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20th December 2017 – Increasing Proportion Of NHS Doctors Trained Overseas

More than 40 percent of NHS doctors in some areas trained overseas according to General Medial Council GMC report.   The number of doctors training in the UK can’t keep pace with the demands on the NHS.   The NHS is increasingly dependent on doctors who have trained overseas.

The GMC says that to attract more UK based people to train to be a doctor, the UK needs to improve the workplace culture and make employment and training in UK more flexible.

13th January 2017 – Closing Ranks or Indifference In NHS Hospitals ?

New reports suggest NHS hospitals are failing to raise concerns about incompetent locum doctors.

Some hospitals take no action when they see poor practice and there is “no obvious mechanism” for identifying low levels of concern about a doctor’s competency, according to the General Medical Council (GMC) report.

Patients are also too scared to give feedback on their family doctor.

Sir Keith Pearson, chairman of the GMC’s revalidation advisory board and chairman of Health Education England, said he was concerned that some doctors, including some locums, were “falling outside the most exacting standards”.

13th December 2016 – Not One NHS Trust Investigates Unexpected Patient Deaths Properly

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) says that a death didn’t mean a medical care failing, or a problem with healthcare, but not one NHS Trust has the right practice for investigating causes of such deaths and are therefore missing opportunities to prevent some deaths in future.   In addition, many relatives are treated very poorly by NHS healthcare employees and the system, after an unexpected death occurs.

“Preventable”, “Unexpected” and “Avoidable” deaths are dealt with by the healthcare professional in the NHS in at least an inconsistent way, and at worst negligent way.   This is a systematic error on the part of the NHS and all Trusts need to improve how they manage investigations into “unexpected” deaths in healthcare to learn lessons to prevent deaths in future and in many cases, improve the way they treat families to show more respect and compassion.

It is hoped that from 2017 at latest, NHS trusts will reveal data on details of all preventable deaths as part of an improvement of incident investigations. Healthcare Business Risk Management Magazine

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