Financial services risk management approach that creates business and economic opportunities BusinessRiskTV Strategic Risk In Financial Services

Improving strategic risk management withing financial services industry in UK with BusinessRiskTV

Financial Services Industry Risks

Strategic risk decision making in financial services industry is not complicated but it is complex. Reduce the complexity to what matters to your business in the financial services sector.

  • Become more efficient and productive
  • Build greater business resilience
  • Improve business performance

Failing to be innovative and creative in the financial services sector may place your business at a competitive disadvantage. However innovation and creativity brings added risk. Is that added risk with it? Enterprise risk management ERM approach will help you decide.

In addition ERM risk based decision making will help you protect your financial services business better. Align your business strategy with best practice risk management tools and techniques to reduce strategic operational and project risks.

Regulatory compliance increased investor engagement and expectations and increasingly volatile geopolitical risks makes investing for the future and management of investment risks harder


The future of financial services industry risk management is also changing with artificial intelligence divergent regulatory controls and splintering risk culture ambitions driving changes in practice.

Keep up to date with best risk management tools and techniques to improve your business decision making. The financial financial crisis is beginning. We just do not know where it started and what we are doing wrong. However being prepared for the next financial crisis should be part of a holistic enterprise risk management approach.

Chances are that fintech will play a role in the next financial crisis. Technology risks are a key risk factor for business growth and disaster for financial services companies in particular.

Lack of need to control risks will also play a role in the next financial crisis. The financial services industry has found it near impossible to manage its own risks without regulatory control. Dissipation in regulatory control will precipitate the financial services industry lunging over the cliff.

The fact that the financial services sector has still not recovered from the last financial crisis is another reason that another financial crisis will occur. Italian Chinese and Indian banks are in particular bursting at the seems with near unmanageable debt levels. Add to that boiling frothing pot of junk political instability in Europe Asia and Americas then you have a perfect storm waiting to be unleashed.

Should we withdraw from business or investing? Of course not. It has always been thus. It has always been about the survival of the fittest. However what has changed is that there is increased realisation that the fittest are those businesses and investors who invest in socially responsible investing. Environmental social and governance risk factors are at play. The strongest are the ones who embrace this philosophy.

A holistic enterprise risk management approach to business management and investing is the future. If you are waiting to look back and acknowledge that with hindsight you will be one who suffers most from the next financial crisis. You may not survive the long term. If you are not looking to the long term then good luck to you. You might get lucky. If you are looking for long term sustainability get on the holistic enterprise risk management boat today. Create long term value through enterprise risk management today not tomorrow.

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3rd July 2019 Number Of Cyber Incidents Reported By UKs Financial Sector Jumps

According to the Financial Conduct Authority FCA there has been jump in the number of cyber incidents reported by the UK’s financial sector.

Under the EUs General Data Protection Regulation GDPR financial sector businesses must report certain types of security breaches.

Many financial industry businesses are still trying to get the basics right on cyber risk management.

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