Workshop On Business Growth And Change

Business Planning for Growth Workshop Risk Management Toolbox Talk

Business Planning for Growth Workshop Risk Management Toolbox Talk

Collaborative coordinated action can reduce the amount of investment of time and money to grow your business faster out of the pandemic. Many heads are better than one! We have the tools to support business leaders business development plans to maximise profit.

Our ongoing online workshops seek to identify common business development problems and find quicker cheaper better ways to grow businesses faster. You will work with like minded people and focus more and more on what matters to your business development.

This enterprise risk management toolbox talk focuses on identifying the issues which will help your business grow faster locally and globally. From there we will break out into focused risk management working parties to fully assess best business opportunities and participants will be able to takeaway practical actions to develop their business.

Work out the best business development opportunities for your business. Because your time is so valuable we will complete Business Growth and Change Workshop in no more than 30 minutes.

Title: Workshop On Business Growth and Change
Date: Friday, 15th February 2021
Time: 5:00-5:30 p.m. GMT
Host: Keith Lewis, BusinessRiskTV

In this enterprise risk management toolbox talk we will ask you to contribute fully to:

● Identifying new business development opportunities
● Describe the actions needed to grow business faster; and
● How to maximise return in investment of time and money in business development

What would cause your key business opportunities to materialise? Why would this happen? What are the underlying enhancing actions which could trigger your business faster growth? If your business was to grow faster, what would be the size of the increased benefits for your business or industry? What would be the effect on your business objectives in short and long term?

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