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UK Manufacturing PMI September 2020 Update
Coronavirus Business Impact Recovery UK Report
Coronavirus Business Impact Recovery UK Report

3rd August 2020 Exceptional High Manufacturing Activity In America Despite Coronavirus Pandemic

ism manufacturing index july 2020
Source ISM Manufacturing Index July 2020

3rd August 2020 UK Manufacturing Fighting Back From Coronavirus

Manufacturing Business News July 2020
Manufacturing Business News July 2020

1st July 2020 UK Manufacturing Industry Report End June 2020

UK Manufacturers
UK Manufacturing Industry Report End June 2020

UK manufacturers return to growth in June and are more confident in their future in longer term

In short term concerns rise for job retention and increasing demand for manufactured goods domestically and internationally.

23rd June 2020 UK Manufacturing Is Recovering Fast From Economic Impact Of Coronavirus Pandemic

IHS Markit PMI latest report says UK manufacturing sector is growing now. It suggests a much improved economic outlook for the UK. Business optimism among UK manufacturers rose its highest level since September 2018.

12th May 2020 Safety Questions For Manufacturing During Coronavirus

UK manufacturers are being encouraged to return to work. The UK government has announced some answers to questions on extra safety precautions for manufacturers in UK.

  • Make sure surfaces which are regularly touched are cleaned frequently and that there is plenty of hand sanitiser.
  • Shifts should have the same personnel
  • Shared tools should be dropped off somewhere rather than handed over directly.
  • Raw material deliveries should be larger and less frequent to minimise contact with outsiders.

The UK government also said manufacturing workers should not use personal protective equipment PPE as a precaution against coronavirus and not wear any more PPE than usual.

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How are you assessing and controlling manufacturing risks today? How do you manage future manufacturing risks? What could you do differently to manage manufacturing risks today and tomorrow?

Access BusinessRiskTV manufacturing business risk management tips advice and support online. Understand manufacturing risk assessment practices at manufacturing companies. Develop your risk assessment capabilities.

Take more risks in manufacturing to achieve more in business. Evolve your manufacturing risk management plan.

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Manufacturing risk management strategies

What are the best manufacturing business risk management practices globally and locally? Who can help manufacturers to protect assets more cost effectively and grow revenues more profitably? Why does manufacturing risk management not always work well? Which parts of the world could you learn from? How could you improve the management of risks?

Understand the risk assessment process at manufacturing companies better and change your own risk assessment practices in your manufacturing business to boost productivity and improve business performance.

Access support tips and advice to prevent your business becoming obsolete in an increasingly complex world. Seize the opportunities from the 4th global industrial revolution. Embrace the changing technology to create thousands of manufacturing jobs for those who are on the bus for the ride.

Risks in Manufacturing Industry

What are top risks for the manufacturing industry in the UK? Learn how to manage manufacturing risks better sustainably and more profitably.

Take BusinessRiskTVs holistic risk management approach to manufacturing business decision making.

  • Use risk assessment tools and techniques to understand risks better.
  • Types of risk vary across different types of manufacturing but included in the this risk should be recruitment costs workplace safety finance risks political risks economic risks societal risks technology risks compliance and regulatory risks and environmental risks. The optimal management of these risks is best achieved by looking at the whole not the individual risks.
  • Access latest news opinions and reviews to improve your business financial position mitigate threats and maximise opportunities.

Risk is an inherent part of business. Adopt a systematic risk management approach to be more successful. Business leaders have many options for managing the risks. Our service does not offer a panacea. BusinessRiskTV aims to facilitate the solutions to how to manage risks better.

The UK manufacturing industry is facing many new threats and opportunities in a dynamic changing marketplace. Supply chain management is a key part of manufacturing risk management to ensure the reliability and quality of parts and end product. Manufacturers have to strike a balance between reducing costs in the short term and long term business sustainability.

Access tips advice and guidance in areas such as revenue growth cost reductions supply chain management product risk management and operational risk management.

Get a quote for training to develop your understanding of your manufacturing risks and seize new business opportunities. Being more aware of your threats and opportunities for growth will enable you to make better business decisions to achieve more with less uncertainty.

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