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Latest Eurozone business and economy news headlines opinions debate business risk analysis and business reviews

France preparing to fish less in British waters from 2021
Rapid V-shaped recovery from coronavirus for Germany
Rapid V-shaped recovery from coronavirus for Germany

29th June 2020 Eurozone Business Leaders Believe In Economy Again

The recovery of economic sentiment in the euro zone accelerated in June after a slight improvement in May according to European Commission EC data. Business leaders are now more confident in Eurozone economy.

23rd June 2020 Eurozone Banks To Merge To Survive and Not Bring Banking System Crashing Down

Many banks particularly in Italy were on verge of folding in the Eurozone prepandemic. The coronavirus crisis has created the need to protect the banking system. This will include Eurozone bank merges to build enough strength to ride out economic downturns for whatever cause.

In addition in this climate of hyper thin bank profit margins it is difficult for poorly banks to pull themselves out of a deep hole on their own.

The European Central Bank ECB supports bank mergers and acquisitions. The ECB sees big as better in economic turbulent times. The ECB is forecasting a deep Eurozone recession in 2020 that may not be filled in by end of 2021. Eurozone banks will remain vulnerable to collapse during this time.

Mergers and acquisitions could help build banking system sustainability. Bad debt during the recession could kill several banks that could bring systemic banking failure in the Eurozone.

20th April 2020 Eurozone Trade Surplus With Rest of World Grew February

Unadjusted goods trade surplus grew to 23 billion euros in February.

  • There was a drop off of imports from China.
  • The trade surplus with the United States grew by 21 percent month on month as exports increased and imports declined.

13th April 2020 ECB Already Has Interest Rates In Negative Territory So Cutting Interest Rates Again Unlikely To Help Eurozone Economy Cope With Coronavirus Induced Economic Slowdown in Eurozone

The ECB is offering cheap loans to commercial banks in Eurozone to encourage them to lend to small businesses. In addition it is expanding QE quantitative easing programme where the ECB buys financial assets and creates new money out of thin air.

The Eurozone was already in financial difficulty with high unemployment slow economic growth and weak national banks. It had reintroduced QE as many southern European countries in particular remained in economic doldrums.

The ECBs key rate the deposit rate is already at minus 0.5 percent. This means that effectively the ECB will pay commercial banks in the Eurozone to borrow money from ECB to lend money to businesses and consumers in Eurozone to try to boost the economy. Despite this commercial banks preferred to keep their cash deposited at ECB rather than risk lending it out to businesses and consumers.

14th February 2020 Eurozone Economic Growth Just 0.9 Percent In 2019

In 2019 eurozone growth fell to its slowest in 7 years. The three biggest economies failed to perform and France and Italy have recently contracted rather than expanded. The German economy is stagnating.

The coronavirus is likely to hold back the eurozones biggest economies in 2020. In addition a trade dispute with USA will impede eurozone economic growth.

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Despite the 2008 financial crisis seeming like along time ago given the rapidly changing global political and economic developments the old problem of systemic banking collapse in the Eurozone is still the biggest risk that could be the prelude the break-up of the Eurozone.

After the banks or as part of the banking risk Brexit is perhaps the next biggest threat to the sustainability of the Eurozone. Business leaders just want certainty when it comes to the economic environment they operate in. It is in the European Union EU and UKs mutual interest to conclude Brexit negotiations well before the two-year period ends after article 50 is triggered by the UK in late March 2017. Stringing out the agreed deal is damaging for the whole of Europe.   The UK leaving the EU swiftly is better for all concerned. Political uncertainty is putting the Eurozones financial stability at risk.

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