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Managing Eurozone business risks better for better protection and faster growth regardless of the biggest threats to Eurozone’s recovery.   What are the key threats to the Eurozone this year?

Despite the 2008 financial crisis seeming like along time ago, given the rapidly changing global political and economic developments, the old problem of systemic banking collapse in the Eurozone is still the biggest risk that could be the prelude the break-up of the Eurozone.

After the banks, or as part of the banking risk, Brexit is perhaps the next biggest threat to the sustainability of the Eurozone.   Business leaders just want certainty when it comes to the economic environment they operate in.   It is in the European Union (EU) and UK’s mutual interest to conclude Brexit negotiations well before the two-year period ends after article 50 is triggered by the UK in late March 2017.   Stringing out the agreed deal is damaging for the whole of Europe.   The UK leaving the EU swiftly is better for all concerned.   Political uncertainty is putting the Eurozone’s financial stability at risk.

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17th May 2018 – Views On ECB Monetary Policy

Ewald Nowotny member of European Central Banks Governing Council says the ECB should not delay withdrawal of quantitative easing QE and normalising interest rates.

QE is due to expire at the end of September 2018.

4th April 2018 – Eurozone Unemployment Falls To Lowest Level Since December 2008

Eurostat EU statistics agency reports eurozone unemployment falls to lowest rate in around 10 years.

Unemployment rate falls to 8.5 percent in February 2018

14 million people in eurozone are regarding as unemployed.   Countries like Greece still have unemployment levels of more than 20 percent.

21st March 2018 – Euro Zone Banking Union Not Far Off?

France wants progress on banking union of all euro zone countries by June 2018.

The Eurozone must develop better risk management framework and risk oversight to prevent another financial crisis according to German Chancellor Angela Merkel.   This would reduce the risk of one collapsing Eurozone member country bringing down the whole Eurozone.   She thinks the development and expansion of a European Monetary Fund EMF as part of greater economic convergence among euro zone countries is the answer.

7th March 2018 – Eurozone Growth In 2017 Not As Fast As First Thought

European Unions’ EU Eurostat statistics agency reports that the Eurozone grew slower than thought in 2017 at 2.3 percent, not 2.5 percent.

1st March 2018 – Euro Zone Unemployment Falls To Lowest Level Since December 2008

Eurozone’s recovering economy is producing more job opportunities and the Eurozone’s unemployment rate fell to 8.6 percent in January, according to Eurostat.   However, there are still more than 14 million unemployed in Eurozone.

  • Unemployment rate in Italy is rose to 11.1 percent.   Around 33 percent of young people in Italy are unemployed.
  • Spain’s unemployment rate was 16.3 percent in January.   Around 33 percent of young people in Spain are unemployed.
  • Germany’s unemployment rate was 3.6 percent according to Eurostat.   Around 6.6. percent of young people in Germany are unemployed.
  • France unemployment rate was 9 percent in January.

There are clear winners and losers from the Eurozone’s formation.

27th February 2018 – Euro Zone Corporate Lending Surges To Post-Crisis High

Lending to euro zone companies surged to its highest rate since mid-2009 according to European Central Bank ECB.

26th February 2018 – Euro Zone Economic Slack May Be Bigger Than Thought

Is this Mr Draghi laying the ground to sell out southern Europe countries and increase interest rates and cut QE, or is he trying to reduce expectations of German economists and politicians for a rate increase or QE reduction in 2018?

8th February 2018 – Euro Zone Will Continue 2017 Recovery Throughout 2018

The European Central Bank ECB has reported that Eurozone growth will continue in 2018.   Surprises in the Eurozone economy should be on the upside.

30th January 2018 – Eurozone Economy’s Best Year In A Decade

Eurostat, the European Union’s statistics agency, says the euro zone countries, as a block, had their best year economically in 2017 for a decade.   The Eurozone economy grew 2.5 percent in 2017, the highest economic growth rate since 2007, when growth was 3 percent.

Since the ECB finally relented and started pumping billions of euros intot he economy to spark a recover after the financial crisis of 2008, the Eurozone has only looked upwards.

29th January 2018 – ECB Will Only Stop QE When Confident About Inflation

The ECB’s chief economist, Peter Praet, says the ECB will not stop pumping cheap money into euro zone economy until its confident that inflation is heading targets its 2 percent target level without any support from the ECB.

The ECB’s bond-buying programme is part of making money cheap across the Eurozone to encourage investment and create jobs.

23rd January 2018 Eurozone Consumer Confidence Jumps In January

The European Commission EC reports that Eurozone consumers confidence in the economy jumped more than expected in January and added that the Eurozone is growing at its fastest rate in 10 years.

18th January 2018 – France and Germany On Eurozone Ever Closer Union

France and Germany want to reach a joint position on euro zone reform, including tax convergence, capital markets and banking union between March and June 2018, French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire has been reported as saying.

The two countries most likely to gain from Eurozone tax convergence – France and Germany.   The countries most likely to lose out on tax convergence – Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal.

11th January 2018 – Early Reduction In QE Planned

The euro jumped in value today on news that the ECB said it could revisit its communication stance in early 2018, suggesting that Eurozone policymakers are getting ready to reduce their monetary easing bond buying policy.   It was expected that things would not change until the end of 2018 at the earliest but the ECB may switch off the monetary easing QE taps much earlier.

A reduction in QE and/or interest rate rise increases the value of the euro.

9th January 2018 – Euro Zone Jobless Rate Lowest Since 2009

Eurozone jobless rate fell to 8.7 percent in November which is lowest since January 2009.

7th January 2018 – Once Again The German’s Put Pressure On ECB To Withdraw Tools For Monetary Easing That Have Helped Southern Europe Countries Recover From Financial Crisis

The last thing Spain, Greece and Italy need is withdrawal of QE or increased interest rates.   Unemployment is still disgracefully high and Euro Zone manufacturers and national banks have only just started their recover, whilst German economy is booming and overheating.

The head of Germany’s Bundesbank, Jens Weldmann, has been reported in Spanish newspaper El Mundo, as saying that the European Central Bank ECB should set a date to end its asset buying programme that is QE.   Jens could be the new ECB President in October 2019, and if Germany gets its way, he will be.   Jens hates ECB QE and why?   Cause he wants to control the German economy (stop it overheating) and if that means the southern Eurozone countries have to survive on little more than life support for decades, then so be it.

Many leading financial market players in Germany cannot see holistically beyond Germany’s border’s.   It’s all about Germany’s economy, not the Eurozone economy.

Eurozone inflation is only 1% but Germany’s inflation is starting to run out of control.   An accepted healthy inflation is 2%, 100% higher than where it currently is for the Eurozone as a whole.   Which means that QE and low interest rates should remain for at least the whole of 2018 and probably 2019.

Watch the media.   German’s are increasingly putting pressure on the ECB to stop monetary easing.   If a German takes control of ECB policy, Greece, Spain and Italy can kiss good bye to control of their economy’s for decades and better get used to nothing more than life support.

5th January 2018 – Euro Zone Inflation Slowed In December

Although may countries in the northern Eurozone countries have called for an end to QE by the ECB due to increasing inflation, it has officially slowed in December.

Stagflation used to be a real concern for the Eurozone countries, but inflation had returned as unemployment fell and factory output increased.   However, in December inflation slowed by 10 basis points to 1.4 percent.

German economists are worried about inflation in Germany and want the money printing to stop.

4th January 2018 – Euro Zone Factories Record High Growth

IHS Markit’s December manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index revealed it’s highest level since it began in 1997.   Eurozone manufacturers are pumping out products like never before.

Eurozone business leader confidence in the economy is soaring high.   The index is a reflecting of the current health of the Eurozone economy and things are set to improve in 2018.

Inflation is rising but not as high as many of its competing economies, interest rate is comparatively ridiculously low and unemployment is falling which will ramp-up growth even faster in 2018.

22nd December 2017 – Euro Zone Consumer Confidence Rises In December

Euro zone consumer confidence in the 19 Eurozone countries rose in December according to the European Commission EC.

2nd December 2017 – Eurozone Growth To Continue 2018

Euro zone unemployment is falling.   There will be more Eurozone growth in 2018.   Monetary easing for the Eurozone will continue to reduce in 2018 as the economy recovers.

The Eurozone area will be further strengthen as more “new country’s” are “forced” to adopt the euro as part of club joining membership obligations.

As the global economy recovers, so too will the Eurozone economy and that of the EU as a whole.   Now might be the time to force more reluctant EU countries to take on the euro as their unit of currency.   If the Eurozone is recovering so should the case for using the euro.

29th November 2017 – Euro zone Economic Confidence Rose In November

Economic confidence in the Eurozone is at its highest level since October 2000, according to European Commission EC monthly survey.

Euro zone inflation is running at 1.4% and rising.   The ECB is able to accelerate the reduction in its monetary easing policy in 2018.

9th November 2017 – Eurozone Economic Growth Increases

The EU has increased its Eurozone growth forecast for 2017 to 2.17%, up from 1.7% in previous forecast.   The Eurozone is growing faster than many predicted.

14th October 2017 – Eurozone Growing Faster

Industrial output from Eurozone rose faster than most predicted.   This may result in the reduction of Eurozone economic monetary easing.

7th September 2017 – ECB Is Forecasting Eurozone Growth Of 2.2% for 2017

European Central Bank ECB is forecasting Eurozone is growing faster with increased Eurozone growth, up from 1.9%.

The ECB has kept its forecasts for 2018 and 2019 Eurozone growth the same, at 1.8% and 1.7% respectively.

The ECB expects inflation to remain at 1.5% in 2017 and to fall back to 1.2% in 2018.

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