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A more risk based decision making process will reduce the uncertainty surrounding investing in your future.

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There is a huge gap between running a business to survive and running a successful business. Sooner or later corporate leaders will realise that survival is not good enough.

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The UK needs to invest more in skills and training to become more agile and remain competitive in an increasingly challenging time. Rapidly changing business environment requires business leaders to boost business productivity. Changing the way businesses do things is the only way to boost productivity.

Invest in skills and training to fill skills gaps and future proof your business

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A Lack Of Investment In Innovation Is Holding Business and Global Economy Back

For many years now many businesses have relied on cheap labour to produce profit. Cheap labour has moved to businesses or businesses have moved to where cheap labour is.

Consumers have less reasons to upgrade their stuff and therefore unit sales are falling.

In addition businesses have not needed to invest in new capital equipment as there has been a plentiful supply of cheap labour. Why spend money on expensive untried capital equipment when you can employ cheap labour or even sack cheap labour in an economic downturn. You can not resell redundant equipment quite so easily.

This lack of innovation and lack of a need to change is part of the reason that the global economy is slowing.

Necessity is the mother of invention


The is a growing need for radical change in the UK and globally. The reason for the need for change is different wherever you are in the world but there is a greater need for change.

Some industries are embracing innovation and change. The medical profession is one. A cure for many cancers is more realistic now than could have even have been contemplated less than a decade ago. However traditionally innovative industries like smartphone technology industry have failed to keep up product development. The lack of investment in 5G and in smartphone hardware is starting to impact on world leaders like Apple. It has reported its first fall in forecast revenue from the sale of smartphones globally. Why would you upgrade your iPhone just now!

  • Are we lacking imagination compared to previous generations?
  • Do we lack ambition?
  • Are things so great right now that there is nothing new worth having?

The answers are no no and no! Why then is there a lack of progress in UK and beyond?

  • Maybe you have some good examples of brilliant innovation you want to promote?
  • Do you have your own ideas on how to encourage more innovation?
  • Perhaps you think there is plenty of innovation going on it there is no problem?

We offer creative solutions to business growth

Corporate leaders have had to battle to keep a business running. Now many are simply running hard to pay the bills with too little profit at the end to show for it.

Business Innovation and Skills Development
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Cutting costs is one way to increase profitability but is that really sustainable in the long term?

Corporate innovations come from people not a profit and loss report.  Keeping a lid on costs is of course important in an holistic response to business risks but will this help you grow faster?

Imagine what it would feel like to grow faster!

What if we could help you to grow your bottom line faster because we can. We will not create new business out of thin air because we are not talking inventing business here. You will grow faster more sustainably if you can create more profit by beating your competitors to existing market share. Get yourself in front of people and other business leaders who want to buy what your business offers.

They are going to buy the type of product or service you offer the only question is will they buy from you?

We look at the barriers and offer solutions to the problems of poor productivity and lack of business innovation

Solving the Growing Skills Gap Crisis in the UK

According to the British Chambers of Commerce BCC 71 percent of businesses in services sector in UK are experiencing problems recruiting. The BCC expects this problem to be a brake on business growth in the UK in 2018 (80 percent of Britain’s growth comes from Services Sector).

If you can not find the right skills at the right time then your business growth ambitions are going to be muted in 2018. Should your competitors realise this is also slowing their business growth and poach your employees for the skills they need, then your business problem is going to move from seizing new business opportunities to defence.You will at best increase pressure on remaining staff and at worst start to lose business as you can’t service the customers you’ve got never mind keep new customers happy.

  1. Our first business solution is to help you recruit the skills you need quicker and cheaper and therefore more profitably.
  2. Our second business solution is to not only help you retain existing staff skills, but expand their portfolio of skills to be more creative.
  3. If your existing employees are more creative, your productivity will increase and so will your profitability.

Our first business solution is a recruiting solution. Members of BusinessRiskTV business clubs have access to free job vacancy advertising. In addition you can promote and market your business offering to potential new recruits so they join your business and not your competitors business.

Our second business solution will help engage all levels of your business to find a holistic solution to the problems of business protection and faster growth. They will become more engaged as they will explore ways to make their own jobs better as well as protect and grow your business faster.

If you want to take advantage of these two business solutions and other business solutions you need to join a business club online. To find out more see our Contact Us page or complete the form at the bottom of this page and enter code #BUSINESSCLUBAPPLICATION.

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