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UK Business and Economy Review
UK Business Leaders Confident In UK Economic Recovery

Big 4 accountants Deloitte’s poll of UK Chief Financial Officers CFOs between 17th March and 30th March 2021 found that businesses are planning to increase recruitment and investment in their business. UK big businesses are now confident in their profitability over the next year. Most expect their business to return to near normal working between July and September 2021.

UK Business and Economy Review April 2021
UK Unemployment Under Control Cash A Plenty Herd Immunity

The Federation Of Small Businesses FSB in UK latest survey of small business owners or managers found that UK small business leaders are now the most confident in UK economy than they have been for 6 years.

New research by University College London UCL estimates the UK could reach herd immunity by 12th April 2021. Experts at UCL estimated that by 12th April enough people will have been vaccinated or have had and recovered from Covid to produce herd immunity effect that will protect the rest of the community from catching the virus.

In a March 2021 survey of consumers by LV= they report that 8% of people in the UK saved more than £10000 over the period of the pandemic. Around 20% of wealthier people in the UK have saved more than more than £10000 over the past year due to coronavirus restrictions curbing spending opoortunities.

Around three-quarters of people in UK said they had been able to make some savings on outgoings such as reduced costs from commuting, childcare or eating out. On average, these reduced outgoings had saved people nearly £5,500 over the past 12 months. If you were in the majority of working population in UK who could actually continue to work then it is highly likely you have saved thousands of pounds or paid of debt like mortgages or credit cards. If you have been furloughed or lost earning ability then you will not have benefited financially. However, the fact remains that millions of people in the UK are financially better off due to the pandemic and this money can now be used to boost the UK economy over the next couple of years.

The Bank of England estimates that UK consumers have saved £125 billion during the pandemic.

In addition the Bank of England has set interest rates at an all time low of 0.1%. Borrowing money in the UK has never been cheaper. If you are able to earn money you are likely to be able to borrow more money and ridiculously low interest rates. Such borrowing will also boost the UK economy over the next couple of years.

The UK government may well invest heavily in UK infrastructure. This also piles new money into the UK economy which could have longer term growth opportunities for UK business leaders as well as short term job creation and business growth.

If you were ever thinking about investing in the UK, in your UK business opportunities or your UK lifestyle enhancement, there has never been a better time than now to fill your boots with cheap money!

The Bank of England BoE reports that banks are preparing to increase supply of mortgage lending by the most since the BoE survey began in 2007. Unsecured lending by UK lenders is set to expand by the most since 2013. As people change their nesting arrangements they spend on furnishing their new nest. UK consumers have easy access to record cheap borrowing from lenders falling over themselves to lend more money at rock bottom interest rates.

UK Consumer Flocking Back To High Street

Idiotic Commercial Property Owners Should Follow Action Of Hammerson And Cut Retailers Rents

Instead of lying empty or losing income forever commercial property owners should be helping High Street retailers by reducing their operational costs. Hammerson, which owns Birmingham’s Bullring Shopping Centre, London’s Brent Cross Shopping Centre, Reading’s The Oracle Shopping Centre and Leeds Victoria Shopping Centre, has cut retail rents by around 30 percent.

In addition commercial property owners need to look at turning commercial property into residential dwellings to bring more homes into the heart of UK cities. UK cities need to stay alive and more people living in heart of cities will create new opportunities for small to medium sized commercial outlets that remain.

International Monetary Fund IMF Reports UK To Grow At Fastest Rate Since 1988

The IMF is forecasting that the UK economy will grow by 5.3 percent in 2021 and by 5.1 percent in 2022, which would be the fastest rate of economic growth for UK since 1988.

OpenTable reports that on the very first day restaurants could open up for outside dining in England, British restaurant reservations jumped to 79% of their level on the same Monday in 2019 pre-pandemic. Given most restaurants do not have outside eating areas this is phenomenal performance. Given also that it was below 10 degrees it also shows diners are prepared to spend to be uncomfortable eating at restaurant. Just imagine how busy restaurants are going to be from 17th May onwards!

UK News Reviews Analysis and Risk Management Interpretation
UK Jobs Market Report April 2021 Source: UK jobs market data Recruitment and Employment Confederation REC

Online job adverts recovered to pre-pandemic levels on 8th April 2021 as employers returned to recruiting. Source: Adzuna for the Office of National Statistics ONS.

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Coronavirus headlines UK
Lockdown Coming To An End In The UK

eLearning enterprise risk management training courses

Scotland News
Scotland News 5th March 2021
Resources To Help You Navigate Through Business Uncertainty
Tips To Deal With Uncertainty

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UK Business Reviews February 2021
How are you preparing for increased demand in UK

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Biggest threat to business
What Will Threaten Your Business This Year

Enterprise risk management implementation to help you anticipate and manage business risks better

Automotive Industry News February 2021
Automotive Industry News February 2021
Risk Management Think Tank Toolbox Talks
The reason risk managers fail
Improve Enterprise Risk Management
Improve Risk Management

Business risk management and demand for insurance

Risk Management Experts Panel
Put yourself forward as business risk expert at future risk management workshops
Failure to manage business risks does not always mean failure of risk managers
Supply Chain Risk Management
Supply Chain Risk Management
Supply Chain Risk Management Forum
Supply Chain Risk Management Forum
Overcoming International Trade Problems
Loan Guarantees To Promote UK Exports
UK Pandemic Business Recovery Planning With BusinessRiskTV
Is fear holding your business back
Online Business Coach
Look at your business risks through the eyes of other business risk management experts
London Business Live Streaming and Webcasting Online
London Webcast
Fourth Industrial Revolution Risks Management
4ir Risks Management
Online Retail Experts
Top Ecommerce Experts
Lack of and too much innovation
Innovation Risk
Environmental Risk Management
Environmental Threats and Opportunities
Where is the automotive industry going
The blurring of lines between old world car manufacturers and hi-tech new world manufacturers continues in world of 4IR
International Trade Disputes Review December 2020
Financial Services The EU New York and the UK
Pandemic Business Recovery with BusinessRiskTV
Which door will you pick to enter a new era of business post-pandemic?
UK Property Market Review 2020
Conversions from commercial to residential property could help solve housing crisis and missing business rates UK
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Balancing Risk and Reward
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Survival strategies in business
Survival strategies in business

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Is your company fit for the future
Is your company fit for the future
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