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Managing Eurozone business risks better for better protection and faster growth regardless of the biggest threats to Eurozones recovery. What are the key threats to the Eurozone this year?

Enterprise Risk Management ERM Magazine

Despite the 2008 financial crisis seeming like along time ago, given the rapidly changing global political and economic developments the old problem of systemic banking collapse in the Eurozone is still the biggest risk that could be the prelude the break-up of the Eurozone.

After the banks or as part of the banking risk Brexit is perhaps the next biggest threat to the sustainability of the Eurozone. Business leaders just want certainty when it comes to the economic environment they operate in. It is in the European Union EU and UKs mutual interest to conclude Brexit negotiations well before the two-year period ends after article 50 is triggered by the UK in late March 2017. Stringing out the agreed deal is damaging for the whole of Europe.   The UK leaving the EU swiftly is better for all concerned. Political uncertainty is putting the Eurozones financial stability at risk.

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Feature How can corporate governance risk management and regulatory compliance GRC help with Eurozone risks?

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What do you want out of the Eurozone? Access help to make your business objectives in the Eurozone more successful.

What contingency plans does your business have for the break-up of the Eurozone?   Could business contingency plans BCPs promote business growth if the Eurozone sticks together too.

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Enterprise Risk Management ERM Magazine

19th September 2018 Eurozone Banking Union Getting Closer?

German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz said that he wants euro zone governments to this year on next steps for completing their banking union in order to make the single currency bloc resilient for the next crisis.

For those who think that every closer union is off the table should again realise that eventually the European Union EU countries will all have the euro and all have banking union. It is the only way for the Eurozone and wider European Union to work well.

It may not happen in the next  decade but it is going to happen in the next 100 years. You may or may not think this is a good idea but it will become reality sooner rather than later.

31st August 2018 Euro Zone Countries Must Do More To Grow Faster

European Central Bank ECB President Luis de Guindos thinks the euro zone block of countries must do more to protect itself from another financial crisis. The euro zone block of countries must transform their institutions at national and European Union EU level.

National governments and the EU must do more to support economic growth instead of relying on the ECB for QE and low interest rates.

31st August 2018 Eurozone Interest Rates Should Be Increased

Austrias central bank governor Ewald Nowotny thinks the European Central Bank ECB should begin normalising interest rates. Getting interest rates out of negative territory would be a fundamental step on the recovery process.

However the ECB does not plan to increase interest rates until autumn 2019. The ECB does plan to end quantitative easing QE by the end of 2018.

31st July 2018 Eurozone Economic Growth Slows

Eurozone growth slowed in second quarter. The eurozone economy is growing at an annualised rate of 2.1 percent in the second quarter compared to 2.5 percent in the first quarter of the year.

  • Eurozone inflation in July was 2.1 percent compared to 2 percent in June.
  • Unemployment in eurozone continues to fall but is still very high compared to other modern industrialised areas of the world. Eurozone unemployment rate in June was 8.3 percent.

The eurozone continues to recover from the financial crisis in 2008 but a decade later progress is slow.

21st July 2018 Eurozones Biggest Threat Is Political Not Economics

Eurozone growth is already under pressure after a period of relief from the 2008 financial crisis. Joint threats from USA and UK could kill eurozone growth in coming months.

The UK is more likely to leave the European Union EU without a deal. Such a position could send the Eurozone into a recession as its current growth trend is very weak. Add into the mix a growing threat of a trade war with USA then the Eurozone could fall into recession in coming months.

18th July 2018 Euro Zone Inflation Is 2 Percent

Eurostat the European Union EU official statistics office confirmed Eurozone inflation was 2 percent in June 2018.

The Eurozone will probably keep interest rates at record lows until the autumn of 2019 but is expected to stop making money so cheaply available via its Quantitative Easing QE  programme at the end of 2018 calendar year.

12th July 2018 Euro Zone Economic Growth Slowing

European Commission EC cuts eurozone economic growth forecast for 2018. The EC says eurozone growth will now be 2.1 percent not 2.3 percent previously forecast. Eurozone economic growth was 2.4 percent in 2017 so growth in the eurozone is slowing.

22nd June 2018 The Problem For Eurozone Is Not Lack of Money But Lack Of Businesses To Invest In

According to the European Central Bank ECB lending survey the availability of money is not an issue for banks. The problem is finding firms with viable business plans worthy of banking loans.

Have you got a Eurozone business worthy of investing in?

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