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Risk in financial services industry in UK are varied complex and interrelated. Political economic social technological legal and environmental risks all play a part in the success or otherwise of a financial services business in the UK.

How an organisation responds to existing and emerging financial services risks will define its future business resilience and sustainability. Survival is not a given never mind success!

Recent surveys have found that people in the UK are on average not investing for their future. Business investors are concerned about the threats rather than the opportunities from Brexit.

The investment climate either creates a buying opportunity or threat to wealth depending on your view of the intermediate and long-term future of the UK and global economy.

In the UK consumers are borrowing more and continue to spend spend spend! High levels of employment and the low unemployment rate creates a level of sustainability that belies the fears of the professional investors.

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Key Types of Financial Services Risks include :

  • Regulatory pressures because the cost of compliance has risen and the cost of non-compliance can be severe
  • Low interest rates because they reduce the income potential from many financial products or businesses
  • Brexit because of the loss of Passporting may have an impact on income from European Union but there is significant uncertainty on the severity of the impact.
  • Skills Gap despite worries of job losses due to Brexit there is actually a shortage of skilled workers in the financial services industry. The costs of employing people in the City of London are increasing as a result of the developing skills gap.

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24th December 2018 What direction are the financial markets going? Could the debt socked economy be prelude to the next financial crisis

Stock markets around the world are falling. Has the bubble burst? Remember a financial crisis comes around every 10 years or so!

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15th December 2018 International Monetary Fund IMF Warns Next Financial Crisis Risk Building

The IMF also reports that it thinks the world financial system is unprepared for another downturn.

State corporate and private debt is higher now than 10 years ago at the last financial crisis. Interest rates around the worlds biggest economies are largely pretty low which means there is little room for central banks to manoeuvre this time. Last time central banks slashed interest rates so people and businesses in debt could survive. Debts will be less sustainable this time around.

The eurozone has not fully recovered from the last financial crisis with unemployment still very high particularly in Greece and Spain. Even Germany is expected growth of around 1.6 percent in 2019 and 2020 without a recession caused by another financial crisis. Even the good times are not great!

4th December 2018 Financial Services Firms In Britain Paid A Record 75 Billion Pounds In Taxes In The Last Financial Year

Total UK tax income in the year to the end of March was up 4 percent on the previous year’s 72.1 billion pounds according to research from consultancy PwC and the City of London Corporation the local government for London financial district.

The previous years tax take had also set a record.

Employment taxes for people working in financial sector in UK for the period hit 32.9 billion pounds

1st November 2018 Post Brexit Deal For Financial Services Industry In UK

UK based financial services firms close to accessing European Union EU markets after Brexit. The Times newspaper reported that a deal is close. The deal being drawn up is based on the EUs existing Equivalence system.

A financial services deal if agreed would only come into force if an overall Brexit agreement is signed.

17th October 2018 Insurance Company Regulatory Control News

The Bank of England BoE has reportedly allowed UK insurers more flexibility on how they value assets in volatile markets.

The BoEs Prudential Regulation Authority PRA said it would make it easier for insurers to use the dynamic volatility adjustment risk assessment tool that is part of the European Unions capital requirements for the sector.

The PRA said says its new guidance is not an excuse for insurers for cutting capital requirements.

The Association of British Insurers ABI said the change brought Britain into line with what other national regulators and the EUs insurance watchdog EIOPA already permitted.

4th September 2018 Reinsurance Rates Relatively Stable Throughout 2019

  • According to credit rating agencies S&P Global Fitch and Moody’s reinsurance premiums should hold steady due to competition in the insurance marketplace

Reinsurers like Swiss Re Munich Re and Lloyds of London increase the capacity to insure risks in the UK and around the world. They make business life less uncertain and risks become more acceptable more managable.

Credit rating agencies think that reinsurance premiums next year will rise less than 5 percent. It is a buyers market and reinsurers in 2018 have to fight for their portion on the insurance marketplace. This will continue in 2019.

11th December 2017 Shortage of Applicants For City Jobs

Recruitment firm Morgan McKinley has reported problems for London city financial services companies trying to fill skills gaps in the Square Mile in London. Employers are increasing starting salaries to try to attract new recruits.

Skills gaps in the Square Mile has meant a jump in City job wages of more than 15% according to Morgan McKinley. New regulations has meant that employers can’t wait to fill skills gap in the City.

30th September 2017 UK Managing To Save Despite Increasing Debt

The Office for National Statistics ONS reports that in the 3-months to June 2017 UK savers saved 5.4% of income. This is an increase on the first quarter where it was only 3.8% and this at a time when consumers are borrowing more to spend. It is an indication that the UK economy is healthier than many commentators promote for their own political reasons.

Business investment is also at new high levels

9th August 2017 Legal & General Gets Boost From Poorer Than Anticipated Life Expectancy Figures

Legal & General expected longer living to result in longer pension payments, but people aren’t living as long as thought. Unhealthy lifestyles in the UK are to blame.

Legal & General pre-tax profit jumped 41% to £1.2 billion in six months to June 30th with the retirement business unit performing better than expected.

Legal & General Chief Executive, Mr Wilson, has scanned the horizon and doesn’t see any significant risks to the company. He thinks businesses in the UK are performing well after the Brexit vote and will invest more in UK business start ups.

17th February 2017 – UK Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA) Wants Rein-In Executive Pay

The PLSA has called for new rules to ensure executives obtain proper shareholder approval for executive reward packages.   It also advocates the release of corporate data presenting the pay ratios between the CEO and his or her workforce.

The PLSA is the leading body in the UK for providing representation and other services to those involved in designing, operating, advising and investing in all aspects of workplace pensions.   It represents 1,300 pension fund members that provide pensions for over 17 million people and have more than £900 billion of assets under management.   The Association membership also includes 400 businesses that provide services to pension funds including investment managers, law firms, actuarial consultancies and administrators.   It aims to spread best practice among its members.

18th January 2017 – Financial Services Firms Exploring Brexit Options In Ireland

The Irish government has received more than 100 inquiries from UK financial firms considering operations in Ireland.   They are exploring viability of moving operations, or perhaps opening additional operations in Dublin, to provide flexibility to manage risks from Brexit.   They may want to set operations in Ireland but that may not mean also closing down operations in the City Of London, though some could.

13th January 2017 – UK Savers Increased Protection Of Cash

Savers will at the end of January, get protection for £85,000 cash up from £75,000, with each financial institution they place cash in.   If the financial institution goes bust the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) will reimburse customers up to £85,000.

Emerging financial services threats and opportunities arise from FinTech developments, compliance with regulations and a revisit to the mantra of being fair to the customer.

Growing business more productively, more profitably and more sustainably.

What will be the regulatory challenges and opportunities arising in 2017?   We analyse the impact for financial services including banking and capital assets, investment management and insurance.

What are Risk Management Experts saying today?

Find out more about risk management experts who can help you manage your business better.

Our global network of financial services risk management experts can help you become more resilient against a complex uncertain business environment

Management of risk in financial services

Are you responsible for managing risks in your financial services business?  

Poor risk management in financial institutions is self evident.   Very few financial services businesses would not have had risk management systems in place prior to financial crisis in 2007-08.   However, enterprise risk management (ERM) is but a tool.   The ERM tool is only as effective as the person or business employing it in practice.

2008 was not the last time ERM failed.   The UK’s biggest financial services institutions are still making mistakes that can only arise through the inadequate use of ERM principles and practices.   And the result is continued loss of shareholder value, loss-making financial services businesses, loss of jobs in financial services industry and customers who have suffered financially fatal losses.

Business risk in financial services industry is the driver of success or failure.   Use an enterprise risk management (ERM) framework to bring about risk culture change and improve corporate governance and regulatory compliance

Our financial services business risk partners can assist you in achieving your strategic operational and project objectives whilst cost-effectively and pro-actively managing your enterprise-wide risk.   Financial services risk management combines action on corporate governance, enterprise risk management and regulatory compliance (GRC).

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