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11 August 2022 – Tesla needs nickel and so just signed a $5 billion deal with the metal’s largest source

Indonesia is the world’s biggest source of nickel, with about 23.7 percent of the world’s reserves, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. Tesla had agreed to buy $5 billion worth of nickel products from Indonesia. Some of the batteries used in Tesla EV models are made up of 80 percent nickel.

Indonesia banned exports of nickel ore in January 2020 to force foreign investors to build local processing and refining facilities.Tesla is buying nickel products, rather than nickel ore itself, meaning it’s one step removed from the extraction process. Mining companies that have signed nickel deals with Tesla, like Vale or Tanzania’s Kabanga Nickel, have trumpeted their efforts to extract the metal with lower carbon emissions

According to Pandjaitan, Tesla agreed to work with nickel processing companies based in the Indonesia Morowali Industrial Park, on Indonesia’s Sulawesi Island. 

20 May 2022 – The driver of a Tesla car which was on autopilot when it crashed killing two people will stand trial, a Los Angeles judge has ruled. 

Kevin George Aziz Riad, 27, was driving the Tesla when it smashed into a Honda Civic at a junction in the suburb of Gardena on 29 December 2019.

Both the people in the Civic, Gilberto Alcazar Lopez, 40, and Maria Guadalupe Nieves-Lopez, 39, died.

A Los Angeles County judge ruled on Thursday there is enough evidence to try Riad on two counts of vehicular manslaughter.

It is believed to be the first felony prosectuion in the US against a driver using a partially automated driving system.

Police say that the Tesla Model S left a major road and ran a red light in Gardena and was doing 74mph when it smashed into the Honda Civic at an intersection.

3 May 2022 – Why would Elon Musk use any of his own money to buy Twitter!

Supposedly bright investors and fund managers actions savaged Tesla share values. Sure he is taking billions of value out of Tesla, but that is as much as he needs to to make Twitter purchase stack up. Very few purchases by individuals are bought by their own money. They borrow to invest cause it protects their money and is highly tax efficient way of growing their personal wealth. Money lenders will be falling over themselves to finance the purchase of Twitter. In such circumstances why would he use his own accumulated wealth to grow his wealth?

In addition, his ownership of Twitter with other people’s money will more than double in 12 months so he will increase his wealth in 12 months by about 25 billion pounds or more using mostly other people’s money. Twitter’s value will double in 12 months with Elon Musk in control.

Twitter and Tesla’s greatest risk is the death of Elon Musk.

27 April 2022 – Elon Musk said Twitter censoring “free speech” resulted in Donald Trump creating his own social network.

Twitter suspended former USA president Trump in January 2021. Trump’s Facebook and YouTube accounts were also suspended — although not permanently. Trump subsequently setup Truth Social app.

Protecting free speech in the virtual town square online
Elon Musk Twitter Truth Social TIkTok and Free Speech Censorship

Musk is set to buy Twitter for $44 billion and has indicated he will relax the platform’s rules on content moderation.

Tesla and Twitter

Elon Musk To Buy Twitter 25th April 22

Hopefully Elon Musk will be good to his word and a fight back to censorship can begin. He has enough money to back free speech. He is putting his money where his mouth is, but only time will tell if Twitter can fightback the corrupt power of global politicians in USA, Europe and UK.

4 April 2022 – Elon Musk has been critical of big tech companies like Twitter. He has suggested Twitter is not committed to apply principles of free speech across its significant platform. Top Investors Twitter 4 April 2022: Elon Musk. He now is the biggest Twitter shareholder. Mr Musk has also wondered in public if he should start his own social media business. #ElonMusk #Twitter #SocialMedia #Tech #BusinessRiskTV #ProRiskManager #FreeSpeech

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Vertical Aerospace told Bloomberg that an hour long journey by train from Brighton to London would only take 30 minutes with the winged taxi hoped to be in service by 2024

Vertical Aerospace 5 Seater Prototype Air Taxi To Be Completed By September 2021

Vertical Aerospace has been funded by founder Stephen Fitzpatrick who also founded the energy firm Ovo. Vertical Aerospace is trying to raise enough funds to make a viable prototype and commercialise the business by 2024.

Risks Of Technology In Business

Technology Risk Management

Assess your technological risks in business better. Technology risk mitigation of threats and seizing of business growth opportunities.

For example there is growing hype in the media of the threat to humans from robots or new technology. Many jobs will disappear as technology progresses and existing technology becomes more reliable and cheaper to roll-out into practical applications. However many opportunities will also spring from new technology.

Use risk based tools and techniques to squeeze every benefit from new technology. Mitigate any threats to the business from technology.

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iso 31010 Risk Assessment Training Advice Tips

Access technology risk experts for risk control assurance and advisory services to a range of industries and countries.   

Technology risk is the uncertainty technology plays on the achievement of business or enterprise objectives


Design your technology risk management framework and  risk assessment process to meet and exceed your business objectives.

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How can business leaders disrupt the way business is done in future?

Business Disruption and Innovation

Technological risks in Business. If you are not harnessing the opportunities from technology you are threatening your survival in business.

Risks of technology in business needs to be a net positive for your business both now and in future. Waiting for the future to happen means you will be left behind.

Get involved to seize new business opportunities now!

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