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Supply chain management forum. Supply chain risk consulting. What are the top supply chain risks? What are the key threats and opportunities in the supply chain? How do you manage supply chain risks better? Network with top supply chain risk experts. Join like minded supply chain senior managers executives and risk management practitioners. Manage supply chain risks and uncertainties better. Save money and time with BusinessRiskTV.

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Supply Chain Risk Management
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What are supply chain risk management best practices?

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Reducing the risk of supply chain disruptions
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Supply Chain Risks Management Tips Ideas News Jobs

Pick up supply chain risk news opinions reviews and jobs.

Captive Insurance and Risk Management
Benefits of setting up own captive insurance company as part of risk management strategy
Modern Slavery Due Diligence Questionnair
Supply Chain Risk Management BusinessRiskTV
Supply Chain Risk Management BusinessRiskTV
Volkswagen Amazon Supply Chain Risk Management Collaboration
Volkswagen Collaborate With Amazon To Create Suppliers Industrial Cloud Based Supply Process To Be Future B2B Marketplace

Volkswagen Amazon Supply Chain Risk Management Collaboration

Volkswagen is working with Amazon to create industry wide suppliers marketplace where business customers can buy and sell industrial applications online. The B2B marketplace will contain 120 Volkswagen factories and 1500 suppliers or 30000 work plants.

The aim of the online cloud based marketplace is to exchange data and software to help accelerate the digitalisation of factory processes. Volkswagen has already opened the new online portal to the first group of supplier partners. Those suppliers are expected to contribute software applications to be shared by all. Amazon will manage the portal. The project may increase the digitalisation of automotive industry in partnership with leading tech companies and suppliers.

BooHoo Supply Chain Risk Management

BooHoo which owns brands like Pretty Little Thing and Nasty Gal will undertake an independent review of its UK supply chain following allegations that factories in Leicester that sell clothes to BooHoo pay workers below minimum wage in UK and failed to protect them during coronavirus pandemic.

BooHoo has also announced it will invest an initial 10 million pounds to eradicate malpractice in supply chain risk management step. BooHoo has to now rebuild its brand reputation following the allegations in its supply chain. It has promised to terminate any supply chain relationship where noncompliance with its code of conduct is found.

BooHoo has found like companies before it the cost of supply chain management impacting on its profit. Companies like Next ASOS and Amazon have removed all BooHoo clothing from sale following the allegations about BooHoos supply chain. More than a billion pounds was quickly knocked of BooHoos market value.

23rd February 2020 Collapse Of Supply Chain Fro China Should Make UK Manufacturers Think About Reliability and Sustainability Of Suppliers Including Paying More For UK Parts Suppliers

UK manufacturers may have had two wake up calls in a few short months. Firstly Brexit could deter overseas suppliers. However the collapse of supplys from China due to coronavirus may drive demand for more made in UK supplys further boosting UK manufacturing output.

The UK should manufacture more. Previously the drive was to move manufacturing abroad but longer supply lines bring greater risks. Globalism preferred by UK leaders in the past may now give way to UK manufacturing.

18th February 2020 Lower Global Apple Inc Sales Due To Coronavirus COVID19 Outbreak In China

Shares of Apple Inc fell after Apple warned of lower sales due to coronavirus outbreak impacting on its supply chain. The news hit Apple share price and knocked about 23 billion pounds capital value off of Apple.

Manufacturing plants in China that produce Apple products have had an enforced shutdown to try to stop spread of coronavirus in China. Fewer Apple products will be sold as a result.

Apples suppliers share prices were all hit.

5th December 2019 Are Environment Protection Measures Already Impact On Your Supply Chain Risks?

21st June 2018 Shortage Of CO2 In UK Could Hit More Than Just Food and Drink Industry

CO2 carbon dioxide is used in guns for killing farm animals and providing the fizz in carbonated drinks. CO2 is also used in certain medical procedures.

Without CO2 UK supermarkets could run out of supply of chicken and other meat products. People could run out of draught beer during the World Cup!

CO2 producer maintenance shutdowns have left the UK with only one big CO2 producer in production.

It is not clear when CO2 production will come back online. Until it does the shortage of CO2 could affect the UK severely within days.

20th March 2018 How is the UK managing energy supply risks to UK economy

20th February 2018 KFC Lack Of Chicken Run Getting Worse!

BBC reports that some 500 of 900 KFC outlets were closed yesterday. Over 600 outlets are closed today.

Around two thirds of KFC outlets are closed due to a lack of chicken after KFC switched to DHL as their delivery and logistics firm supplying chicken to stores around the UK.

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Supply Chain Risks Management Forum

Are you interested in learning more from the other side of the world? Would you welcome tips advice and support from nearer to home? Our global supply chain risks forum will help you protect your business wherever you are and wherever your suppliers and customers are.

Our supply chain risk management bloggers and vloggers keep you up to date with the latest developments in supply chain risk management principles and practices.

Read supply chain risk management articles and watch videos on supply chain risk management best practices:

  • Get latest news views and reviews from the supply chain risk management community.
  • Develop your supply chain risk insight risk management knowledge and business intelligence.
  • Take part in supply chain management innovation events online
  • Watch supply chain risk management leaders and risk experts answer latest supply chain management questions
  • Read supply chain management breaking news and risk foresight broadcasts
  • Take part in supply chain risk management related discussions talks debates and workshops to help improve your management of supply chain risks.

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Supply Chain Risk Management Forum
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Learn from peers and guest supply chain risk management experts. The online forum can come into your life wherever you are from your TV to your mobile device. Meet up online to discuss current and emerging supply chain risks.

Our monthly supply chain  risks management forum :

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  • Roundtable discussions networking and shared supply chain risk management experience
  • Interactive sessions and workshops

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Supply Chain Risk Management Forum
Supply Chain Risks Forum

What risks could disrupt your supply chain?

What are the key current and emerging risks to supply chain management and your business objectives.

International Trade Magazine
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  1. Opportunities and threats to your supply chain
  2. Learn and develop best practices for supply chain risk identification assessment and management
  3. Benchmarking your supply chain risk management systems
  4. Building an effective supply chain risk management framework and embedding a practical risk assessment process
  5. Understand how to analyse supply chain risks
  6. Using innovative tools and techniques for supply chain risk mapping
  7. Assessing the impact of a major supply chain risk event on your business objectives and financial performance
  8. How flexible is your supply chain and how does this impact on the resilience of your business

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