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29th November 2018 UK Consumer Lending Growth Slows To Three Year Low But Borrowing To Buy Home Jumps

  • UK non mortgage consumer lending slows but mortgage lending jumps

According to the Bank of England BoE lending to British consumers slowed again last month to its weakest rate in more than three years but mortgage approvals rose.

Last month mortgage approvals rose to highest level since January 2018 according to BoE

UK Finance has also recently reported the number of approvals for house purchase picked up to a four-month high in October.

22nd October 2018 USA Private Equity Company Accused of Misleading UK Government About Biggest Sale of State Assets in UK History

BBC Panorama programme claims that Cerberus told the government it was planning to offer UK homeowners trapped in high interest rate mortgages better mortgage deals before its 13bn pound purchase of former Northern Rock mortgages in 2016.

However the USA company has not provided any new mortgages and 65000 homeowners are still trapped on high interest rates.

Cerberus denies the allegation.

Many of the ex Northern Rock mortgaged homeowners are mortgage prisoners who cannot shop around for a better deal because their loans are too large or their credit rating has been damaged.

8th February 2018 Share Price Drop Was Just A Correction Not A Collapse

The dramatic biggest ever one day falls in share valuations at the start of this week was simply a realisation buy investors and their advisers that the global economy is going to boom this year.

Why is good news about the global economy hitting share valuations around the world? Much of the global reaction is preceded by share price falls in USA. The reason share prices dropped off a cliff in one day is that investors in USA stock markets realised at last that the USA economy is going to boom this year.

To stop the USA economy overheating the Fed is going to have to either push up interest rates faster each time it raises interest rates or increase interest rates in USA more frequently than the 3 times predicted by many economists for 2018.

Interest rates have to rise to try to stop or reduce inflation. When interest rates rise people are less likely to borrow to spend and are more inclined to think saving for the future looks like a good idea.

Global interest rates have been artificially kept low by central banks around the world trying to stop the collapse of civilisation following the financial crisis that started in 2007 2008. They have succeeded in saving humanity, but the interest rates have not been lifted to reflect the recovery. They will be lifted in many parts of the world in 2018 including UK and USA.

QE will reduce around the world too. Money will not be as cheap at the end of 2018 as it was at the start of 2018 in many parts of the world. That is particularly true of USA. Interest rate rises make it more expensive for corporates to borrow to invest and puts company earnings under pressure hence the reason that share prices dropped in value. However, this is just a correction in the mind of investors and is actually a good news story.

If you kept drip feeding into the stock market throughout this week you will have smoothed out the lows and started to gain value again.

If banks can avoid collapse over the next few months Italy and China for example then the world banking system will actually benefit from increasing interest rates and if the banks are stronger the whole world will begin to move away from the cliff edge and civilisation can once again breath more easily.

19th August 2017 Have You Lost Track Of Your Pension Entitlements

Working all your life rarely involves sticking to one job, one employer. What happens when you near retirement and you have no idea where all your pension pots are? In future there will be an easier way to track down your retirement money Pensions Dashboard.

In future, when you retire in the UK more of your pension pots will be found in one place set up by the Association British Insurers ABI including your state pension provided by the government in retirement and many hopefully all your pension schemes you contributed to over your entire working life. This will enable you to find out your retirement income in an instant.

However the retirement planning tool will not be live until at least 2019 and may only have 50 percent of all pension schemes but will still be better than what we’ve got now. People will view all their pension pots quickly and easily in one place online. It will fundamentally change how people in the UK will access their pension information.

Take control of your retirement finances.

2nd June 2017 FTSE Hit Record High

The UK FTSE 100 is loving economic life at the moment reaching its highest point ever based on lots of positive economic news.

Britain’s FTSE hit a record high of 7,585 points. America is creating jobs as easy as butter off a hot knife and the USA’s manufacturing sector is booming.

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1st March 2018 UK Mortgage Approvals Biggest Rise In Since April 2015

The Bank of England reported a massive jump in mortgage approval figures for house purchases in January 2018. It was the biggest jump since April 2015 and was the highest number of mortgage approvals for house purchase since July 2017.

Nationwide the biggest building society in UK says UK house prices are still rising but at a slower rate of 2.2 percent year-on-year.

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