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Oil and Gas Industry Risk Factors Overview Live News Headlines Business Opinions Risk Analysis

Read more about the current live issues in oil and gas industry. What are the energy related threats and opportunities live online.

9th March 2020 Black Monday Sees One Of The Biggest Daily Oil Price Falls

At the time that demand for oil was already falling due to global economic slowdown the coronavirus has hit demand even further. Oil producers response is to start oil price war including boosting production and cutting oil prices to gain market share.

Saudi Arabia state oil company Saudi Aramco is cutting price of oil by its biggest margin ever. It will increase production to supply cheap oil at its new low price.

Crude oil price fell 30 percent at the open of the oil markets in Asia. Brent was down 23.7 percent.

9th January 2020 Norways Oil Output To Grow In 2020

Oil production was at its lowest level in 2019 since 1989. However the next few years will see Norway produce more oil and gas at levels not seen since 2004.

Norways oil output will grow by 43 percent from 2019 to 2024 due to new oil fields coming on stream and older production facilities are upgraded

Norweigian Petroleum Directorate NPD

New oilfields coming on stream include Sverdrup and Castberg. Despite the Scandinavian countrys credentials as environment friendly it is not going to cut its nose off to spite its face! It will continue to pump out oil and gas for at least another 50 years.

Do you work in the oil and gas industry?

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What are the key issues in oil and gas industry? What are the most demanding types of risk in oil and gas industry? What opportunities lie before your oil and gas business? Rapid global change presents both a threat and an opportunity to grow faster. At almost the flip of a coin, you can see oil and gas consumption spiking or falling off a cliff. Are you prepared for the uncertainties and business risks facing you :

  1. Rapid oil and gas price fluctuations
  2. Geopolitical and economic risk factors
  3. Operational hazards including safety and environmental risks
  4. Natural disasters and extreme weather events
  5. Competition within types of oil and gas production as well as external market competition from other types of energy production
  6. Inadequate assets or assets in wrong place
  7. Regulatory compliance
  8. Manipulation of oil and gas marketplace
  9. Increased costs of oil and gas exploration
  10. Health of global economy – expansion or contraction in demand for oil and gas

What risks are on the horizon for the oil and gas industry? Join in the discussion. Promote your business interests in the oil and gas industry products or services.

Oil and Gas Industry Risk Management

The oil price recover at the back end of 2016 will continue and get stronger in 2017 as the cut back in investment feeds into higher prices. Longer-term is always wrapped in uncertainty and risk for the oil industry. The worlds population continues to grow and this brings with it an amount of certainty that sooner or later oil and gas prices will rise, as demand will eventually catch up with supply. Which means that the oil and industry grow for many decades yet and then morph into other forms of energy production.

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