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Looking at the positive and negative effects of uncertainty and events on project objectives via BusinessRiskTV Project Risk Management Forum

Project risk management news opinion and project risk analysis tips advice and support. Learn from peers and guest project risk management experts. Develop project risk analysis skills and find out how to embed project risk assessment process into any project in a practical way.

BusinessRiskTV implements project risk management research and development incorporating enterprise risk management principles and practices. Our project risk management experts provide tips advice and support with risk analysis and risk assessment.

With project risk management involves all stakeholders in the project and if implemented effectively will result in the project completing more successfully with less uncertainty.

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The benefits of good project risk management include

  • Proactive project risk management reduced uncertainty
  • A reduction in uncertainty buys you more time
  • Time costs money

Minimise the impact of risk on your project.

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You will find related risk management articles and videos to develop your risk knowledge and business intelligence to improve your business decision making process

Managing project risk and uncertainty better and more successfully

Online meetings to identify assess and promote project risk management practices and ideas.

  • Discover better ways to manage project risks
  • Be inspired and learn how to improve the way you handle risk and uncertainty in a project
  • Put your project risks into perspective and “benchmark” or measure your risk controls against your peers controls.   Taking too much or too little risk?   Is that why your project is failing?
  • Learn from and with peers and project risk management experts

Network with people interested in project risk management.

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