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11th January 2019 UK Mortgage Regulator Plans To Make It Easier To Remortgage

The UKs financial regulator the Financial Conduct Authority FCA will ease affordability checks to enable remortgaging to cheaper mortgage in UK. Mortgage prisoners are homeowners who took out a mortgage before the change in mortgage application rules and can not currently pass new mortgage affordability rules even though it would lower their monthly mortgage outgoings. The change of policy will allow mortgage prisoners to apply for cheaper  mortgage deals.

The new rule is to compare new mortgage costs with a new mortgage with current costs of existing mortgage. If monthly costs are cheaper under the remortgage then you will be allowed to remortgage even if you do not pass usual affordability tests assuming you are not actually borrowing more for any reason.

19th September 2018 UK Home Prices Still Rising

UK house prices are rising at 3.1 percent according to the Office for National Statistics ONS. The average UK house price was £231000 in July 2018.

North West of England region had the fastest price growth at 5.6 percent

House prices are falling in London

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Read more about affordable housing and social housing

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