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Understanding business continuity and disaster recovery process. How to the best leaders manage catastrophic risk. Associate yourself with your peers around the world and experts in business continuity management.

Business continuity management experts help you analyse your enterprise risks to assess how vulnerable your business is.

How To Survive Business Disaster
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BusinessRiskTV will help you reduce risks and improve sustainability. Design and embed a more effective risk management strategy to build your business resilience with our business continuity management experts.

Our business continuity management experts will save you time and money. You could introduce your own BCM plan on your own and after many tests or BCM exercises arrive at one that may work for you. Alternatively you could contact our business continuity management experts who will reduce your tail and error process of producing an effective BCM plan. They are experts at getting a BCM plan in place and a conversation with them could save you a lot of money time and stress. Free Subscription Business Continuity Management Magazine Online
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Business Continuity Management Experts

Ask your peers and stop reinventing the business continuity management wheel. Don’t try to solve problems that have already been solved.

Feature Business Opportunity Can Arise From Disasters

A catastrophic risk event can create opportunity for business growth.

If your business was to suffer a major risk event like a fire or serious flood this gives you the opportunity to bring forward plans you have for modernisation. It could allow you to introduce business change earlier than planned. You could benefit from the major incident in the long-term with new up to date factory equipment or systems of working. Your building layout could be re-arranged to make the production process flow faster and more efficiently. You could even relocate your business to a new site that is more conducive to meeting the needs of your customers. Whilst nobody is wishing they have a fire if you have one you should take advantage of that opportunity for faster business growth in future.

What is a famine for one business could be a feast for another

A disaster for one business could be the opportunity another business could use to massively increase business growth. It is difficult to plan for a major disastrous event but business continuity management provides that opportunity to think of the bigger picture in terms of maximising opportunities not just mitigating the downside of the catastrophe. For example Ashtead plant hire have received a massive boost to turnover and overall business value due to the storms and hurricanes in America. People and businesses dealing with the aftermath of hurricanes and storms needed plant and equipment. Ashteads core business is hiring out plant and equipment to businesses and people. Ashteads turnover and share price has risen on the back of the disasters that befell others. Ashtead didn’t want people to suffer major losses due to storms and hurricanes in USA but their business model has benefited massively from it.   Thinking the bigger picture means thinking about how the business can take advantage of all opportunities not just those from normal operating conditions.

Note Ashtead Group moved £200 million worth of plant and equipment into the affected areas damaged by hurricanes Harvey and Irma that destroyed many parts of Texas and Florida. The people and businesses needed such plant and equipment so Ashtead were providing a valuable service. However this seizing of the opportunity by moving more assets into the affected areas has contributed to particularly strong trading in the last six months. The exact benefit of the hurricanes is difficult to quantify especially as Ashteads own assets were damaged in the hurricanes but there was substantial increased demand for Ashteads equipment and most probably at higher hire rates.

Business Continuity Management Magazine

What’s the latest news and opinions about good and bad business continuity management? Want to have your say? Have you design a great new product or service to help enterprise leaders? What standard are you working to?

Many people have good tips to stop you falling down the same hole they did and are happy to share ideas, knowledge and experiences.

Others want to promote and market their business offering, to ensure more people know where to go for a solution to their problem.

12th July 2018 One Rat Blamed For Power Failure During Ballet in Australia

Dancers and audience members had to be evacuated by torchlight during the second half of a Sleeping Beauty performance by the Australian Ballet in Adelaide.

A rat crawled inside an 11000 volt piece of equipment and blew a fuse in South Australia Power Network electrical systems. The power outage affected Adelaides entire riverside arts precinct.

30th May 2018 Grenfell Authorities Responded Poorly To Disaster

Weak leadership by public authorities blamed for chaotic response to Grenfell disaster.

Feature On Grenfell Tower Fire Incident Management and Recovery

If you believe enterprise continuity management planning is a waste of your time and resources take a look at the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire in which scores of people lost their lives and many more lost their homes.

The Chief Executive Officer CEO of Kensington and Chelsea Council a Conservative led council was forced to resign his position after the council was condemned for it’s response to the fire. Note the cause of the fire is not yet known but what is clear is that the council suffered a communication failure after the Grenfell fire and good business continuity plans and management are all about maintaining good external and internal communication regardless of the disastrous event the befalls an organisation. Nicholas Holgate the chief executive of Kensington and Chelsea council says he was asked to step down by Communities Secretary Sajid Javid.

Whether its fair for the chief executive officer in the private or public sector to go after a disaster may not always be obvious, but what is clear is that they can and do leave their employment as a result of disasters and failure to manage events following disasters.

The opposite is also true. Those that manage disastrous events well are often praised for their management skills and their careers blossom.

“Actually reduce your business uncertainty with a more effective business continuity management plan instead of wasting your time and money figuring your BCM plan out on your own”

What is working and what is not in the world of business continuity management? Find out more in our articles or on demand business information videos. Take part in live online debates with experts and peers from around the world taking part.

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BusinessRiskTV Business Continuity Management Training Courses

Learn how to identify potential significant impacts that threaten your organisation and build your own business continuity management framework for strong business resilience and longer business sustainability.

Senior managers executives and risk managers can not prevent many risk factors severely and perhaps catastrophically impacting on their business 100 percent of the time. Terrorist attacks extreme weather social and political instability technology risks supply chain failures or other threats could destroy a business or make it very time consuming to fully recover.

Preparing for what could previously have been described as Black Swan events or severe losses is not easy. What you prepare to do has to work well on the rare occasion that the risk event does occur and impacts on your business. To prepare for the the management of and recovery from major risk event is often difficult to do as business priorities often swamp your diary. However not preparing for major incidents could be fatal or at least very costly.

Our business continuity management discussions workshops and training courses can be accessed online via your smartphone tablet pc or even your TV. Wherever you are in the world you can attend our business continuity management knowledge development opportunities. Doing so may help you survive when your competitors do not. This could be an opportunity to grow exponentially but you need to be prepared to seize the opportunity.

We offer a mixture of theoretical knowledge webinars and practical interactive business continuity management exercises. They are all designed to give all participants skills and capabilities to improve your organisations preparedness for significant loss management and survival.

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