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Help with online marketing of high street shop retailers and wholesalers in UK.   Protecting retail businesses against existing and emerging threats to business objectives.   Helping to increase retail turnover more profitably.   Retail business risk advisers helping retailers to make more informed business decisions in UK.   UK retail sector analysis and sharing of business intelligence.

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Economists should focus less on the downside global risk problems.   Instead they should be coming up with more solutions to problems.   Creating bad economic mood music is easy to do.   It’s harder to find the solutions to the problems retailers face. has retail business solutions to protect businesses better and grow retailers faster, regardless of the bad mood others try to propagate.

Retailers take the helm with more confidence.   Receive retail business intelligence to develop your risk knowledge to improve your business decision making process.

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24th May 2018 – British Consumers Return To Retail Spending

British retail sales jumped in April. Shoppers opened their wallets and purses to significantly increased spending.

Retail sales volumes rose by 1.6 percent from March according to the Office for National Statistics ONS.

March spending was significantly impacted by shoppers being deterred due to the bad weather.

ONS : retail sales in cash terms grew by 3.5 percent in April in annual terms, up from 3.2 percent in March

11th April 2018 – Tesco Profits Keep Rising

Tesco reports rise in annual profits to nearly one and a half billion pounds.  Pre tax profits at Tesco were 770 percent higher than last year.

Last years results were hit by an accounting scandal reflected in profit figure. However even after stripping out one off costs underlying profits increased 28 percent.

Like for like sales were also up. Tesco is selling more although profit margin has reduced.

10th April 2018 – Bad Weather In March Kept Shoppers From Shopping in UK

A weather feature commonly called The Beast from the East reduced forecast consumer spending in March. The freezing bad weather kept shoppers in doors. Consumers did not want to shop on High Street. They did shop from home online but spent less. Pubs and restaurants also missed consumer spending.

However the UK consumer is a confident one. Consumers are expected to make up for lost time. Higher spending can be expected in subsequent months.

Retail Risk Management

Looking at the inherent risks in retail industry.   Using a retail enterprise risk management framework and holistic risk assessment process to boost business performance.   Prepare your own retail risk management plan with our help.

In a highly competitive market with reducing profit margins, retailers must holistically manage their risk management process to achieve optimum business performance. 

How To Manage Risks In Retail Industry

 Business risk managers must know the company appetite for risk and make decisions that align with risk tolerance and desire to improve. Retail Risk Experts provide risk management and insurance solutions to the retail sector.   We can help you increase retail sales more profitably whilst advising on threat mitigation measures.

Retail and consumer industry analysis

Improve your risk management practices and techniques.   Want to learn more about enterprise risk management (ERM) and retail sector?   What are the trends?   How can costs be reduced?   How to drive up online sales?

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  • Lower you prices to make a sale and still make a profit.  
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  • Provide better protection against rapidly changing marketplace.

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