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Business owners business managers business leaders and entrepreneurs must protect their business to build long-term business sustainability.

In addition holistic enterprise risk management ERM will assist in taking more risk to seize new business development opportunities.

  • How To Protect Suppliers and Supply Chain in South Africa to build business resilience
  • Business Cost Reduction Tips When Promoting Marketing and Advertising in South Africa to sell more profitably online
  • How To Export More From South Africa More Profitably to find new markets and grow your business
  • Horizon Scanning For Emerging Corporate Risks In South Africa Including Political Economic Social Technological Legal and Environmental Risks to protect your business from hidden risks
  • Tips For Doing More Business In South Africa to maximise your opportunities to grow faster

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Strategic Foresight Planning In South Africa

Improving risk based holistic enterprise risk management ERM helps business leaders in South Africa make more informed business strategy plans to protect business better and grow it faster.

Develop your understanding of strategic risk planning to reduce uncertainty.

  • Manage external and internal risk factors more cost effectively to become a more successful company for longer. A more mature ERM culture will grow the confidence in your strategy for success.
  • Cope better the rapid changes in business trends and technological advances.   Proactively react to changes in your business environment to reduce threats and win new business opportunities.
  • Become a driver of innovation in your industry and disrupt the present marketplace in South Africa and globally with your business offerings.
  • Learn how to pick more winners and avoid or drop losers. What are the things you can and can’t control. How do you prioritise deployment of your limited resources more effectively.
  • Add value to your business and collaborate with like minded business leaders inside and outside of South Africa to develop new commercial opportunities and boost your business performance faster.
  • Become an enterprise-wide holistic business innovator and change driver who proactively assesses and manages the strategic decision-making process to protect the business better whilst growing revenue faster with more confidence.
  • Take control of your business environment in South Africa and seize a competitive advantage using’s Enterprise Risk Management ERM workshops to create business value  and transform your business outlook in South Africa and beyond with better business protection spreading of risk enhanced business performance and more engaged business innovation.

Manage strategic risks better with more confidence and with greater success.   Better understand how businesses can manage strategic risk more cost-effectively today and tomorrow. Improve your strategic risk management capabilities for improved business performance for longer. Change your approach to strategic risk management so you can get a quiet night’s sleep and flourish regardless of business environment.

Integrate strategic risk management tools and techniques into overall business strategy and planning processes. Develop your risk management programmes to increase your capability to manage corporate risks.

South Africa Strategic Foresight Consulting
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Pick up tips for doing more business in South Africa. Access practical advice for African entrepreneurs investors and business owners.

Understand the threats and opportunities from business in South Africa. Conduct business in South Africa with more confidence that critical risks are managed appropriately for the risk culture of your business.

19th November 2018 Kenya launches its first coast guard

Kenya launches coast guard to combat fish thieves.

4th September 2018 South Africa Economy Officially In Recession

South Africas economy has contracted for two consecutive quarters and is therefore in recession after 10 years of growth.

GDP in the second quarter of 2018 contracted 0.7 percent compared to first 3 months of the year.

9th July 2019 Son of South Africas former President Jacob Zuma Charged with Corruption

Duduzane Zuma is alleged to have been part of attempts to bribe a former deputy finance minister. In 2015 former Deputy Finance Minister Mcebisi Jonas claimed he had been offered the position of finance minister and a bribe of 600m rand during a meeting with Duduzane Zuma businessman Fana Hlongwane and Ajay Gupta.

The allegation is that had he agreed Mr Jonas would have used his position as finance minister to advance the Guptas business interests.

17th April 2018 South Africa Wants Foreign Investment To Grow Faster

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has appointed a team of business and finance experts to bring in 100 billion dollars of investment into South Africa.

World Bank thinks South Africa is growing faster. Forecasts South Africa growth of 1.4 percent in 2018.

South Africa Business Risk Consulting and Senior Manager and Executive Training for South Africa Business Leaders

Improve your business decision making process with new business intelligence. Develop your risk knowledge to reduce uncertainty in the risk assessment process. Increase profitability and reduce poor productivity with enhanced corporate governance enterprise risk management and regulatory compliance GRC. Manage multifaceted risks better.

Integrate and embed best enterprise risk management ERM practices and procedures. ERM services and solutions enable your business to take an enterprise wide risk management approach to boosting business performance. Develop profitable growth to increase business resilience and sustainability.   

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