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Europes Income Inequality Threatens Growth and Stability Across Europe

European countrys need to invest in education and innovation according to European Central Bank President Mario Draghi. Income inequality between and within euro zone countries is increasing. If it continues it will become the biggest route cause of systemic failure.

European Free Trade

Euro zone countries need to invest more in their future, particularly investing in young people. Some of the worst affected countrys are also some of the biggest including France  Italy and Spain whilst Greece is perhaps the worst affected.

If Europe does not invest more in education skills and innovation the future will be bleak for longer. The ECB has rejected many in Germanys call to turn off the monetary easing taps to control inflation.

The High Pay Centre reports that chief executives pay rose 10% in 2015 compared to a 2.4 percent pay growth of British average earnings in UK

Blackrock the biggest investor in the FTSE 350 companies wants to control executive pay increases that doesn’t reflect performance. Its new guidelines on pay policy expects executive’s pay rises to be no higher than the workers they employer and that pay rewards are linked to long term performance.

Voting on pay rewards for executives of listed companies matters more since 2014. Prime Minister Theresa May has also fired a shot across the bows of executive pay committees by threatening external control if they can not see the light. Examples of some success already is the rejection of a £20 million pay deal for BPs Chief Executive Bob Dudley.

However it is doubtful that turkeys will vote for Christmas and whether voting against ridiculous pay packages results in fairer holistic pay policies for all remains to be seen. Pay packages are far from transparent and they are likely to get more complicated to hide undeserving pay awards that do not reflect performance or the lack of satisfactory or higher performance.

The perception that many listed companies are run for the primary benefit of senior management team and not the owners is right on the money!

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