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7th November 2018 Takeaway Owner and Takeaway Manager Sentenced To Total 5 years For Death Of Customer Due To Nut Allergy

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11th October 2018 Cadbury No Longer Paying Corporation Tax In UK

Cadbury owner Mondelez paid no corporation tax in the UK last year. The company made a profit of 185 million pounds last year but paid not corporation tax on the profit.

Cadbury is now a subsidiary company of USA company Mondelez International. Mondelez is owned by Kraft Foods Schweiz Holdings. Fraft has repeatedly reneged on its promises prior to the purchase of Cadbury. Whether its failure to fulfil promises and pay a fair Corporation Tax to the country that supports its profit generation will impact on Krafts policies is debatable. Proof will be in Frafts actions but so far it has failed to live up to the ethos of the founders of Cadbury in a holistic risk management approach.

7th March 2018 Coca Cola Tipple In Pipeline

Coca Cola plans to bring to market its first alcoholic drink. Japan will be the first to taste it but it’s unlikely to travel beyond those shores for sometime.

5th February 2018 Aldi Recalls 38,000 Products After A Customer Finds Rat In One

Aldi product recall was implemented when a customer found half a rat in a bag of frozen mixed green vegetables.

21st December 2017 2 Sisters Food Group Food Management Process Standards In News Again

The Guardian newspaper reports that Tesco auditors have red flagged another 2 Sisters Food Group plant. Tescos inspected a poultry processing plant in Scotland and reportedly found several food management failings including:

  1. Mixing  organic and non organic chickens
  2. Instances of chicken becoming untraceable once leaving plant
  3. The ability for workers to alter use-by dates
  4. Double or no labelling
  5. System recording errors in respect of chicken for disposal restricting workers ability to prove which products sent to waste disposal

Tescos responded by saying that it’s audit did not identify regulatory breaches at 2 Sisters Food Group sites however they did red flag the plant in Coupar Angus Scotland and this demonstrates the poor food processing practice at the plant at the time of the audit by Tesco’s, according to Tesco audit standards.

2 Sisters Food Group claim there isn’t and never was any risk to food safety at the Coupar Angus plant.

30th September 2017 Chicken Food Safety Scandal in UK

2 Sisters Food Group chicken processing factory food scandal is escalating, as the company and its CEO is facing a parliamentary inquiry into the allegations of poor hygiene standards.

A House Of Commons food and rural affairs committee has requested the appearance before it of the founder Ranjit Singh Boparan. In addition to the reputation damage the appearance before the committee may prove to be very uncomfortable.

Three supermarket chains have so far suspended contracts with 2 Sisters Food Group to supply raw chicken and is only the start of the financial damage the company will experience after an investigation by the Guardian newspaper and ITV News. The group was the biggest poultry supplier in the UK. An investigation by the media outlets uncovered alleged incidents of very poor hygiene standards and food safety recording.

Marks & Spencers Aldi and Lidl have all suspended contracts with the poultry supplier. Other supermarkets are completing their own investigations before they decide what to do with their contracts with the supplier.

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