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28th December 2017 – Green Energy Production In UK Seeing New Highs

June 2017 saw the first time that wind, nuclear and solar power generated more energy than gas and coal combined.   The UK now provides the 7th cleanest power system in the world.   British wind farms produced more electricity than coal energy plants on more than 75 percent of days in 2017.

22nd September 2017 – Wave Power Update

MeyGen tidal energy station off the coast of Scotland has broken the record for the amount of electricity generated.  In August it produced enough energy to power 2,000 homes.

Tidal power stations work like underwater wind turbines powered by the power of the currents in the ocean.

A study has previously reported that Scotland could produce almost of half of Scotland’s electricity demands from tidal power stations if there was enough tidal power stations around the coats of Scotland.

16th December 2016 – EDF To Increase Fuel Bills For First Time In 3 Years

EDF will increase standard duel fuel bills from 1st March 2017 by 1.2%.   Its cutting its standard gas tariff by 5.2% from 1st January 2017, but increasing electricity prices by 8.4% from 1st March 2017.   March / April is the time when the biggest energy providers tend to make changes to tariffs, after the winter demand spike falls away. Energy Risks  Business Risk Forum News Articles and Features To Help Inform Business Leaders Protect and Grow Energy Business

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