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Examples Of Bad Good and Ugly Corporate Reputation Risk Management

12th August 2018 Monsanto Weedkillers Claimed To Be Dangerous In USA

It remains unclear whether weedkiller produced by Monsanto and used widely around the world is dangerous. However in America a jury has found Monsantos weedkiller to be dangerous. A man claimed  a weedkiller containing glyphosate had caused his cancer and won a quarter of a billion pounds in damages from the company.

Monsanto is appealing the decision but around the world retailers are reconsidering the stocking of weedkiller. Consumers when they see the Roundup brand in UK on the shelves of the store may think twice after hearing about the alleged connection between the weedkiller and cancer.

In the court case in America it was successfully argued that Monsanto knew the weedkiller was dangerous but continued to sell it. The defence did argue that competing evidence concluded it was relatively safe to use and did not need additional labelling as to the potential risks to health.

Monsanto say they will try to overturn the jurys decision and defend the company products and brand. However how much damage to the brand has been done before the result of the appeal is found?

Glyphosate is found in many weedkillers. There is contradictory evidence as to the level of safety of this ingredient. It is used widely in agriculture and to kill weeds. Some countries have banned using glyphosate in some circumstances. However it remains the most popular ingredient in weedkillers around the world. Many manufacturers use this ingredient. Some countries think its great others want it banned. Many very large organisations have studied the ingredient and found no link to cancer.

What do you think? How would you protect the reputation of your products in a similar situation?

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18th June 2018 Wendys Restaurant Chain

A Wendys restaurant in Oklahoma reached across the world with what is an unwelcome news story for Wendys. An employee allegedly videoed a mouse inside a bag of hamburger buns and shared it online.

Wendys defended itself saying that the local health department visited the restaurant in question and found no violations. However the video on Facebook was backed by comments that people should not eat a Wendys.

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