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What are the key risks for the transport and logistics sector? How do you manage transport and logistics business risks better? Network with top business leaders in the transport and logistics sector.

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How can you manage occupational road risks better? What are the key road risk at work solutions that work well right now? How could supply chain risk management ideas reduce transport and logistics risks and develop new business opportunities?

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Access global network of experts offering their knowledge and experience. How can cyber risk management experts reduce the risks to transport and logistics companies in UK? What is our response to emerging transport and logistics risks? Where are the opportunities for business growth?

This transport and logistics forum seeks to initiate discussion on new and existing risks, analysis and assess those risks and share best practice at managing transport and logistics corporate risks.

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9th September 2019 Eddie Stobart Logistics Mismanagement Of Risks May Have Led To Takeover Attempt

Eddie Stobart Logistics shares have been suspended and its CEO departed. Eddie Stobart Logistics shares are not trading after a 2 million pounds accounting error was discovered. It is now facing a takeover attempt by DBAY Advisors  which already has a 10 percent share in the business. DBAY Advisors have until until 5pm on October 7 to either table a formal bid or walk away under stock market rules.

The fall in the value of the pound could make Eddie Stobart Logistics to overseas buyers looking to pick up a bargain and integrate it into global distribution network. 

20th December 2018 Was Severe Disruption At Gatwick Due To Illegal Flying Of Drones Predictable and Preventable?

The ongoing flight disruption at Gatwick airport due to illegal drone use was not the first disruption to flights in the UK. The fact that risk controls against drone use are available and the fact that there have been previous incidents of disruption suggests that the Gatwick incident was likely not unlikely.

The severity of the impact on airports and business in general was also easily predictably significant.

As both the likelihood and severity suggest balanced risk controls should have been deployed poses the question of why were risk controls not deployed?


20th December 2017 Uber Told Its A Transport Company By Top Court

The European Union’s highest court ECJ has ruled that Uber is a transport company, which means for Uber it has to comply with many more rules and licensing requirements across the whole European Union EU. It decided Uber is a transportation services taxi and car hire services company not an online platform digital services company.

The ECJ also concluded that Uber exercises decisive influence over the conditions under which the drivers provide their service. The ruling could result in individual country’s in Europe imposing much tighter operating restrictions on Uber.

London’s transport authority has stopped Uber’s private car hire license due to “lack of corporate responsibility“, though Uber is still allowed to operate in London pending its appeal of the authority’s decision.

19th December 2017 Uber Is A Danger To Public Safety Warns Union

The GMB union in the UK claims that excessive hours makes the Uber taxi app service a danger to public safety. It says the Uber app “encourages” and incentivises drivers to work long hours. The allegations were presented by GMB at a court hearing in London to determine whether Uber can renew its London licence.

2nd May 2017 Armed Attacks On Ships in West African Waters Nearly Doubled In 2016

Pirates see more money in ship’s crew than cargo.   They are the targets when pirates attack off Nigeria’s coast, according to a report from Oceans Beyond Piracy OBP.   The crew present a potentially bigger pay-cheque than cargo, with less risk, via kidnap for ransom.

Other areas of renewed concern include the previously common hunting ground of the coastline off Somalia.   Maybe complacency has set in as far as protecting ships passing East Africa is concerned.

OBP estimated the total economic cost of maritime crime in West Africa at nearly $794 million. OBP estimated the total cost of counter-piracy operations in the western Indian Ocean at 1.7 billion dollars last year.

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