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Innovation To Create Long Term Business Sustainability
Innovation To Create Long Term Business Sustainability With

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Join the innovation lab matching your country area of business interest or industry

Each Innovation Lab will focus on a specific challenge for small and medium sized businesses looking for better business protection and faster business growth.

The Innovation Lab focus is helping small businesses to be more creative. Sometimes being innovative is too big a challenge for one business to manage successfully on its own. Work together in collaboration to solve major business problems for mutual benefit of all Innovation Lab members participating on a project. Free Subscription Innovation Lab Online
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Your chosen Innovation Lab will aim to be disruptively innovative rather than try to make a business problem a little easier to cope with

Our Innovation Labs will incorporate a wide range of participants with risk knowledge across countries industries and specific risk types. We bring together a diverse group of individuals who may not otherwise have connected to collaborate innovatively on new business ideas to disrupt the marketplace. Each participant must stand an equal chance of fair reward for participating and investing in the Innovation Lab focusing on a clear mission and end objective for project members.

Our Innovation Labs will not have short term goals so if you are seeking an immediate solution to a current business challenge our Innovation Labs are not the vehicle you should try to get on board.

There are other ways to achieve immediate gains on and recommend you try our website search facility to find what you need.

Innovation Labs will use a range of tools to support members discussions to make swifter progress and maximise benefits from time invested

Innovation Lab Risk Management Tools
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We use a wide range of tools and techniques to encourage creativity and find practical solutions to Innovation Lab challenge under focus

Our Innovation Labs are not just for developing ideas. They must arrive at practical business solutions for members to work properly. Whilst the initial stage may just explore possible solutions the latter stages of discussions must push through to actual practical implementation of chosen solution that will be put into practice by all Innovation Lab members working on specific project.

We will facilitate ways to test out the possible solutions on a small scale and then help members roll out the main changes to reduce the threat of failure and maximise the return on your investment of time and possibly money.

If you want to come together to solve significant country or industry risks please complete the form below and enter code #InnovationLab.

Learn From Business Mistakes Made By Other Business Leaders

You can learn from your own mistakes and the mistakes of others. Join our Innovation Lab to grow your business faster with less uncertainty

How To Learn From Your Business Mistakes
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Innovation News Opinions and Reviews

Meat substitutes are a proven success by Beyond Meat Impossible Foods and Nestle

Redefine Meat Real Meat Substitute With 3D Printers
Redefine Meat Launching 3D Printers To Produce Plant Based Steaks Mimicking Real Beef Meat Substitute

Industrial scale 3D printers by Redefine Meat based in Tel Avivi can produce 20 kg of substitute meat an hour at lower cost than real meat eventually

They plan to work with expensive restaurants to prove the end product works then sell many 3D printers to mimic the structure of the meat using plant based raw ingredients in 2021.

Amazon Robot Delivery plus Amazon Autonomous Self Driving Vehicles To Buy In Showroom?

Amazon is one of the most successful businesses at developing innovative business growth strategy. Last year Amazon invested half a billion dollars in self driving car startup Aurora Innovation Inc. This year it looks like Amazon is continuing its investment in the car sector.

Amazon Robot Delivery

Amazon has bought robotics and autonomous vehicle company Zoox. Are they just beefing up their knowledge and business intelligence for robotic self delivery or would you buy an Amazon self driving autonomous car from a showroom instead of a Tesla. Amazons purchase of Zoox is in the region of 3 billion dollars.

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Innovation Lab BusinessRiskTV Innovation Workshops

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