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12th August 2020 India Coronavirus Infections Rise By 67066 And Deaths Rise By 950 In 24 Hour Period

Nearly 2.5 million people are now infected in India officially but the rate of infection is still accelerating. Approaching 50000 people have died in India from coronavirus.

29th July 2020 India Coronavirus Infections Rise By 52249 and Deaths Rise By 779 In 24 Hour Period

26th July 2020 India Coronavirus Infections Rise By 50525 In 24 Hours and Deaths Rise By 716

22nd July 2020 India Deaths From Coronavirus Rise By 1120 In 24 Hours and Infections Rise By 45599

Coronavirus News India July 2020
Coronavirus News India July 2020

India is using risky medical drugs to try to save lives but can actually kill

Super virus spreaders are set to make the infection levels in India even worse. The virus will shortly spread through the community like wildfire.

The threat to the economy is even higher if a vaccine is not found and one is possibly not enough to contain virus in all settings. India could be the source of the second wave of infections in other countries in Asia.

15th July 2020 Number Of New Infections In India Rise By 32682 In 24 Hour Period To Total Of 970169

Number of new deaths rise by 614 by 24929.

2nd July 2020 Number Of New Infections In India Rise By 21948 Within 24 Hours To Total Of 627168

Number of deaths increased by 377 to 18225.

1st July 2020 Number Of new Infections In India Rise 19428 Within 24 Hours To Total Of 605220

India deaths from coronavirus rise by 438 to 17848.

25th June 2020 Number Of New Infections In India Jump 18185 Within 24 Hours To Total Of 491170

16th June 2020 India Deaths From Coronavirus Rise By 2006 In 24 hours To 11921

11135 new infections have officially been identified within last 24 hours taking total to 354161.

Indias epidemic continues to spiral out of control. Worsening infection rates have taken India to the fourth most infected country in the world after USA Brazil and Russia.

14th April 2020 India In Coronavirus Lockdown Until May

29th March 2020 Prime Minister Modi Says 3 Week Coronavirus Lockdown Which Was Imposed With Just 4 Hours Notice Causing Hundreds Of Thousands Of People To Walk Up To 600 Km To Their Homes In The Country Was Necessary To Save Many Lives

Prime Minister Modi says India is facing dire future due to coronavirus pandemic.

India has around 1000 positive coronavirus cases. Indias first virus case was on 29th January. Officially 27 people have died in India. There are enormous doubts about the testing capability of India so all statistics could be a lot higher.

What will happen in rural parts of India when the economic migrants return from the big cities to the country carrying the virus? It is unlikely that we will ever know the true impact. However surely it is going to spread like wildfire through all of India unrestricted and rebounding on the major cities as people return to find work in the city.

India debt laid den private and publicly owned banks will struggle to ride out the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic. What will Indian government do to help?


If USAs top medical experts say that the deaths in America from the virus could be 200000 then India with less effective lockdown and inferior healthcare is going to suffer millions of deaths from the virus.

24th March 2020 Whole Of India and 1.3 Billion People In Coronavirus Pandemic Risk Management Lockdown For 21 Days

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has told Indians stay at home for 21 days. Social isolation is one of key ways to control spread of coronavirus. Prime Minister Modi says the lockdown would save many Indians and warned that leaving home would jeopardise peoples lives.

  • The lockdown will be in force for 21 days
  • No citizen will be allowed to leave their homes during this period
  • If people in India did not self isolate it would set India back 21 years economically

There have been 482 confirmed cases of coronavirus COVID19 and nine deaths in India so far.

23rd March 2020 The number of people who have died in India from coronavirus COVID19 has been put at 9

Officially only around 500 people have been infected with the virus. However India is warning of an imminent surge of cases in the coming days. It is likely that the number of infections is already much higher due to a lack of testing in India.

Delhi has gone into official lockdown for at least a week.

20th March 2020 India Has Low Coronavirus Count But It Is Not Cause Its Hot

Many in the west hope that hot weather will curb the rise of coronavirus infections. Hot weather may reduce transmission and recorded cases but it seems more likely that a low number of cases is due to a lack of testing for the virus.

India has confirmed 151 cases of COVID19 and just 3 deaths. Public health experts fear that the low count is the result of limited testing and under reporting. India has only tested 12000 people for the virus. South Korea is testing 40000 people per day. There is a shortage of testing kits in India.

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1st February 2020 What Is Government In India To Halt Faltering Economy in 2020

Indias government has announced financial support for farmers and infrastructure developments but the financial markets thinks it needs to do much more.

India is currently experiencing its worst economic slowdown in a decade. Unemployment is rising. Consumers are drawing in spending. There is a lack of government and private investment.

All around the world central banks are struggling to support their economies. It is up to governments to invest in their future now f the global economic slowdown is not to turn into a recession.

India in many ways is more fortunate than many in that Indias economy is one of if not the fastest growing economies in the world. Economic growth in India is an explosive 5 percent. However the future does not look as promising as its recent past largely due to rising employment and potential civil unrest as a result.

If India can invest in its infrastructure India will become an economic powerhouse like China and USA. If it does not it may still grow but miss the opportunity to become a world leader.

If you cannot feed your population and give the jobs you stoke up political unrest. However Indias government and its banks are drowning in debt as it is. Indias credit rating is poor which makes borrowing expensive. Finding the money to invest in infrastructure on the scale required is difficult. Chicken and egg!

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