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Are you an expert in technology risks for corporate entity’s or public sector organisations?   Could leaders protect their technology assets better?   Want to increase business performance and business opportunities with innovative technology?

The changes to business that technology doesn’t automatically mean fewer jobs.   The jobs could be fewer, stay the same or increase, but the type of jobs available will definitively change.   This is why governments have to invest heavily in re-training and education. reporting, online discussions and training will always look for practical business solutions that can be easily applied tp your organisation.

Technology risk management can bring increased business value and lack of technology risk management can contribute to business failure.   Technology risk management needs to focus on the core business objectives when prioritising the use of resources.

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Technology Risks Management

Assess your technological risks in business better.   Technology risk mitigation of threats and seizing of business growth opportunities.

For example, there is growing hype in the media of the threat to humans from robots, or new technology.   Many jobs will disappear, as technology progresses and existing technology becomes more reliable and cheaper to roll-out into practical applications.   However, many opportunities will also spring from new technology.

Technology Risk Management

Use risk-based tools and techniques to squeeze every benefit from new technology.   Mitigate any threats to the business from technology.

iso 31010 Risk Assessment Training Advice Tips
iso 31010 Risk Assessment Training Advice Tips

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Access technology risk experts for risk control assurance and advisory services to a range of industries and countries.   

Technology risk is the uncertainty technology plays on the achievement of business or enterprise objectives

Design your technology risk management framework and  risk assessment process to meet and exceed your business objectives.

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Learn about the different risks to your business’s information technology (IT) systems and data.

Protect your business from technology threats to your assets and business processes critical to your business.   Increase your profitability.   Protect your corporate reputation.

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19th March 2018 – Uber Self Driving Car Kills Women In USA

An Uber self-driving car has knocked down and killed a woman in Tempe Arizona America.   Uber has stopped the development of the technology until it undertakes a thorough investigation into the causes and finds a solution to issues raised by the accident.

It is believed this is the first pedestrian fatality to arise from self-driving vehicle, but not the first accident.   A human monitor was in the vehicle at the time of the fatal accident but it was operating in autonomous mode.

Uber started testing driverless cars in Pittsburgh in 2016

15th March 2018 – Blast Off To Space From Stornoway

The UK government has soon enact a new law allowing commercial launching of flights into space.   The Space Industry Act will enable allow launches into space from UK spaceports.

It will become cheaper for UK companies to develop and implement the technology needed to make commercial flights into space from Stornoway, Prestwick, Newquay or Llanbedr.

The Space Industry Act will encourage locations around the UK to apply for a licence to launch flights into space just for fun and to make international travel quicker and easier.

Low-cost reliable space flight from the UK is coming closer to a spaceport near you!

18th February 2017 – How Do Governments Help Manage Losing 50% Of Jobs By 2055?

A McKinsey report says 50% of jobs currently done by humans are at risk of being replaced by robots by 2055.   Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, says the solution for governments worried about losing tax revenue and massive spike in unemployment benefits, is to tax robots.

If a person in a job generates £x of tax income for the government then the government should tax the robot the same amount if it replaces that worker.   The tax on robots would then be used to subsidize jobs that have to be done by humans, like social care costs of looking after growing number of retired workers.

In Australia, mining companies are using remote-controlled lorries to move iron ore around mining land.   These remote-controlled lorries are effectively robots.   Trials have taken place where goods are moved on public roads via self driving heavy goods vehicles.   These lorries are robots.   It is likely that some form of drone delivery – in sky or in ground level buggies – will replace millions of jobs globally.   These are robots.

Taxing robots is dismissed by many, but governments may have no choice, but to become more innovative with tax regimes on companies that benefit from operating in society without employing many people.

7th February 2017 – 97 Tech Companies Want To Stop Trump’s Executive Order To Ban People From 7 Countries

Companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, Tesla, SpaceX and 92 other companies have attached their names to the arguments against banning people from entering the USA based on country of origin.   This is being seen as a more than a technicality of the law.   It is being reported as the USA Tech industry standing up against USA’s new President Donald J Trump.

The argument against banning people from the USA is that Tech companies need talent, expertise and investment from overseas to prosper and this brings prosperity to the USA as a whole.   If a barrier is put in place people and money will go to more welcoming countries.

The case will probably be decided upon by the US Supreme Court, but politics may yet have a big play on the eventual outcome.


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