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20th June 2018 Half Of UK Employers Expect To Find Difficulties Finding People To Fill Job Vacancies in UK

According to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation REC latest survey of UK employers finding staff is going to be difficult in 2018 and beyond. UK employers are increasingly confident about the UK economy performance. They are worried they will not find employees to fill the job vacancies that will be created or are available right now.

The REC surveyed 600 employers between February 12th and April 25th 2018.

Financial Services Jobs At Risk Of Automation

24th January 2018 Jobs In Engineering In Gloucestershire

Renishaw is recruiting 50 apprentices across Gloucestershire and South Wales.

Apprentices will get a nationally recognised qualification at the end of the apprenticeship and develop skills that could make them invaluable to most engineering companies especially as UK manufacturing is currently booming and short of skilled workers.

Earn while you learn in your new apprenticeship role.

The UK as a whole has job vacancies at their highest level since records began in 2001. There are currently 810000 job vacancies in the UK. This is at a time when the Office for National Statistics ONS says there is already a record high number of people working in the UK at 32.2 million.

The ONS says 2017 was a watershed year when people in self employment switched to employed roles as self employment fell in 2017 reversing a trend of growing self employment since the year 2000.

15th February 2017 Lack Of Calibre Recruits Or Lack Of Investment In Business Training In The UK?

Some business leaders complain of a growing skills gap in the UK. Whose fault is that?

Is it the education system?

Possibly there is the wrong preparation for employment by our education system in the UK. However when you hear business leaders say that there just isn’t the right calibre of recruit in the UK or even in whole of Europe you have to ask yourself if it is actually business leaders who are primarily responsible for the skills gap in the UK.

Are such business leaders really right when they say they can’t find people in the whole of the UK or Europe they can train to do the jobs they say they have?

Skilled employees don’t grow on trees they grow in your business!

Employers in the past have sought to buy in off the shelf skilled workers from around the world and haven’t invested in UK people. This is part of the reason that political reform is happening. Instead of moaning about the lack of skilled staff UK employers need to control the controllable and boost investing in business training.

How much money have you spent on investing in your existing staff or recruits to fill the skills gap?

Business leaders are right. There is a growing skills gap in the UK, but business leaders are part of the problem and the solution. Businesses need to invest more in their workforce to fill skills gaps enhance productivity and retain staff.

If you are not developing your career with your existing employer then maybe you need to change employer. Find an employer who is prepared to work with you not exploit you!

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