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Supply Chain Risk Management
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Supply Chain Risk Management
Supply Chain Risk Management

Apple is reported as saying that their supplier Wistron had failed to implement proper working hour management processes, which “led to payment delays for some workers in October and November”. Wistron on Saturday admitted some workers at the plant in Karnataka’s Narasapura had not been paid properly or on time, and it was removing a top executive overseeing its India business.

Apple will continue to monitor Wistron’s progress on corrective action, but why was an earlier audit not arranged or if it was why did it not pick up on issues before significant risk event occurred?

The supplier allegedly could not cope with the rapid scaling up of manpower and breached several laws according to Karnataka state officials after an inspection of the plant following the violence and destruction. The HR department was not been adequately set up with personnel of sound knowledge of labour laws as reported by Reuters news agency. Reuters further reported other violations including underpayment of wages to contract workers and housekeeping staff, and making female staff work overtime without legal authorisation. The findings seen by Reuters and another preliminary government audit confirm the grievances over unpaid wages and poor attendance recording systems.

Apple began the assembly of its first iPhone model in India via Wistron in 2017.

Supply Chain Risk Management Forum
Supply Chain Risk Management Forum
Captive Insurance and Risk Management
Benefits of setting up own captive insurance company as part of risk management strategy
Modern Slavery Due Diligence Questionnair
Supply Chain Risk Management BusinessRiskTV
Supply Chain Risk Management BusinessRiskTV
Volkswagen Amazon Supply Chain Risk Management Collaboration
Volkswagen Collaborate With Amazon To Create Suppliers Industrial Cloud Based Supply Process To Be Future B2B Marketplace

Volkswagen Amazon Supply Chain Risk Management Collaboration

Volkswagen is working with Amazon to create industry wide suppliers marketplace where business customers can buy and sell industrial applications online. The B2B marketplace will contain 120 Volkswagen factories and 1500 suppliers or 30000 work plants.

The aim of the online cloud based marketplace is to exchange data and software to help accelerate the digitalisation of factory processes. Volkswagen has already opened the new online portal to the first group of supplier partners. Those suppliers are expected to contribute software applications to be shared by all. Amazon will manage the portal. The project may increase the digitalisation of automotive industry in partnership with leading tech companies and suppliers.

Supply Chain Risks Management Forum

Are you interested in learning more from the other side of the world? Would you welcome tips advice and support from nearer to home? Our global supply chain risks forum will help you protect your business wherever you are and wherever your suppliers and customers are.

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Our monthly supply chain  risks management forum :

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What risks could disrupt your supply chain?

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  4. Building an effective supply chain risk management framework and embedding a practical risk assessment process
  5. Understand how to analyse supply chain risks
  6. Using innovative tools and techniques for supply chain risk mapping
  7. Assessing the impact of a major supply chain risk event on your business objectives and financial performance
  8. How flexible is your supply chain and how does this impact on the resilience of your business

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