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17th April 2018 – Global Economic Growth 3.5 Percent

Institute of International Finance IIF forecasting faster global economic growth. IIF increased global economic growth for 2018 to 3.5 percent. Much of the increase in growth down to USA tax cuts. These will not only power USA growth but global growth.

16th March 2018 – Global Growth Strongest In 7 Years

According to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development OECD, global economic growth is growing faster than at any other time in last 7 years.   It is forecasting economic growth at 3.9 percent for 2018.

Threats to global economic growth include growing trade war between most other countries and USA as well as other geopolitical issues like Russia v EU / UK, North Korea and the ever present tensions in Middle East.

14th March 2018 – A Credit Rating Agency, Fitch, Has Suggested Global Economic Growth Is Strong and Accelerating

Global economic growth is rising faster now than it has for around a decade.

Unemployment is falling, money is still cheap in most parts of the world and corporate investment is strong.

Fitch is forecasting global economic growth of 3.3 percent in 2018 and 3.2 percent in 2019.   Last year it was 3.2 percent according to Fitch.

27th February 2018 – You Should Be Optimistic About Your Future

Global growth prospects for 2018-19 are improving and accelerating.   Most parts of the world are looking to a better 2018 than 2017 in terms of economic growth and 2017 was one of the best year’s for growth in close to a decade.

Not every business will take advantage of increasing global economic growth, just like not all businesses went bust during the financial crisis starting in 2007-08.   The rising tide of business opportunities creates the environment for your business to grow much faster in 2018.

Corporate business leaders in UK who look for new business development opportunities will find them.

If you don’t think you have time to explore business growth opportunities, you may get the opportunity to reflect at your leisure  after your business collapses.   Those companies that fail to grow may find they contract, or even fail to survive.

7th February 2018 – International Monetary Fund Chief Economist Says Global Economy Growing Faster

The IMF’s chief economist is reported as saying that world economic fundamentals are strong.   There is increased trading and more business investment.   As a result major economies are the world are growing faster than expected.   He sees “very broad-based (global) growth”.

2nd February 2018 BusinessRiskTV Forecasts The Economic Forecasts Will Get Global Growth Wrong For 2018

Many economists are forecasting around the 4 percent mark for global economic growth in 2018.   BusinessRiskTV forecasts this will underplay the global economic boom that is set to happen in 2018.

If a major global event occurs like World War 111, then growth will be slower, but if World War 3 happens we will not care about economic forecasts any longer!   Such geopolitical risk events aside, we can look around the world and see great news unfolding:

  • America is feeding in huge corporate and personal tax cuts into its economy.   When America grows so does the rest of the world.   In addition, low unemployment and faster wage increases in USA will turbo-charge the USA economy in 2018.
  • Eurozone is experiencing is fastest growth period in around a decade and this will continue, but accelerate in 2018, as people find jobs and property values start to rise making people in the Eurozone feel wealthier.   Manufacturing is returning to countries in Eurozone that may have once have forgotten how to make things.
  • Africa is a sleeping giant that will fail to get its act together in 2018 but will improve on recent economic performance.
  • Asia Pacific is set to expand faster with the likes of India in particular racing ahead.   China will continue to find more and more people jobs in 2018 and will lift more people out of poverty further increasing demand for domestic and international consumption.   Japan will finally put decades of deflation behind it and new technology will begin to overcome demographic time-bomb to the benefit of Japanese economy.
  • The Americas, and Brazil in particular, was once a fast growing area of the globe.   South American expenditure will be healthier in 2018 and help develop continental and global growth faster than 2017.
  • The UK is constantly put down by people in the UK but the UK economy will continue to surprise most UK economists trying to subvert Brexit and grow faster than 2 percent in 2018.   Low unemployment, faster wage growth due to skills shortages and rising housing prices will encourage UK consumers to spend more and manufacturing and services sectors will push UK growth faster supported by a return of the construction sector.
  • Middle Eastern countries will benefit from rising oil prices and rebuilding of some physically damaged countries.

We’ll look back on 2018 as the real start of the 4th Industrial Revolution as many new developments will turn into fast growing businesses and global productivity will start to increase overcoming the bad old days of doing business.

8th January 2018 – Global Economy Forecasts: Increasingly More Positive Business Outlook

Previously poorly performing eurozone helping to drive more upbeat global economic outlook.

A survey for Sentix index indicated eurozone business leader confidence is at its highest level since August 2007.   The global economy in all regions is looking more positive.

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8th October 2017 International Monetary Fund IMF Managing Director Says We Need More Training

Christine Lagarde thinks global business leaders need more education and training to make global business recovery sustainable.

Business leaders need to invest more to overcome a recent lack of training in risk management skills and tools to seize new business growth opportunities from the internet. This is especially important with a growing skills shortage in the UK.

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BHP Billiton Samarco Dam Disaster

Executives Charged With UK Equivalent Gross Negligence Manslaughter

BHP Billiton’s mine Samarco dam collapse resulted in multiple fatalities and billions of $ of penalties and compensation payments.   Now the executives responsible for running the mine face jail.

BHP Billiton were co-owners of the mine, when a waste water dam collapsed on 5th November 2015.   The local community were swamped by mud in Brazil’s worst environmental disaster.   The mud also destroyed the habitat for fish and drinking water for the communities nearby.   It may take more than 10 years to recover the area to it’s pre-disaster condition.

It is alleged that those responsible for running the mine were aware of the risk of the dam collapsing but ignored the risks in pursuit of profit.   The dam collapse has echo’s of the Aberfan disaster in Wales when waste products slid down the mountain to kill mainly children 50 years ago.   The risks then were also known but the warnings from the local community were not heeded.

21 people are in the dock facing homicide charges after the mine disaster in Minas Gerais including Americans, Australian, South African, Frenchman and British person.   The CEO of Samarco, iron ore producer, is one the accused.   19 people died in the disaster.   The firms who employ those charged say they will defend their staff and deny they pursued profit regardless of safety implications.



Understanding Enterprise Risk Management ERM

Understand Enterprise Risk Management ERM

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Real Risk Watch :   Forget the best guestimates from International Monetary Fund IMF, Office for Budget Responsibility OBR or Bank of England BoE who are paid to forecast the future.   Instead, work with people who can help your business forge the future for real with more certainty.

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Are You An Entrepreneur Or Business Leader Who Is Procrastinating Or Fearful Of The Future?

UK Business Growth Opportunities

Business leaders need confidence in their decision-making and entrepreneurial thinking to find new business opportunities.

Positive Risk Management
Positive Risk Management

Are You an entrepreneur of business leader who is procrastinating or fearful of the future

Look at the world through an improving business and economic environment.   The UK is strong and set to get stronger:

  • House prices are resilient.
  • Job creation is encouraging.
  • The pound is weaker but this is a net positive benefit for many businesses.
  • Borrowing money is probably never going to be cheaper than it is right now.
  • It’s probably never going to be easier to export from UK to new and existing markets.
  • The present is good and the future looks bright

The UK has the skills and ability to be greater than it is right now

Don’t listen to the doom-mongers!   The UK has more opportunities to grow faster than it has had in front of it for decades.   Don’t look back at today and think, “I wish I had seized the day”.   The time for waiting is over.   Today will be the past and your great historic past is for the making now!

Business Leaders Need To Cut Their Cloth Accordingly

George Osborne said prior to the Brexit Vote on the 23rd June 2016 that if the UK voted to leave the European Union EU, it would have to cut its cloth accordingly.

Well according to economic data so far, the UK has a stable economic platform to launch into strong business growth actions, despite the uncertainty of an impending presidential election in America.

Are there huge economic uncertainties just now?

Of course!   When haven’t there been significant uncertainties for business?   However, should we wait before investing time and money in our future?   Absolutely not!   This is the time for sowing the seeds of your future success.   Businesses in the UK have so many opportunities for growth.

Where are the growth opportunities ?

Well have you looked properly!   They are there.   Your competitors may have spotted them.   Look and you shall find!

Too much noise and not enough action!

Everybody is busy, but being busy doesn’t mean to say you’re in the growth business.   Are you working hard but standing still?   Have you got the talent, the assets and the ambition but not the results you’d hoped for?

The UK was built on innovation and hard graft, but in the recent past, we’ve been grafting too much and not innovating enough.   The UK’s business leaders need to think smarter, not just work harder.

I could do with some help here mate!

Talk is cheap!   I hear you!   However, talking with like-minded innovators who want to move to the action phase quickly might produce new business growth for your company.

Do most business leaders want the same thing – growth?   Presumably none want to down-size.   Many are happy to stay the same, though few businesses can survive by staying the same.

Many of your peers are happy to share ways to overcome barriers to business survival and business growth.   No one person knows it all and even if they did, what they learnt would soon be out of date.   Unless you keep up to date with best practices and evolving methods of working, you are going backwards behind competitors.

Sometimes we need to be inspired by the actions of others

Olympic competitors are inspired by the achievements of other Olympians.  They may be at the top of their game, but they can still be inspired by the success of their peers.

Balanced Enterprise Risk Perspective

Are you taking too little or too much risk?   Poor business performance can come from too much, or too little risk.

Getting access to the horse’s mouth

If you don’t know – ask for free!   It is highly unlikely that your business problems are totally unique.   They might be unusual and have a different impact on your business, but the solution to your business problems have almost certainly already been found at another business somewhere in the world.

It is important to get risk into the right perspective.   If you don’t know enough about your enterprise risks, it is possible that you are being overly cautious.   Alternatively you might be acting (or not acting) recklessly, and are on the edge of catastrophic disaster, due to lack of risk knowledge.   Are you deliberately not asking questions cause you might not like the answers?

Are you an entrepreneur or business leader who is procrastinating?

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What role should enterprise risk management play in business and not for profit organisations? Do you like enterprise risk management ERM and want to learn more. Looking for practical enterprise risk management solutions for your business?

A to Z Business Risk Management
Managing business risks better with BusinessRiskTV.com

Leadership perspective to enterprise risk management

Working with senior managers executives business owners and entrepreneurs to embed practical enterprise risk management ERM solutions.

Positive Risk Management
Positive Risk Management

Enterprise risk management will not provide any net benefit to the organisation if its leaders don’t buy in to the principles the benefits of risk assessment process and the framework the best performing companies conform to.

Business leaders must agree the risk appetite and risk tolerance of the organisation before the risk assessment process can begin

The risk assessment process is a good management tool but it can be nullified corrupted and cost the organisation money and performance if it doesn’t operate within and support the risk culture of the business.

Enterprise wide perspective on corporate risks

Strategic operational and project risks all need to be included in the risk management framework and risk assessment process to provide consistency of business decision-making to improve performance of the business.

Business Growth Partnership Forum

Read more about risk management

BusinessRiskTV Guide To Enterprise Risk Management ERM

How To Develop Best Risk Mitigation Strategy For Your Business

Do you already have in place the best risk mitigation strategy for your business ?

Align your risk mitigation strategy to your risk culture

Reduce the risk impact severity and/or probability of occurrence

Better Business Protection Faster Business Growth
Better Business Protection Faster Business Growth

Systematically reduce the extent of exposure to enterprise risks in line with your Risk Appetite and Risk Tolerance.

Understand the context  within which your internal and external risks factors exist.   Identify evaluate and treat, or accept, risks in the most cost effective way with a risk-based approach to decision-making.