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29th July 2020 Brazil Deaths From Coronavirus Rise By 1554 and New Infections Rise By 70869 In 24 Hour Period

22nd July 2020 New Infections In Brazil Rise By 65339 In 24 Hour Period And Deaths Rise 1293

16th July 2020 Brazil Coronavirus Infections Burst Through 2 Million Level With 43829 Infected In 24 Hour Period

Brazil deaths from virus rise 1299 in 24 hours to 76822 total deaths.

7th July 2020 Brazilian President Bolsonaro Tests Positive For Coronavirus

2nd July 2020 Brazil Deaths Rise By 1277 In 24 Hours To 61990

Number of new infections jumped 47984 to more than one and a half million infected people.

23rd June 2020 Brazil Deaths Rise 1364 In 24 Hours To Total Of 52771

The number of infections in last 24 hours increased by 40131 to total of 1151449.

19th June 2020 Brazil Coronavirus Infections Burst Through The Million Citizens Level

Brazil records an astonishingly high level of new cases of the infection. 55209 new people were officially recorded as infected in last 24 hours. This brings the official total to 1038568 people infected.

Once again more than 1200 people died in one day. 1221 deaths occurred in last 24 hours taking total to 49090 deaths in Brazil.

16th June 2020 Brazil Deaths From Coronavirus Rise By 1338 in 24 Hours To A Total Of 45456 Official Deaths

37278 new infections have been officially recorded in last 24 hours taking total infections in Brazil to 928834.

9th June 2020 Brazil Deaths From Coronavirus Rise By 1185 In Last 24 Hours To 38497

31197 new infections in last 24 hours take total number of infections in Brazil to 742084.

4th June 2020 Brazil Deaths From Coronavirus Rise By 1492 In 24 Hours To 34039

31890 new infections recorded in last 24 hours bringing total to 615870.

28th May 2020 Brazil New Infections Rise By 24151 In 24 Hours To 438812

Number of deaths rose by 1067 to 26764.

Brazil deaths are likely to far exceed 100000 surpassed by USA which currently has most number of deaths in the world. Brazils vast population poorer healthcare system and poorer housing will combine to create horrific total fatalities unless a virus is produced or virus morphs into something less deadly.

27th May 2020 Brazil Deaths From Coronavirus Rise By 1148 To 25697

The number of infections rose in last 24 hours by 22301 to 414661.

26th May 2020 Brazil Deaths From Coronavirus Rise By 1027 To 24549

The number of infections rose by 15691 to 392360.

23rd May 2020 Brazil Deaths From Coronavirus Rise By 965 To 22013

The number of infections rose 16508 to 347398.

21st May 2020 Brazil Deaths From The Coronavirus Rise By 1188 To 20082

The number of infections rose by 17564 to 310921. Brazil has with official figures the third highest number of infections anywhere in the world after Russia and USA which is the most affected.

19th May 2020 Brazil Coronavirus Deaths Rise 1118 To 17971

The number of infections rose by 16260 to 271628.

15th May 2020 Brazil Deaths From Coronavirus Rise By 824 To 14817

The number of people infected rose by 15305 to 218223.

14th May 2020 Brazil Deaths From Coronavirus Rise By 835 To 13993

The number of infections rise by 13761 to 202918.

8th May 2020 Brazil Coronavirus Presenting The Coronvirus Stats That Give A Glimpse Into The Future For South America

The USA has so far showed the world how catastrophic the coronavirus can be economically and in human costs. It has been the worst affected country in the world. However Brazil with its weaker healthcare system and ability to produce medical equipment and personal protective equipment PPE is likely to dwarf USAs experience.

In the last 24 hours Brazil deaths from coronavirus rose by 804 to 9992. The number of infections rose by 10199 to 145892. Brazil already has more infections than any other South American country and has one of the highest number of infections in the world.

7th May 2020 Brazil Economy Minister Paulo Guedes Warns of Economic Collapse If Lockdowns Continue However Brazil Is Still In Exponential Transmission Phase

Deaths and infections in Brazil from coronavirus are only at the beginning of their exponential growth phase. Without a vaccine this means lockdown has to be continued for many more weeks. Can Brazilian economy survive many more weeks of lockdown?

  • Brazil deaths from coronavirus rose by 600 in 24 hours to 9188.
  • Number of people officially infected rose by 9082 to 135693

6th May 2020 Brazil Deaths From Coronavirus Rise By 667 To 8588

The number of infections in Brazil jump 11896 to 126611.

28th April 2020 Brazil deaths from coronavirus rise by 520 in 24 hours to 5063.

The number of infections rose by 6398 in 24 hours to 72899. In 10 days the total number of infections almost doubled. The spread of the virus is rapidly increasing in Brazil. Brazil can expect doubling of infections to happen quicker as it is firmly in exponential growth phase.

23rd April 2020 Brazil Deaths From Coronavirus Rise By 407 To 3313

18th April 2020 Brazil Deaths From Coronavirus Rise By 220 To 2361

Official numbers of infected persons rise by 3040 to 36722.

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23rd August 2019 It Is Not Just Brazils Responsibility To Save The Brazilian Rain Forest

Simply begging Brazils President to stop the destruction of the Brazilian rain forest is an easy way to look good. What is harder is to find a solution for the benefit of the world and for Brazil’s economy.

How many people around the world would take 0.5 percent rise in annual personal and business tax to give to Brazil to protect the rain forest? If you would not then comments about losing 20 percent of oxygenation from forest look pathetic. You would not pay for more oxygen and saving planet? What about other countries? Would they not ask for donation to protect planet from their environment damaging actions?

I am not sure what the answer is but the environmentalists need to present an economic solution that political leaders can buy into not just the environmental case for changing how we do things.

Successfully saving the planet will come from winning the economic argument not environmental argument. There are lots of ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and lots of ways to produce more oxygen. Making these innovations more cost effective will bring about sustainable environmental protection not saying people are stupid for burning the rain forest in Brazil. Making theses environment saving ideas more cost effective means changing the taxation and financial support for these ideas.

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29th January 2019 4000 Brazilian Dams At Risk

Brazil has nearly 4000 dams that are classified as having high damage potential or being at high risk with 205 of those dams containing mineral waste according to Brazils Regional Development Minister Gustavo Canuto.

Brazil does not have the resources to audit all those dams immediately so the government is working on prioritising those that require the most urgent action.

26th January 2019 Dam Collapsed At Iron Ore Mine

9 people have been killed and 200 people missing after a dam collapsed in the south east of Brazil.

What do we know about the collapse?

The dam near Feij√£o iron ore mine burst its barrier at around 13:00 local time (15:00 GMT) on Friday, flooding another dam down below.

The torrent of sludge cut through the dam’s complex, nearby farms and the neighbourhood where many of the workers live, destroying houses and vehicles.

Dozens of trapped people, many of them covered in mud, had to be evacuated by helicopter as roads were destroyed.

Many other residents have been evacuated as a security measure

26th September 2018 Brazil Soybean Set To Export More To China Under USA China Trade War

Chinas soybean processors buying more Brazilian soybean at the end of the season in Brazil. A developing USA China trade war could see an even bigger China soybean supplier switch from USA to Brazil.

China has imposed a 25 percent import tariff on USA soybean imports as part of trade war with America. This should however push up prices of soybean in Brazils domestic marketplace.

21st March 2018 Brazil and European Union EU Trade Deal

Brazilian President Michel Temer says Brazil and the EU are just a step away from signing a free trade agreement.

8th March 2018 Brazil Senate Approves Open Skies Air Deal With USA

Brazil’s Senate approved an Open Skies agreement between Brazil and the United States that clears the way for a partnership between American Airlines Group and LATAM Airlines Group.

The treaty will be sent to President Michel Temer who is expected to sign it into law.   The agreement allows an unlimited number of flights between Brazil and the United States, which should herald lower airfare prices.

5th March 2018 Former CEO of BRF Arrested

According to federal police they have arrested the former chief executive of Brazilian food processor BRF SA on charges he and other executives were aware the company committed fraud in trying to evade food safety checks.

BRF is Brazil’s largest chicken exporter


It is alleged that five laboratories accredited by the Agriculture Ministry colluded with the analysis department of BRF to falsify test results related to its industrial process.

The fraud was designed to get round food safety quality inspections. It is alleged that executives tried to cover up claims of possible food contamination.

1st March 2018 Brazils Economic Growth Weaker Than Expected 4th Quarter 2017

Brazils economy only grew 0.1 percent in the last 3 months of 2017 according to government statistics agency IBGE. Annual growth was running at 2.1 percent in the last quarter.

Brazil’s economy is growing faster but at much reduced rate from the height of the BRICS days. Some economic forecasters are predicting GDP of around 3 percent for 2018, as does the Brazilian government.

15th January 2018 Brazil Economy Activity Expands 3rd Month

Economic activity in Brazil expanded for a third straight month in November, the longest stretch of gains since 2014.

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