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20th September 2018 Philippines Inflation At 6.4 Percent

Inflation in the Philippines is at a nine year high of 6.4 percent way above the Philippines government target of just 2 to 4 percent. Superfast economic growth of around 6 percent is helping to drive inflation upwards but this is starting to slip as consumers in the Philippines struggle to find the money to continue buying what they bought before.

Interest rates in the Philippines are on the rise in an attempt to curb inflation particularly the rising cost of rice.

3rd September 2018 Asian Shares Fall Again

  • The financial markets in Asia continue to fear the USA China trade war.
  • Indonesian rupiah fell to lowest value against the USA dollar for two decades

Fear of additional 25 percent USA trade tariffs on Chinese imports is helping to drive Asia stocks lower. American stocks on the other hand are rising due to a strong USA economy full employment in America and increasing corporate profits.

31st August 2018 Philippines Close To Scrapping Caps On Rice Imports

Continuing to prevent the importing of rice to Philippines could have backfired with countries restricting imports of goods the Philippines wants to export. The Philippines has instead decided to scrap caps of rice coming into the country.

Lifting the caps on rice imports to Philippines some time soon should also lower consumer inflation as consumers will have more access to cheaper rice from Vietnam and Thailand.

24th July 2018 Hydroelectric Dam in Attapeu Collapses Laos Hundreds Missing

Six villages in Laos hit by a dam that has collapsed due to flooding.

3rd July 2018 Boys and Football Coach Found Alive Could Be Trapped In Cave For Months By Sudden Monsoon and Continuing Rainy Season 

12 school boys and their football coach are trapped in a flooded cave system in Thailand but were at least found alive. Thai navy are bringing in food supplies to keep them alive but they are considering providing scuba diving training in order to get everybody out. There is so much water that pumping out water will not relieve the trapped boys and their coach as the area is in the rainy season.

31st May 2018 Philippines Inflation In May Above Target

Philippines central bank says annual inflation rate in May is not within comfort range of 2 to 4 percent due to high fuel an rice prices.

Price Inflation in the Philippines has been a bit of a problem for the Philippines government and looks set to getworse.

26th March 2018 United States and South Korea Agreed To Revise A Trade Pact

USA automakers won improved market access to South Korea and South Korean steelmakers avoided tariffs on imports of steel into the USA. South Korea will have new quotas including cutting steel exports to USA by 30 percent of the last 3 years average.

23rd March 2018 Vietnam and South Korea Deal

Vietnam and South Korea have agreed to increase their bilateral trade to 100 billion dollars by 2020 or 50 percent more than last year’s total in an official memorandum of understanding signed in Hanoi.

Vietnam and South Korea began a free trade agreement in December 2015.   South Korea is the biggest foreign investor in Vietnam. Samsung Electronics Co is the biggest single corporate foreign investor in Vietnam.

Going the other way Vietnam exports textiles parts and machinery to South Korea.

21st March 2018 Asia Business Leaders Confidence Rises

Reasons to be happy about being in business or trading in or with Asia Pacific region

Business leaders in Asia are confident in the future. More confident than at any time in last 7 years, according to Thomson Reuters survey, despite the threat of a trade war with America.

Particular hotspots of business confidence include China Philippines Thailand and Malaysia.

8th March 2018 Trans Pacific Trade Deal To Be Signed Today

11 countries excluding USA are expected to sign the new Trans Pacific trade agreement today. United States pulled out of the deal last year.

The Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans Pacific Partnership CPTPP will reduce tariffs in countries that together amount to more than 13 percent of the global economy 10 trillion dolars in trade. If USA was the 12th signatory to the agreement the deal would have accounted for 40 percent of global economic trading.

CPTPP covers a market of around half a billion people in Asia Pacific region including Australia Brunei Canada Chile Japan, Malaysia Mexico New Zealand Peru Singapore and Vietnam

After USA backed-out of the deal Japan and Canada in particular have been pushing to get the remaining signatories to sign.

6th March 2018 Philippines Inflation 3.9 Percent

Philippines inflation in February was 3.9 percent 4.5 percent under old non rebased index.

26th February 2018 Thailand Record Low Interest Rates Not Alleviating Stagnation and Deflation Risk

A Reuters poll of economic experts forecasts inflation in Thailand to remain too low for healthy economic growth.

The Bank of Thailand Thailands central bank has predicted inflation at 1.1 percent for 2018. Many central governments target 2 percent inflation for healthy inflation. Despite having interest rates at near record lows 1.5 percent since April 2015 inflation is stuck around 0.69 percent in February.

Deflation or even low inflation rate cause people and businesses to put off spending thinking they will grab a bargain if they wait for prices to fall. This causes an economy to contract and can set up a deflationary recessionary spiral that becomes very hard to reverse once you are in it so its healthier to have good level of inflation in your economy.

2nd February 2018 Asias Factories Performing Well At Start 2018

Manufacturing activity across Asia is gaining momentum and hitting multi-year highs with demand for hi-tech products remaining strong.

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