Roundtable Discussion Topics

Roundtable Discussions

Brainstorming conference symposium online for conversations about better business protection and faster business growth

Join our discussion groups, online talks, seminars, forums and workshops for a think-in online with other top business thought leaders around the world.   Our online roundtable meetings will help you drive your business forward with more confidence in the business model and the assets in the business.

Business Leader Discussion Forum and Roudntable Discussion
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Take a seat at our online roundtable for a powwow about key business issues facing business leaders in the UK and around the world to find the solutions quicker and cheaper

Our online roundtable discussions can be access from anywhere in the world from your own phone pc or mobile device.

Round Table Discussion Ideas
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Our informal online huddles focus on a specific business risk management topic to dicsuss and debate the best risk management solutions.   The roundtable discussions are slightly different in that you can’t just watch without participating like our seminars and webinars.   All participants must particpate in the discussions and debates.   There are no passengers allowed on the pursuit of new ways of doing business in our roundtable sessions.

We will moderate the discussionto keep it on the focus of the group discussions and prevent one or two people dominating the discussion.   Our chairpersons are experienced and knowledgeable trainers and business consultants in getting the most from short meetings.

The timing of each roundtable discussion is managed carefully to ensure that there is a begininng middle and end.   Participants must realise that roundtable discussions are not an opportunity to sell their business products or services.   Participants attend to work on improving the outcomes for all attendees, not just themselves. does have other online events where participants get together to learn and even to promote their business interests, but the roundtable discussions is not one of those opportunities.

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Small Business Advice Forum

Small Business Forum Roundtable Discussions Online
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Join our online Small Business Advice Forum discussions to debate innovative and creative business development to compete better in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Find new ways to grow your business faster with less uncertainty.   How could you protect your business better to protect the key assets of your business. Symposium

Business Risk Symposium
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Join our business growth symposium to find out how to manage your business better with less uncertainty.

Take online senior manager, small business owner and executive training courses to improve your leadership skills.

Our risk management consultation services include business enterprise risk management consultation workshops to develop your inhouse risk management function to improve your business performance with less uncertainty.

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Enterprise Risk Management ERM Expert Panel Discussions

Listen-in or participate in our ERM discussions and ask our risk experts how to overcome barriers to your business growth or protection

Enterprise Risk Management Roundtable Discussions
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Interchange risk management ideas with other business leaders and risk management experts in your country, industry or specific risk concern.

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