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UK Japan free trade deal
UK Japan free trade deal signed October 2020

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Japan Marketplace Magazine UK and Japan Trade Deal Eliminates Trade Barriers
Marketplace Japan Magazine UK Trade Deal Eliminates Trade Tariffs On Services and Products and Therefore Almost Eliminates Trade Barriers Between UK and Japan

Japanese exports to the UK including parts put into products assembled in UK such as Nissan and Hitachi manufacturers would benefit from reduced tariffs on parts coming from Japan to UK. UK Fintech businesses food producers and fashion businesses would benefit from the implementation of the agreed UK Japan trade deal.

Japan has the third biggest economy in the world. The UK is the 5th biggest economy in the world. An agreement with Japan is a step towards increased trade in the Asia Pacific region which is the area of the world where most economic growth will come from in the world in near future.

The UK and Japan bilateral trade deal has been agreed in principle. Japanese politicians have yet to validate the agreement which has been reached so it is not yet a done deal.

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4th May 2020 Japan Extended State of Emergency Until End of May

The state of emergency was due to end on Wednesday but will now remain in place until 31 May. It gives governors the option and authority to ask residents to stay at home and businesses to close.

7th April 2020 Japan Belatedly Declares State Of Emergency Due To Coronavirus

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has declared a state of emergency in the capital Tokyo port city Osaka and five other prefectures. The state of emergency will start on Wednesday and last about a month.

Japan may have been too complacent like most countries ahead of losing control of the spread of the virus. The impending now postponed Olympics may have been a driver of giving the impression everything was under control.

In Italy it was the north of Italy. In Spain it was Madrid. In London it was London and in USA it was New York. The virus finds a foothold in a country. When it does not lockdown the virus spreads voraciously in the single community then bursts out across the country as leaders think they are in control of the situation. When they realise they are not they then lockdown but too late to stop the whole country being enveloped by virus and irrepressible lcokdown. Japan is in the realisation stage and locking down but too late.

  • Japanese government to pump one trillion US dollars into the Japanese economy to support it through the coronavirus pandemic.

19th March 2020 Lord Coe IAAF and Japan Need To Look To The Source Of The Coronavirus In China To Find Out What Has To Be Done To Bring The Pandemic Under Control

Lord Coe heads up the Olympic athletes. He told has today to think about the athletes chance to achieve their dreams this summer. He does not want to cancel the Olympics 2020 in Japan this summer.

It includes cancelling the Olympics this summer. They do not need a crystal ball. It is a no brainer. If Japan and indeed the rest of the worlds athletes do not want to be drivers of the pandemic spread then they need to wake up and smell the coffee now.

China has brought the coronavirus under control for the time being. They did so be highly restrictive social isolation. Athletes are young and will not die from the coronavirus. However do athletes really want to become carriers of the virus back to their home countries? Or do they want to increase the strain on their countries. Does Japan really want to expose their citizens to increased risk of dying?

Japan has one of the highest numbers of older people. Its demographics is that they have one of the highest numbers of old people to young people. They will be highly vulnerable to the virus. Do athletes want to increase the spread of the virus in Japan? They and Lord Coe need to get real and get a sense of perspective.

Running in circles is not as important as the lives of fathers mothers and grand parents.

18th March 2020 Japan Has 873 Coronavirus COVID19 Cases

31 people have died in Japan due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Japanese government has cancelled banquet scheduled for 21st April to formally celebrate Crown Prince Fumihitos rise to first in line to the throne. However the Olympics 2020 has not been cancelled yet.

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17th February 2020 Japanese Economy Almost Imploding Even Before Effects Of Coronavirus

According to Japanese government Japan economy shrinks 6’3 percent year on year in fourth quarter. This is Japans biggest economic growth fall since 2014 and dies not even reflect any impact of coronavirus as the figures related to last quarter of 2019.

7th November 2019 Japan Prime Minister Worried About Global Economic Slowdown Affecting Japanese Economy and Will Take Whatever Steps Necessary To Protect It

Shinzo Abe said Japanese government will change policy to protect against global economic slowdown to stop it negatively impact on Japan economic performance. Measures could include heavy investment in infrastructure development.

30th September 2019 Japan Factory Output Falls In August

Japan industrial output fell 1.2 percent in August largely due to global economic slowdown.

In October the Japanese government will again increase the sales tax which is expected to further negatively impact on Japan economic growth. Slowing overseas and domestic demand could be detrimental to industrial output and consumer demand which would be a double whammy which may need an intervention from the central bank the Bank of Japan of more cheap money.

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