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8th August 2019 NHS in England Creating National Artificial Intelligence AI Laboratory To Enhance Healthcare

The new AI facility will create new threats and opportunities for NHS patients. Given the recent attack by hackers on NHS computer systems the NHS does not have a good track record with IT protection. The flip side is that AI could improve the health of the nation will reducing NHS costs.

The way the NHS designs and delivers healthcare will change with AI.

23rd May 2019 Pharmaceutical Firms Colluding To Restrict Supply Of Drugs To Push Up Drug Prices Paid By NHS

Four pharmaceutical firms stand accused of illegally colluding to restrict the supply of an anti nausea tablet to increase durg prices.

The Competition and Markets Authority CMA said the cost of Prochlorperazine rose from £6.49 per pack to £51.68 after suppliers allegedly agreed not to compete.

The drug is often prescribed to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

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21st March 2019 Englands NHS Skills Gap Crisis Deepens

The NHS in England has no chance of training enough GPs and nurses in next five years to solve the shortages it faces according to report by  the Nuffield Trust Health Foundation and Kings Fund.

The report calls for the UK government to fill the skills gap by bringing in measures like increasing international recruitment introducing student grants and veing more creative.

7th January 2019 NHS New 10 Year Plan Could Save Up To 500000 Lives By Focusing On Prevention and Early Detection.

GPs mental health and community care will get the biggest funding increases. Full details of the plan are to be unveiled later by NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens and Prime Minister Theresa May.

The new NHS plan only applies to England.

20th November 2018 Fake Qualified Doctor Raises Questions About Recruitment In UK NHS

Do all foreign doctors working in UK have the proper qualifications? A woman falsely claimed to have a medical degree from New Zealand university worked in psychiatry in NHS in UK for decades.

Thousands of checks on UK based foreign doctors qualifications is now underway.

13th August 2018 Doctor Struck Off Medical Register Over Death of Six Year Old Boy Wins Appeal To Practise Medicine Again

Dr Hadiza Bawa Garba was convicted of manslaughter by gross negligence in 2015 over the death of Jack Adcock who died of sepsis at Leicester Royal Infirmary in 2011.

She was struck off in January 2018 after the General Medical Council GMC claimed mere suspension was not sufficient to protect the public in future. Jacks mother Nicola Adcock said she was hugely disappointed by the result of the Appeal and feels the decision makes a mockery of the justice system.

Thousands of doctors signed an open letter of support for Dr Bawa-Garba stating that it could result in a culture where doctors hide their failings instead of learning from them.

The court overturned the lower courts decision and the doctor will be reinstated to practice medicine again.

The GMC has commissioned an independent review of this type of serious incident in medicine.

Was the doctor scapegoated? Are patients safer if doctors are not punished for serious breaches of law? Is it better to learn from mistakes not punish medical professionals for mistakes at work?

Join the discussion on gross negligence manslaughter in healthcare CLICK HERE

13th July 2018 Care Workers Who Had To Stay Overnight As Part Of Their Job Will Not Be Entitled To Back Pay At The Minimum Wage After Court of Appeal Ruling

Mencap won the appeal successfully arguing that a previous tribunal decision which compelled care providers to fund six years back pay for overnight carers was unaffordable.

If this appeal failed it would not be just charities who would have to find lots of money for back pay. Individuals who paid for care services would have to pay back pay if they have funded their care themselves. Many individuals could have faced financial difficulties finder the money to pay their carer workers and many smaller employers could be forced out of business.

Care workers who provide care for people with serious learning disabilities overnight used to be paid a flat fee of around £30 reflecting the fact that they might be sleeping during some of their shifts. After employment tribunal rulings involving a Mencap support worker in the East Riding of Yorkshire HM Revenue and Customs said they should be paid at least the minimum wage for every hour overnight amounting to about £60. The appeal by Mencap was successful and they do not need to find extra funds to pay care workers. The Court of Appeal ruled that care providers had no liability for back pay.

Union Unison is considering an appeal to the Supreme Court.

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20th December 2017 Increasing Proportion Of NHS Doctors Trained Overseas

More than 40 percent of NHS doctors in some areas trained overseas according to General Medial Council GMC report. The number of doctors training in the UK can’t keep pace with the demands on the NHS. The NHS is increasingly dependent on doctors who have trained overseas.

The GMC says that to attract more UK based people to train to be a doctor, the UK needs to improve the workplace culture and make employment and training in UK more flexible.

13th January 2017 Closing Ranks or Indifference In NHS Hospitals?

New reports suggest NHS hospitals are failing to raise concerns about incompetent locum doctors.

Some hospitals take no action when they see poor practice and there is no obvious mechanism for identifying low levels of concern about a doctor’s competency according to the General Medical Council GMC report.

Patients are also too scared to give feedback on their family doctor.

Sir Keith Pearson chairman of the GMCs revalidation advisory board and chairman of Health Education England said he was concerned that some doctors, including some locums were falling outside the most exacting standards.

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