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20th March 2018 – How is the UK managing energy supply risks to UK economy

20th February 2018 – KFC Lack Of Chicken Run Getting Worse!

BBC reports that some 500 of 900 KFC outlets were closed yesterday.   Over 600 outlets are closed today.

Around two thirds of KFC outlets are closed due to a lack of chicken after KFC switched to DHL as their delivery and logistics firm supplying chicken to stores around the UK.

19th February 2018 – KFC Runs Out Of Chicken

KFC fast-food chain closed a number of business units across the UK due to a shortage of chicken.   Other parts of the chain are operating reduced menu or shorter hours of opening.

The problem appears to have arisen after KFC changed its supplier and changed its delivery system.

15th May 2017 – Fall In Value Pound Post-Brexit Driving UK Businesses Towards UK-Based Suppliers

Where once UK suppliers were out priced in the marketplace, they are now competitive suppliers.   Plus they bring other advantages, not just price.   They are more local so manufacturers have more flexibility of supply as the pace of delivery from UK suppliers is quicker and more responsive to manufacturing needs.

In addition, the fall in the value of the pound makes UK suppliers more competitive overseas, both in the European Union EU and Non-European countries ie the rest of the world.

2nd May 2017 – Can Suppliers Of Raw Materials Keep-Up With Demand From Manufacturers?

UK and euro zone manufacturing is booming.   Input prices are however rising and set to go higher due to the restricted supply of raw materials.

What are you doing to ensure you get the raw materials you need and the time you need raw materials for your manufacturing processes? 

9th February 2017 – Bring It Home and Send It Off

UK businesses should be developing new business relationships with suppliers and customer in the UK.   In addition, UK company’s should be looking to export more to non- European Union (EU) countries.

The low value of the pound threatens increased costs, as does potential new tariffs imposed by UK on imports for countries who don’t want to sign free trade agreement with the UK.

The low value of the pound also opens the doors to new tariff free markets – including but unlikely EU -assuming the UK signs free trade agreements with countries that previously added tariffs to UK products and services because the UK is part of the EU.

No one knows what will happen by 2019, but that doesn’t stop UK businesses from mitigating emerging risks and seizing new business opportunities.

Frictionless trade borders is what the UK should aim for with all countries to make exporting and importing cost effective for the UK economy, but doing the ground work now, long before 2019 is critical for your business sustainability beyond 2019.

It is not necessary, and perhaps even foolish, to wait until closer to 2019.   The global marketplace is opening up (and potentially closing) to UK businesses and Supply Chain Risk Management can assist your decision making process over the next couple of years and beyond.

19th January 2017 – Is Globalisation Dead?

Globalisation is dead, long live local suppliers!   With a global trend to protectionism and nationalism, is a global supply chain achievable, or desirable, now?

In the UK industry’s like fashion and retail are looking at local suppliers with a fresh pair of eyes.   The drop in the value of the pound makes UK suppliers for UK businesses more financially viable.   Clothing manufacturers in the UK are having a small resurgence.   Indeed many are having to train new employees as there isn’t enough skilled machinists to make the clothes the fashion industry now want made in UK instead of abroad.

At the same time China has just sent its first train of goods from China to the UK – 7,500 miles by train.   It’s cheaper than airfreight and quicker than shipping by sea.   What is good is that change brings opportunities as well as threats.

Political pressures may force a change in supply chain risk management.   Offshoring may have worked well in the era of acceptable globalisation, but will in be acceptable in the next decade?   Localisation is the new globalisation for supply chain risk managers?

In the short to medium term, for the UK, local suppliers of goods and services may make economic sense primarily due to the fall in the fall of the pound.   Is this currency fluctuation likely to change in next 2 years?   Unlikely.   Nobody knows for certain whether Brexit will be good or bad for the UK in long run, but for the next 2 years at least, signing up a local UK supplier exclusively for your UK business may give you a competitive advantage over your industry peers vying for business sustainability and business growth.

Reshoring may bring other benefits too.   A shorter supply line facilitates a more dynamic change of business strategy.   Easier control over quality of production.   Removal of currency risk.

It is unlikely that reshoring and localisation heralds the death of globalisation, but localisation is at least a short-term supply chain risk management strategy to adopt now.

3rd January 2017 – Supply Chain Risk Management Workshops can facilitate collaboration with your supply chain to reduce your mutual costs, increase productivity and maximise profitability of each link of the supply chain.

Is there a cheaper way to manage your business by tweaking the way you work with your supply chain?   If there isn’t, then you must have already reviewed your supply chain risks to cut out waste and maximise mutual profitability that doesn’t shunt the pricing pain to your suppliers.

Change your working practices in collaboration with your suppliers to disrupt your marketplace in the favour of your business.   Excel to achieve more even in the most competitive marketplace. Supply Chain Risks Management 

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