and Another Ship To A Location On West Coast To Help With The Number Of Coronavirus Cases Expected In America

18th March 2020 USA and Canada Agree To Close Their Border To Non Essential Travel To Try To Reduce Spread Of Coronavirus COVID19

15th March 2020 Emergency Rate Cut The Federal Reserve Cuts Interest Rates To Near Zero

The Fed cuts interest rates to try to manage economic impact of coronavirus COVID19. Interest rates were cut 0.5 percent to between 0 percent and 0.25 percent.

USA government to throw $700 billion financial stimulus package to protect the American economy against coronavirus.

The Federal Reserve was not supposed to discuss interest rates until 17th March but has decided on an emergency rate cut due to coronavirus pandemic.

14th March 2020 USA Extends Coronavirus Travel Ban To Include UK and Republic of Ireland From Monday

America will introduce free coronavirus testing for every American.

President Trump has been tested for coronavirus and is expected to get the results in the next 48 hours.

13th March 2020 USA Declaration Of National Emergency Over Coronavirus COVID19 Pandemic

A national emergency has been declared in the United States of America due to coronavirus pandemic.

6th March 2020 US President Donald Trump Signs 8 billion Dollar Emergency Bill To Combat Coronavirus Outbreak

14 people have died in America after contracting coronavirus.

6th March 2020 USA Job Creation Continues Impressive Form In February

USA employers added 273000 jobs in February. USA wages are increasing at 3 percent which is higher than USA inflation which means USA standard of living is improving.

The USA unemployment rate is just 3.5 percent. The excellent performance was before the USA acknowledged the coronavirus had hit USA shores.

The coronavirus is likely to hit jobs in future as American employers have to close down their business due to coronavirus infection assuming they do not want to kill their mothers fathers and grand parents!

6th March 2020 The White House Acknowledged The Nation Does Not Have Enough Coronavirus Test Kits

If you do not have enough test kits to test whether people have virus then how do you know if you have a small problem or big problem.

The US death toll from the coronavirus currently stands at 12. All current cases have been in the north western US state of Washington. However the USA does not know how big a problem they have yet with the virus as evidenced by their lack of response and poor risk control advice from President. However the President may soon find the political fall out from poor COVID19 risk management is alot worse than simply a fall in the fall of the stock market.

When the number of deaths from the virus rise to the thousands and perhaps tens of thousands then Americans will start to wonder what their President said and did to control the spread of the virus. Stock markets can recover from this very quickly but reputational damage may not be recovered in the ballot box come end of 2020.

If Trump is deliberately dragging his heels on COVID19 risk management to force the Federal Reserve to dramatically cut interest rates and devalue the dollar he will reap the whirlwind when USA economy grinds to a halt and he is blamed for unnecessary deaths of his citizens. That is not making America great! It is making it deadly for America and the rest of the world.

5th March 2020 Who Would Have Thought At The Start Of The Coronavirus In China That The Loose Cannon In The World Most Likely To Spread The Disease Uncontrollably Would Be USA

The usual suspects might have been China Russia and North Korea but the biggest threat to the world appears to be the USA. Not only is the USA not getting to grips with the epidemic it is currently facing it has a President who is advocating people go to work if they are only mildly infected. Such a policy and approach will guarantee that 80 percent of Americans are infected and around 1 percent plus will die.

If America wants to confine so many of their citizens to death that is their right to choose. However what the rest of the world must realise is that not only will Americans infect the rest of the world but we may never rid the world of COVID19.

Even more worrying is that there is increasing evidence from China that people who were thought to be recovered from the disease are somehow reinfected and one may even have died after previously be given the recovery all clear.

If this is correct people who catch virus could still die after recovering from virus and the disease may simply continuously circulate with repeated reinfections and perpetual economic disruption.

3rd March 2020 USA Federal Reserve Emergency Cut In Interest Rate Due To Coronavirus

The US Federal Reserve cut interest rates to defend against economic slowdown due to coronavirus.

The fundamentals of the U.S. economy remain strong. However the coronavirus poses evolving risks to economic activity. In light of these risks and in support of achieving its maximum employment and price stability goals the Federal Open Market Committee decided today to lower the target range for the federal funds rate

US Federal Reserve

The Fed decision today is well before the review of interest rates expected on 17th March. The Fed thinks there could be a global recession due to coronavirus.

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