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Are you a professional recruiter or employer with job vacancies to fill? Do you want job hunters to apply to your jobs direct with you? If you can fill your job vacancies faster what will it mean for your business objectives?

Make sure your business is properly resourced to take on the challenges in 2020


There is a growing skills gap in the UK. Many recruiters would employ more people if they could find the right people with the right skills and experience. We help you to engage and attract job hunters that may not even know they are looking for a job!

  1. Advertise a job vacancy on a specific page that interests people you want to employ
  2. Create your own link from an image or text direct to your recruitment process funnel or existing job vacancy posting you want to fill.
  3. Create your own advertorial to promote your business interests on subjects that interest people you want to apply for jobs and direct their application to your own recruitment process.
  4. Create your own website page on BusinessRiskTV listing multiple job postings that link to your own online recruitment process.
  5. Sponsor a page image or service to promote your business interests and attract new recruits.

We have a number of innovative ways you can fill your skills gaps quicker and cheaper to achieve your business objectives faster.

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BusinessRiskTV Advertise your job vacancy online with our Post A Job service

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