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14th January 2019 China International Trade Slowed Dramatically In December

Chinese exports and imports fell sharply in December raising fears that Chinas economic slowdown will negatively impact on global economic growth.

The gap between what China exports to and imports from the USA rose by 17.2 percent to 323 billion dollars in 2018

USA may have added incentive to create a new working relationship after new economic data showed Chinas trade surplus with the USA reached a record high in 2018.

7th January 2019 US and Chinese Talks Start Today In Beijing On Ending Trade War

Reciprocal tariffs in 2018 have been paused for 90 days but ending the trade dispute will not only benefit USA and China but the global economy.

  • USA has imposed 250 billion dollars of tariffs on China
  • China has imposed 110 billion dollars of tariffs on USA.

China would be hit harder financially by a resumption of penalising tariffs but politically China is more robust. The world should be hoping for an early end to this damaging trade dispute.

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15th December 2018 China To Temporarily Suspend Additional 25 percent Tariffs On USA Made Vehicles and Auto Parts Starting 1st January 2019

Chinas finance ministry has confirmed that its tit for tat additional tariff on vehicles made in America will be suspended.

The Ministry of Finance says it hopes China and the United States can speed up negotiations to remove all additional tariffs on each other’s goods as it reduces tariffs from 40 percent to the 15 percent level that was levied before the current trade fight began. The suspension will last for three months.

China has begun buying soybeans from USA since the announcement on the planned additional tariffs suspension agreed between the two countires on 1st December.

Chinas temporary suspension of additional trade tariffs on USA vehicles and auto parts will last for three months from 1st January 2019.

14th December 2018 Chinas November Retail Sales Grew At Slowest Pace Since 2013

  • Chinas industrial output rose at slowest pace in nearly three years due in a large part to trade war with USA.
  • The impact of the trade dispute with America has yet to fully impact on Chinas economy so if a trade solution can not be found economic data will worsen.

Retail sales rose 8.1 percent in November year on year according to data from the National Bureau of Statistics.

Industrial output rose 5.4 percent year on year in November.

6th June 2018 China Central Bank Bolsters Banking In China

China central bank lent 463 billion yuan to financial institutions in China to help protect against the collapse of the Chinese banking system. The money was lent via Chinas 1 year medium term lending facility MLF.

In addition to protecting the financial systems in China it will also help make money easier to borrow by Chinas businesses.

3rd June 2018 China Continues To Show How To Takeover Over The World 

With money not men and womens lives. Chinese overseas investments rose to 500 billion dollars by the end of 2016. It is also bulging with foreign currency the USA dollar in particular.

30th May 2018 China Growing At 6.6 Percent

International Monetary Fund IMF thinks China will maintain its January growth forecast for 2018.

28th March 2018 Chinas Economic Activity Remains Strong

According to a quarterly survey of thousands of Chinese firms by China Beige Book International Chinas first quarter revenues exhibited strong profit growth. However, the domestic retail sector looks relatively weak.

15th March 2018 China’s Central Bank Says Chinese Bankers Confident In China’s Economic Prospects

Business confidence of Chinese bankers in China improved according to a Chinese central bank survey.

An entrepreneurs survey revealed that entrepreneurs in China are also more confident in the economy compared to last years expectations for the economy.

11th March 2018 Xi Jinping Allowed To Be President For Life

The restriction in time a president can remain in power has been removed. The necessary constitutional changes were passed by China’s annual sitting of the National People’s Congress. Not since Chairman Mao could China’s remain in power for as long as he wants.

Up until today’s change, China had a self imposed two-term limit on its president. A president could be in power for 10 years.

9th March 2018 China Consumer Inflation Jumps In February

Chinese inflation almost doubled in one month.   Inflation in China is now running at its highest level in four years. The consumer price index CPI jumped from 1.5 percent in January to 2.9 percent in February. The Chinese government’s target for inflation in 3 percent.

It is hoped that inflation will moderate in March now that the Lunar New Year celebrations have passed. The 16th of February mega party increases economic activity in China and can skew statistics.

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