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Top enterprise risk expert panel members offer country risk insight industry risk analysis and specific risk management solutions for corporate business enterprise key decision makers to help inform risk assessment process to reduce uncertainty and improve optimise enterprise performance

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Risk Expert Panel Members

Risk expert panel members are selected based on their knowledge and experience of the risk topic being discussed and analysed. Use our enterprise risk expert panel when you need specialist risk intelligence or risk knowledge to protect your business better or grow faster.

Seek enterprise risk expert panel member opinions. Debate the pros and cons of your business options. Discuss various courses of action and receive free recommendations to improve your business risk.

Risk expert panel members will decide priorities and risk expert panel events.   BusinessRiskTV will host the events live online. Get involved from your phone tablet or PC. Risk expert panel events are free to attend online.

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Risk Expert Panels

Expert Risk Panels focus on business leader top priorities. How do you manage business risks to cope with external and internal enterprise risk drivers. Find out more about best risk management practice in your country or industry. Contribute to the learning process with your experiences so others don’t have to reinvent the risk management wheel.

Get involved by applying to join our country, industry and project risk expert panels. Alternatively register to receive free email alerts to upcoming online enterprise risk expert panel events.

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Subscribe for alerts to Enterprise Risk Forum Risk Expert Panel events for free

Register to receive email alerts to upcoming Risk Expert Panel Online Events together with details of the risk issue in focus

BusinessRiskTV and its business partners will contact you regarding upcoming Risk Expert Panel Events. Suggest risk topics you would like to focus on. Submit questions to the risk expert panel.

In the run up to each event we will be putting a selection of your questions to the risk expert panel whose members will include business risk experts from around the world such as finance experts legal experts political experts business groups technology experts trade experts journalists and academics whoever has the relevant expert knowledge to offer guidance on real life risk management issues faced by business leaders.

Risk expert panels could play a key role in your enterprise risk decision making

Risk expert panels provide professional expertise to the corporate business enterprise community.

Better Business Decision Making Faster Business Growth More Corporate Enterprise Success BusinessRiskTV.com

Risk expert panel events are accessible from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. At this time we regret they will only be facilitated in English though we do hope to offer events in other languages in future.

Join us and our risk expert panels as we discuss the risks in your country or industry to try to find the best corporate business enterprise solutions

Are you a key business enterprise decision-maker for your organisation? Whether you’re new to the job or have years of experience you will come across the potential to make a wrong decision. Before you make the decision listen to what our enterprise risk experts say on the matter. You can even participate by interacting with the risk expert panel to explore a better understanding of the potential risk solutions if your question is selected prior to the event for discussion.

It is not mandatory to participate in the live Risk Expert Panel Event.  You can simple choose to listen to the discussion. However if your question submitted prior to the event is selected, you will be given the option of asking the questions live and taking a full role in the debate on best risk management solutions.

The risk expert panellists will field your questions to help you find solutions to your business enterprise problems or overcome barriers to further progress and recommend business performance enhancements for your business

To see more about the event expert panellists prior to the event you will need to register for risk expert panel event email alerts

More Enterprise Risk Expert Services 

Find risk experts for one 2 one consultations specific projects mentoring coaching and training needs. Quickly and easily source experts in your country industry or specific risk issue.

Training and Leadership Development

Develop the skills of your business team to boost your performance. Pick a trainer to facilitate your learning experience to manage your risks better.  Online or in company training can be provided to match your needs and training budget.

One 2 One Mentoring and Coaching

Access a risk expert fit for purpose. What do you need help with? Get a personal service to get over immediate barriers to success. Move on to a brighter future quicker. Contact can be via the phone email webcam or in person face to face depending on how you like to work. Tap into your expert’s brain when you need a mentor or coach to guide you past potential pitfalls or see new opportunities.

Special Projects

Something specific troubling you? Got a special project you’d like help with? Get an expert to help get the project off-the-ground, or to help you navigate difficult points in the project timeline.

Expert Research Resource

Survey the opinions of relevant risk experts on your risk issue. Quickly get a response from a virtual room full of risk experts. Use their opinion of the risk management outlook and solutions to provide a wider insight into how others have responded to threats and opportunities to enterprise risks.

Own Private Expert Panel PEP Talks

Ask us to build your own risk expert panel for specific risk issue. Our PEP Talks are tailored to your business needs. PEP members are specific to your business enterprise risk management needs. They will focus on your business to try to quickly resolve your business problem(s)   Hold the PEP Talk at a time and place convenient to you.

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Join our Risk Expert Panel Network for FREE to develop new income streams and grow your risk consulting experience. We will offer you opportunities to develop your risk management career by email and you choose whether you’re in or out on an assignment by assignment basis. Earn extra income outside your current employment situation, or make your whole business a Corporate Risk Expert Panel Member offering its services for an agreed fee.

Tell us what you know and what type of advice or support you can offer leaders of businesses and not-for-profit organisations.

How it works for the risk expert?

Sign up as a risk expert and send your CV, or business service offering / corporate brochure for Corporate Risk Membership

BusinessRiskTV and its business partners and potential clients will contact you to discuss how to become a member of our network of risk experts.

When we receive risk management service requests we will pick the best risk experts for the job and assemble the team who will deliver the service assuming you are willing and able to offer your service for each opportunity presented to you. Once you accept the assignment you will be asked to pay a Commitment Fee equivalent to £100 which will be returned after completion of the assignment (if you are unable to complete the assignment after committing to it this fee will not be refunded for any reason). We wish to maintain a quality service an the Commitment Fee helps to ensure this is attained.

We will take service payments from the client and pay you for your expert role in accordance with the fee we have agreed with you for the completed assignment.   If the client does not pay we will still pay you within one calendar month of the end of the assignment. Payment to you will only be made via Paypal.com.

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