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Non Covid 19 Deaths From Coronavirus Pandemic Includes Death From Hunger

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How does politics after your business and how can you manage political risks better. What are the politicians saying today and what do you think about what the politicians are saying? How will political developments impact on your life and living?

Political actions environment and risk events affecting the business objectives of business’s like yours. What are the current political movements that could hinder or support your own business outcomes? Who are the politicians gaining the most traction locally and globally?

Where will the biggest political threats come from this year?When should you change your business strategy to protect your business or take advantage of new business opportunities? Why do the experts think the world is doomed or why are they optimistic about your business prospects? How will you react to the political news?

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Examples of political risk impacting on businesses in North America
Examples of political risk impacting on businesses in North America enter code #PoliticalRisk

President Of US Donald Trump Signs Proclamation Reimposing Tariffs On Some Canadian Aluminium Products Responding To Lobbying By Some American Aluminium Manufacturers To Stem Aluminium Imports To USA

Canada having just signed with America a new free trade agreement to avoid tariffs say they will retaliate with tariffs on USA products. Although some USA business groups say the new tariffs on Canadian aluminium will increase costs for USA businesses and consumers the political decision to impose tariffs has been taken.

Whether tariffs are right or wrong they are a political risk not just for North America but rest of the world.

Intelligence and Security Committee report on Russian interference into the 2014 Scottish independence referendum and EU referendum 2016
Intelligence and Security Committee report on Russian interference into the 2014 Scottish independence referendum and EU referendum 2016

15th February 2020 Battle To Take Back Control By UK Voters Includes Taking Back Control Of UK Treasury

The constructive dismissal of the UK Chancellor is actually critical to the success of the UK. Too often in the past UK government policy has been dictated to not by the Prime Minister in No 10 but the Chancellor in No 11.

It is widely accepted that the Chancellor and Treasury Department in any UK government acts as a break on the government of the days policies. This is insane.

Whether the government of the day is good or bad should be dictated by the the voters opinion on UK government policies enacted and embedded in society. Any government in the UK should not be constricted by the UK Treasury department.

The UK Treasury department is made up of unelected civil servants and government special advisers. The Chancellor is at the head of this largely unelected body. We have seen over the last 5 years that the UK Treasury has sought to use its considerable influence to dictate UK government policy on Brexit. Most of the UK Treasury department forecasts on job losses and impeding UK recession due to Brexit have been wrong. In the case of job losses massively wrong. The UK Treasury predicted losses in the hundreds of thousands when in fact the UK has created hundreds of thousands of new jobs.

The UK Treasury department has either been massively incompetent or acting in a political way for decades. They are not stupid people but they are very political.


Whether Boris Johnsons government has the right policies for the UK is entirely a matter of opinion and voters opinion in particular. If he fails to meet the requirements of voters he will reap the wrath of voters in 5 years time. It is not up to the UK Treasury department to put the break on or open up the spending taps. That is for the politicians to decide as the voters representatives.

Anything that takes back control responsibility and most importantly accountability from the civil servants in the UK Treasury is a good thing for democracy.


6th January 2020 UK Politicians Must Now Deliver On Their Promises

Kier Starmer is the most likely new Labour leader. He is a Remainer who wanted a second Referendum. He is quoted as saying that whether the UK leaves the European Union EU is certain. The new UK Prime Minister says the UK will leave at the end of January 2020 and transition to being fully out of EU by end of 2020. Whether the UK leaves the EU is certain. How it leaves the EU will not be clear until mid 2020 to end 2020.

The UK looks set to pump billions of taxpayers money into the UK economy in addition to forcing UK employers to pump more money into 3 million people in UK on low pay with 6% jump in National Living Wage.

Billions will be pumped into the UK economy via infrastructure investments including transport and 5G expansion. Billions of pounds will be pumped into NHS. Governments around the world need to support the global economy with increased government spending. Much more money will be pumped into Green UK economy.

The UK does have a little wiggle room to support the UK economy but the UK government needs to back its promises in the December 2019 General Election. It needs to invest in the UKs future business success and it needs to do most of it in the next 2 years if it has any hope of being re-elected in 2024. Time to put your money where your mouth was!

If the new UK government backs itself with massive economic investment the private sector will respond in kind and the UK can look forward to a much better watch barring worrying international geopolitics.

If Boris Johnson can reject the austerity ideology of David Cameron and effectively deliver the vision of Theresa May he will go a long way to being unbeatable in the 2024 General Election and even set himself up for winning majority 3 elections in a row.

Prime Minister Johnson will need to deliver both consistent high employment with a palatable social care policy including how does the UK pay for cost of people living in retirement for decades at the same time as birth rate falls. People in the UK are crying out for a fairer society. If Boris delivers this he will go down as the best Prime Minister the UK has ever had. If he does not he will go down as biggest liar ever at No 10 and there have been too many lying UK politicians to date!

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How To Manage Political Risk To Your Business

Learn how to understand and control political risk to your business

Many people are not interested in politics. However to be unconcerned about the geopolitical risks facing both business and society as a whole is to play Russian Roulette with your future. Business political risk management should be at the forefront of most businesses even SMEs.

What is your political risk assessment? How will political risks impact on your business objectives? Don’t compound national governance failure with corporate governance failure. Consciously accepting political risks is perfectly sensible.   Being unaware of your exposure to political risks may be foolhardy.

Most business leaders prefer to make decisions in a certain stable marketplace.   Geopolitical unpredictability has perhaps created unprecedented uncertainty. The worst environment for making informed business decisions.

Most business problems can be fairly easily resolved over time if there is a stable platform upon which to grow. Illogical counter productive geopolitical decisions from unpredictable leaders at least complicates the world of business.

Geopolitical risks require a holistic approach due to their interconnected features and potential risk scenarios. Events that seemingly have little importance can quickly or over a long period of time create a severe negative impact on a business. They can also create new opportunities for more rapid business growth.

Join our political risk management forum to discuss possible political risk management strategies to protect your business.


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Examine past present and future trends in global political risks with Political risk experts from around the world. Do not ignore nor underestimate the effect of political risk on your organisation directly and indirectly.

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