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Brazil business leaders seeking help to protect and grow business faster
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Brazil News Opinions Reviews Live Online

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26th September 2018 Brazil Soybean Set To Export More To China Under USA China Trade War

Chinas soybean processors buying more Brazilian soybean at the end of the season in Brazil. A developing USA China trade war could see an even bigger China soybean supplier switch from USA to Brazil.

China has imposed a 25 percent import tariff on USA soybean imports as part of trade war with America. This should however push up prices of soybean in Brazils domestic marketplace.

21st March 2018 Brazil and European Union EU Trade Deal

Brazilian President Michel Temer says Brazil and the EU are just a step away from signing a free trade agreement.

8th March 2018 Brazil Senate Approves Open Skies Air Deal With USA

Brazil’s Senate approved an Open Skies agreement between Brazil and the United States that clears the way for a partnership between American Airlines Group and LATAM Airlines Group.

The treaty will be sent to President Michel Temer who is expected to sign it into law.   The agreement allows an unlimited number of flights between Brazil and the United States, which should herald lower airfare prices.

5th March 2018 Former CEO of BRF Arrested

According to federal police they have arrested the former chief executive of Brazilian food processor BRF SA on charges he and other executives were aware the company committed fraud in trying to evade food safety checks.

BRF is Brazil’s largest chicken exporter

It is alleged that five laboratories accredited by the Agriculture Ministry colluded with the analysis department of BRF to falsify test results related to its industrial process.

The fraud was designed to get round food safety quality inspections. It is alleged that executives tried to cover up claims of possible food contamination.

1st March 2018 Brazils Economic Growth Weaker Than Expected 4th Quarter 2017

Brazils economy only grew 0.1 percent in the last 3 months of 2017 according to government statistics agency IBGE. Annual growth was running at 2.1 percent in the last quarter.

Brazil’s economy is growing faster but at much reduced rate from the height of the BRICS days. Some economic forecasters are predicting GDP of around 3 percent for 2018, as does the Brazilian government.

15th January 2018 Brazil Economy Activity Expands 3rd Month

Economic activity in Brazil expanded for a third straight month in November, the longest stretch of gains since 2014.

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