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China Business and Economy Report September 2020

The new regulation will put up a firewall between the industrial sector and the financial sector to prevent the former collapsing the latter

Companies must now have at least 5 billion yuan in capital to be licensed as financial holding firms. Companies that hold banking units will need to have at least 500 billion yuan in total assets and those that do not hold banking units should have at least 100 billion yuan. The regulation will take effect on 1 st November 2020 and will give companies a one year grace period.

If financial holding firms fail to meet the new rules China’s central bank PBOC can force a share sale.

China Business and Economy News 3 August 2020
China Third Consecutive Month Of Economic Growth and Biggest Jump In Economic Growth Since Jan 2011

China Caixin/Markit Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index PMI In Economic Growth Territory For 3rd Month In Row In July

Manufacturing activity in China expanded at fastest rate since January 2011 largely due to a jump in domestic demand.

China Economic Recovery Continues To Surprise On The Upside
China Economic Recovery Continues To Surprise On The Upside

Domestic and international unemployment is a drag on the Chinese economy as consumerism is still subdued compared to prepandemic appetite to spend

Countries around the world are fighting to get virus under control or are fearful of the second wave of infections. China has the additional problem of the trade war with USA that is unlikely to be resolved until 2021 at earliest. The USA is also the worst infected country in the world with virus with accelerating infections which impacts on economic activity in the biggest economy in the world that impacts of the level of demand from USA. The resurgence of the virus in Africa like in South Africa does not help China.

China economy has already returned to growth in the second quarter of 2020. As the Chinese consumer becomes more confident faster economic growth can be anticipated in second half of the year. This is being supported and aided by Chinese government pumping more cheap money into the Chinese economy.

  • The World Health Organisation WHO currently has two members of an advance team in China to investigate the origins of the coronavirus pandemic first discovered in Wuhan. They have not yet started their investigations as they are in quarantine having recently entered China. At the end of their quarantine they will start their investigation.
What Will Happen To China In Future
What Will Happen To China In Future

Will China Continue To Grow?

Does China need the West in future? Chinese stock markets are booming. Is it sustainable investor growth or hype?

Europe is facing deep recession this year and possibly next. USA and the Americas face long business disruption due to pandemic.

China has the African continent wrapped up much of Asia and not least 1.4 billion people in their own domestic marketplace. The services sector in China is growing at fastest pace in a decade. The UKs economy is built on the services sector but China has a largely untapped market to generate several percentage points more GDP.

The West wants to sell into the Chinese marketplace for a bigger piece of the action. Arguably the west needs China now much more than China needs the West. China needs the west to grow faster but does not need the west to grow fast.

The stock market in China has not fallen this year. It has grown 15%. It is now at its highest level in 5 years. The Chinese economy is still forecast to grow this year. Most countries will stay in recession this year.

As China turns to celebrate 100 years of communism it ironically has a richer future by embracing capitalism more than the West does. The west is turning to state funded economic growth to get through pandemic at the time that China could put the burners on economic growth based on buying stuff!

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