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14th November 2018 Risks To Canadian Financial System Increased

The Bank of Canada reports that the overall perceived risk to the Canadian financial system has increased over the last 6 months due in part to the slowing global economy.

The Bank of Canada has raised interest rates 5 times in 16 months which does provide wiggle room should a major event or chronic malaise hit the Canadian economy that may or may not be out of the control of the Canadian financial system.

31st August 2018 Canadas Economic Growth Accelerates

Canadas economy is growing at 2.9 percent as evidenced by second quarter annualised economic growth rate according Statistics Canada the national statistical agency.

Increased consumer spending and more exports help grow the the size of the economy faster.

1st August 2018 Canadas Economic Growth Accelerates

The economy is growing at fastest rate in a year according to Statistics Canada. Annualised growth in 2018 is forecast to hit 3 percent.

Faster economic growth in Canada is likely to result in higher interest rates in Canada to tame inflationary pressures.

21st July 2018 Canada Inflation Rises In June

Canadas inflation rises to its highest level in more than 6 years at 2.5 percent according to Canadian government. Recent interest rate increase is aimed at controlling inflationary pressures in Canada.

12th July 2018 Interest Rate Increase

Bank of Canada raised interest rates to 1.5 percent. More rate increases anticipated after four rate increases since July 2017.

Interest rates are increasing due to inflationary pressures on prices in Canada.

9th June 2018 Canadian Wages Grow At Fastest Pace In Nearly 6 Years

Wages in Canada rose at fastest pace since July 2012. Wages are rising at 3.9 percent according to Statistics Canada. Canada unemployment rate stayed at 5.8 percent in May.

6th June 2018 Canada Exports At Record High

Canadas trade deficit narrowed in April on the back of record exports and reducing imports. This highlights the risks from the uncertainty surrounding the North American Free Trade Agreement NAFTA. Most of Canadas exports go to America.

13th March 2018 Untapped Potential In Canadian Economy To Generate More Growth Without Higher Inflation

Canada’s interest rates may therefore not move for sometime. Although unemployment is falling there is still sufficient numbers unemployed or underemployed to temper any pressure on increasing inflation or controlling interest rates according to Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz.

However the Canadian Federation of Independent Business CFIB says there is a growing skills shortage in Canada. There are 400,000 job vacancies unfilled in Canada and this is holding back business in Canada. The construction sector has a particularly wide skills gap.

Unemployment rate in Canada is 5.8 percent – the lowest rate since 1976

6th March 2018 Bombardier To Strengthen Balance Sheet

Bombardier Inc will sell equity stake in company to boost its balance sheet as part of planned 5-year turnaround business plan.   Bombardier was struggling with high levels of debt which did threaten its survival and may see dilatation of shareholder value as price to pay to build corporate resilience.

2nd March 2018 Canada Manufacturing Growth Falls In February

The slight fall in Canadian manufacturing growth was offset by news that employment levels in Canada are at highest level in 6 months.

9th February 2018 Biggest Threat To Canada’s Economy Is Personal Debt Levels

Senior Deputy Governor Carolyn Wilkins has been reported as saying that the biggest threat to Canada is the serviceability of debt taken on by individuals in Canada as interest rates have jumped up quickly and will continue to rise in 2018.

15th January 2018 Canadian Home Sales Rise for 5th Straight Month

According to the Canadian Real Estate Association CREA, resales of Canadian homes rose 4.5 percent in December.

Toronto’s housing market called last summer after action by the province to impose foreign buyers tax.

21st December 2017 Inflation Increase In Canada

Inflation in Canada has risen to its highest rate since the start of 2017. Annual inflation increased to 2.1 percent in November from 1.4 percent in October according to Statistics Canada.

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