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What are the greatest operational threats to your business? What opportunities are there to boost performance by improving operational risks. Network with top operational risk managers. Enterprise risk management can help with strategic operational and project risks. This forum focuses on operational risks. Join our Operational Risk Forum to find better ways to manage operational risks.

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Operational Risk Management  Forum

Operational risks are the risks arising from the business activities of the organisation. Operational risks are the risk of loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes people and systems or from external events.

Operational risk is the prospect of loss resulting from inadequate or failed procedures systems or policies arising from the people or processes of the business.

Operational Risk Management Magazine

Keep up to date with latest operational risk news opinions and product or service reviews. Read risk management articles and watch live and on demand videos online. Learn new strategies for better managing of operational risk issues.

Managing operational risks better to manage the downside threats and seize upside opportunities

Pick up operational risk news opinion and operational risk analysis tips advice and support. Learn from peers and guest operational risk management experts

Attend online meetings to identify assess and promote operational risk management practices and ideas

  • Discover better ways to manage operational risks
  • Be inspired and learn how to improve the way you handle operational risks and uncertainty in operational issues
  • Put your operational risks into perspective and “benchmark” or measure your operational risk controls against your peers controls. Taking too much or too little risk? Is that why your business is failing to hit its targets?
  • Learn from and with operational risk managers, your peers.

Join a forum working group relevant to your country or industry to develop your operational risk management knowledge and skills


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Improving Your Operational Risk Framework

Develop the best most effective operational risk framework for all types of operational risk facing your business.

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