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5th March 2018 – Construction Apprentices To Earn More Than University Graduates in UK

According to Federation of Master Builders FMB research construction apprentices in UK could go on to earn more than university graduates.

If money talks to you, think about average annual earnings in UK right now according to FMB:

  • Plumbers earn £48,675
  • Electricians earn £47,265
  • Bricklayers earn £42,034
  • Joiners earn £41,413
  • Painters and decorators earn £34,587

University graduates leave uni with debts of around £50,000, but apprentices can earn while they learn – on average around £17,000 per annum.

The construction industry has a massive skills gap right now and with a lack of infrastructure and homes, the future looks positive for people working in construction industry in UK, in terms of career prospects.

23rd January 2018 – Skills Shortage In UK Is Biggest Threat To Construction Industry

A shortage of construction workers in UK is biggest threat to small and medium-sized construction businesses.   The Federation of Master Builders FMB has reported the construction skills shortage as the worst ever in UK.

Construction companies are particularly short of bricklayers and carpenters, but plumbers, plasterers and electricians are also in short supply.   The lack of supply means that wages are rising for skilled construction workers in UK.

There is a lack of investment in training within the construction industry, who have in the past relied on highly skilled low wage foreign workers, particularly from eastern European countries to fill the skills gap.   The high value of the euro following the Brexit vote in June 2016 means that many skilled construction workers are returning to their home country and leaving a skills void that the construction industry has not acted upon to fill for a sustainable business future. Construction Business Risk News

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