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Infrastructure spending seems to be key for both the UK Conservative Party and Labour party. Austerity budgets may be the result of official budgets but it is no longer the intention of UK governments. Instead the shift is to infrastructure spending.

The UK’s Chancellor Philip Hammond has announced new funding to help develop 5G mobile networks. £740 million extra will be invested in upgrade the UK’s mobile infrastructure network. The UKs watchdog National Infrastructure Commission has recently reported that the UKs 4G coverage was worse than Albania Peru Panama Romania and others as it sits 54th in the world overall for 4G coverage.  The question should really be how does the UK increase 4G coverage?

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When the UK’s roads and railways are jam-packed (that’s not Just About Managing JAM’s but it could be!) developing 4G and 5G coverage should be the priority of the UK government : Innovative ways to work-from-home would relieve pressure on roads and railways thus producing three bangs for your buck! Employers can’t develop innovative ways of working because 4G coverage and reliability is so poor.

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