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14th November 2019 Amazon provides opportunities to some retail entrepreneurs but threaten others

6th November 2019 Untuckit Mens Fashion Brand Opens First Store Outside North America in London

USA mens clothing brand picks London to open its first non North America store. When other retail stores blame everyone but their own management team for store closures Untuckit finds enough reasons to expand into the UK.

5th November 2019 Primark To Open New Stores In UK and Across Continental Europe

Primark is owned by Associate British Foods who announced another year of rising profits in difficult economic climate.

Primark grew sales 4 per cent to near 8 billion pounds. Instead of struggling Primark is thriving and opening new stores in UK and across continental Europe. The Eurozone and broader European Union is contracting economically yet Primark is expanding with 19 new stores and extending existing stores.

25th September 2019 Ikea Posted Rising Global Retail Sales

Ikeas global parent company Ingka said retail sales rose 5 percent to 36.7 billion euros in the year to August 31 across its worldwide operations. Online sales rose 46 percent. It is creating 11500 new jobs this year and next through new openings and investment in delivery and digital operations.

Ikeas success at transforming the business has come from building an online offering with more effective home delivery network. It has also invested more in renewable energy. Ikea has 374 stores worldwide.

19th September 2019 Next plc Announces Rise In Profit

Next retail group reported a 2.7 percent rise in pre tax profits to over 300 million pounds for the six months to July as online.

The retail fashion group remained on track for an increase in annual profit 0f 0ver 700 million pounds.

16th September 2019 Aldi UK Not Deterred By Tougher Grocery Sales Environment In UK

Aldi aims to have 1200 stores by 2025. It has 840 stores in UK now.

Aldi is the UKs 5th largest supermarket chain and has a market share of 8.1 percent of the UK grocery market. Operating Profit in 2018 was around 200 million pounds in 2018. Its turnover increased 11 percent.


Aldi UKs operating profit in 2018 fell 26 percent but it is still planning store expansion. Aldi UK will invest one billion pounds in UK over next couple of years in stores and distribution centres.

Alid UK claims its customers shopping is on average 24 percent at Aldi than the 4 biggest grocery supermarkets in the UK.

11th September 2019 High Street Retailers Need To Be More Innovative To Be Successful Or Even Survive

Many High Street retailers think they can work in isolation and simply buy stuff to sell. They need to explore at least 5 key retailing realities:

  1. The need to collaborate with other retailers to grow their business faster
  2. They need to lobby for fairer business rates
  3. They need to think cleverer when it comes to rent
  4. They need to offer a shopping experience on their own or in conjunction with neighbouring retailers
  5. The need to embrace the internet to help grow the business online and offline

A net 1234 stores closed on Britains top 500 high streets in the first half of the year

PwC and Local Data Company

The number of shop closures is running at the highest rate since their surveys began in 2010.

Fashion retail shops suffered biggest cull on the High Street followed by restaurants and pubs and estate agents. Takeaways and health clubs are filling some of the empty retail spaces.

11th September 2019 More Retailers Demonstrate Regardless Of The Economic Climate It Is Possible For Retailers To Perform Well

Indetix the owner of Zara has reported retail sales surge during the first half of the year. If you produce the right products at the right time to the High Street people will buy.

Indetix is the worlds largest clothes retailer reported retail sales jumped 7 percent in the six months to July.


Indetix has 7420 stores across the world. Inditex says that strong retail sales have continued into the second half of the year.

Creating the right blend of bricks and mortar stores logistics and technology can produce excellent retail results.

9th September 2019 Primark Like For Like Sales Down Slightly But Last Quarter Promises More For The Future

Although like for like retail sales are down year on year the last quarter has seen faster sales growth than previous nine months. In addition the autumn winter range is selling well.

Primark is the retail division of AB Foods. AB Foods continues to add new Primark stores in the UK despite many competitors going in the other direction and closing stores. It has opened 4 new stores in the UK.

Primark has increased its profit margin over the last 12 months year on year comparison. Primark profit margin is currently 11.7 percent.

4th September 2019 Dunelm Shows Retail Industry You Should Not Be Blaming Poor Performance On Brexit

Homewares chain Dunelm Group reports increasing profit and growing market share.

Pre tax profits jumped 35.2 percent to 125.9 million pounds in the year to 29 June 2019

Dunelm Financial Report

It has a better store and online business strategy and its working. Store sales increased 7.7 percent and online sales grew 35.1 percent.

Too often UK retailers have used the excuse and cover of Brexit uncertainty to explain their own poor business performance. If Brexit uncertainty was the problem they have had many years to take suitable risk management strategy adjustments as the vote to leave was 2016 not the last 12 months.

22nd August 2019 UK Retail Sales Fall In August At Fastest Rate Since December 2008

According to the Confederation of British Industrys CBI August survey results the outlook has not been this bad since 1983.

UK standard of living has risen for months now as wages on average are rising faster than inflation. Employment levels are around record high levels. UK consumers seem to be saving more or paying off existing debt with the extra money in their pocket.

The CBI survey figures once again paint a different picture of the UK economy. Whilst the UK economy is not growing aggressively it is not performing as bad as the CBI likes to suggest for political reasons. The CBI really presents big business not the majority of businesses in the UK. Big businesses preferred business environment is not necessarily what SMEs need.

There is no doubt the UKs retailer environment is changing but for those who think differently increasing retail sales is not impossible.

18th July 2019 British Retail Sales Jump In June

According to the Office for National Statistics ONS retail sales volumes jumped when many UK retail experts were forecasting a retail sales volume fall.

Compared with June 2018 UK retail sales volumes were up by 3.8 percent and up 1 percent on May 2019 retail sales.

The figures from the ONS calls into question the validity of the British Retail Consortium BRC survey reporting retail sales fell in the year to June at the fastest pace on record for June. Is the BRC reflecting its political bias.

Rising UK standards of living record employment levels low inflation and low borrowing costs have so far enabled the UK consumer to shake off the Brexit pessimists but the UK may be coming to crunch time in October 2019.

In the autumn and winter of 2019 we may find out who was right about Brexit and the UK economy. UK consumers may vote with their wallets and purses instead of the ballot box. Employers may vote with their employment levels.

Brexit uncertainty is impact on UK investment levels. When uncertainty is removed investment may rebound.

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21st March 2019 UK Retails Outperform Economic Expert Forecasts

UK retails jump in the three months to February 2019. Year on year growth in the quantity of UK retail sales in February increased by 4 percent.

15th February 2019 Retail Sales Jump More Than At Any Time Since December 2016

The Office for National Statistics ONS reports the amount of goods sold rose by 4.2 percent in January year on year the biggest annual rise since December 2016.

UK consumers show that record employment levels and rising standard of living will keep them spending regardless of Brexit. Wages continue to outstrip inflation indeed as inflation rate slows and wages increase faster the UK standard of living is accelerating.

5th February 2019 UK Consumers Up Their Spending In January

British consumers hit the shops again in January. Spending rose by the most in seven months according to the British Retail Consortium BRC.

The BRC said colder weather helped drive clothing sales and consumers filled their boots with New Year Sales purchases! Others consoled themselves with higher spending on comfort eating as food sales rose!

What Is The Future For Retailing Retailers and Those Working In Retail?

In the UK in 2018 every week it seems like another retailer is shutting up shop. Unable to provide a profitable retailing experience UK retailers are closing left right and centre. So what is the future for retailing in the UK?

Well it is not good news for people who want to service customers on the High Street. Technological developments means that fewer shop assistants are required. In one case driverless mobile shops with no shop assistants are coming moving to shoppers not shoppers going to the shops!

Wheelys MobyStore is an autonomous staffless mobile store. Open 24 hours every day of the year merging online and offline retailing. No lines no checkout no retail staff. Watch the video below

9th January 2019 Sainsburys Sales Decline

Sainsburys blaming sales decline on customers not its lack of executive management and operational excellence. However the sales decline is more of a reflection of its lack of ability and imagination to organically grow the business faster. Sainsburys executive management team is resorting to a takeover of Asda for 15 billion pounds to try to get their bonuses for performance imporvements. Instead of shopping for Asda Sainsburys should be managing their existing business better. Sainsburys is the UKs second biggest supermarket but is looking like the worst performing of the big four though Tesco the biggest supermarket chain has yet to report on its performance. If Sainsburys purchase of Asda falls through what will happen to the lacklustre management team at Sainsburys? Maybe they will get their eyes back on the ball and perform like its shareholders expect.

9th January 2019 Majestic Wine Christmas trading Period Rose

Total retail sales were 6.3 percent higher in the 10 weeks to December 31 accelerating from the 3.2 percent growth rate seen this time last year.

9th January 2019 Ted Baker Christmas Sales Jump

Ted Baker reported fashion brand retail sales increased by 12.2 percent over the five weeks to January 5. Ecommerce sales were up 18.7 percent.

8th January 2019 Asda Best Performing Big 4 Supermarket Group In Final Quarter

According to market researcher Kantar Worldpanel Asda retail sales were the highest in the final quarter of the year.

Aldi UK reported retail sales increased around 10 percent to almost 1 billion pounds in December. Many perceive Aldi supermarkets as providing poorer quality value driven discounted products but its boost in performance has been driven by an increased demand for some of its discounted premium products. Aldis impressive organic growth in the UK has taken it to become the fifth biggest grocery chain in Britain with 7.6 percent market share. The UKs Big 4 retailers have until recently taken advantage of UK consumers to boost profit but there are no clear signs that they are trying to beat the discounters like Aldi and Lidl at their game with more discounted products.

A possible merger between Asda and Sainsburys if it completes will also be a game changer for the UK supermarket marketplace.

7th January 2019 Next Dunelm Aldi and Other Retailers Show That Good Retailers Can Prosper Even On The High Street

Combining a good bricks and mortar with easy online retail offering is working well for many businesses. Well run bricks and mortar businesses can still perform well and expand if they are well run.

3rd January 2019 UK Consumers Dipped Into Their Pockets In December

With many retail businesses failing in 2018 many felt that Christmas retail sales in 2018 were going to be catastrophic for the UK High Street. Indeed worries about online retailer ASOS suggested the UK consumer was not going to come out to play in December.

Retailer Next has reported on its retailing performance this Christmas and its share price has jumped. Next Plc performed better than many were expecting and it may indicate that as rising standard of living in the UK is feeding into retail purchases.

Wages in the UK are rising faster than inflation so on average the standard of living in UK is rising


Maybe retailers in UK are going to survive in 2019 after all!

2nd January 2019 John Lewis Performed Better At Christmas

John Lewis reported sales in its department stores rose 4.5 percent in the week ending December 29 including a confident start to post Christmas clearance both online and in shops.

9th November 2018 The UK High Street Needs Innovative Business Leaders To Transform The Look Feel And Use Of British High Streets

Ideas To Change The Look Feel and Use of UK High Streets.

Death of the High Street Statistics
The High Street will become a bigger part of the community not less
  • Record net drop in UK High Street shops stores and outlets

Research by accountants PwC has found that UK high streets are losing shops pubs and restaurants at record rates.biggest losers are fashion retail shops and electrical outlets

Consumers are leaving the High Street to shop more and more online particularly for clothing and gadgets.

Consumers would return to the High Street if they could find new shopping experiences that can not be found online.

7th November 2018 Adidas Profit Performing Well

  • Adidas raised its 2018 profit forecast

Adidas is selling more of its top price sports shoes. Adidas business strategy has been to improve profitability. Adidas has been simplifying its product range and focusing more on internet sales where profit margin is higher.

5th November 2018 Lidl Report Wage Rise For 2019

Retailer Lidl will next year increase wages by 2.9 to 3.4 percent.

Lidl said entry level wages will increase from 8.75 pounds to 9.0 pounds on hour outside of London and from 10.20 pounds to 10.55 pound an hour within the capital. The increase will come into effect from 1st March 2019. The rise is in line with new rates proposed by campaigning group the Living Wage Foundation.

Lidl is one of the fastest growing supermarket groups in UK.

Ikea books rising UK sales amid tough climate #Retailers #RetailMag #RetailerMag

— Risk Management (@HolisticRiskMgt) November 2, 2018

Crawshaws meat retailer collapse puts 600 jobs at risk #Rotherham #Retailers #JobLosses

— Online Manager (@cheeringuptv) November 1, 2018

BBC News – More than 200 UK shopping centres ‘in crisis’ #RetailCrisis #Retailers #RetailRisks

— Risk Management (@HolisticRiskMgt) November 1, 2018

18th October 2018 UK Retail Sales Fall In September

British retail sales fell by the most in six months in September. August did present a big jump up so a fall in September could be expected not just as big a fall as many economists forecast.

Retail sales continued to grow in the three month measure to September

Office For National Statistics ONS

Even ore sales are moving from the High Street to online retailers with 17% of retails now happening online. Online retail sales will continue to take an ever increasing portion of the retail sales pie.

Matalan posts summer growth as full-price sales rise #RetailRisks #RetailerRisks #Retailers #Retail

— Risk Manager (@ERMuk) October 8, 2018

Career In Retail Management: Why You Should You Opt For It? #RetailExperts #RetailNews #RetailerNews

— Risk Management (@HolisticRiskMgt) October 1, 2018

6th July 2018 UK High Street Sales Fall For 5th Month Running

Accountants BDO survey of medium sized High Street retailers found that sales continue to fall on the High Street compared to 2017.

14th June 2018 British Retail Sales Jumped In May Again

The improving weather in the UK brought British shoppers shopping instinct out. Retail sales increases have been good in April and May according to the Office for National Statistics ONS.

The ONS reports UK retails were up 3.9 percent compared to same period last year. The British Retail Consortium and Barclaycard also agree that retail sales jumped sharply in May.

Retail sales in cash terms grew by 3.5 percent in April in annual terms, up from 3.2 percent in March

Office for National Statistics ONS

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