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The collapse of BHS and Carillion are just recent examples of relatively frequent risk occurrences that can threaten the quality of your retirement in the UK.

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28th October 2017 – Do You Want More Out Of Your Home?

UK house prices are still rising.   Maybe rising slower than recent years, but still rising in most parts of the UK.   What are you going to do with the wealth you have in your home as you reach or enter retirement?

Do you want to enjoy life more in retirement?   Do you do this by spending it on yourself or investing in your children’s future whilst you are still alive?   Equity release or lifetime mortgages could be the answer for both of these retirement plans.

Equity release is no longer for those desperate for money in later life.   It is for people who want a little more now on their wealth built up over decades potentially.

It might even be good inheritance tax planning to leave your pension pot for inheritance by your children and instead spend other assets that are less inheritance tax efficient.

If you live for a long time in retirement you might look back and wish you had sold your home and downsized, so equity release is not right for everyone and there is no exact science to help you make the best retirement planning decision.

It is necessary to take regulated financial advice before using equity release to finance your retirement in the UK

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8th February 2017 – Unmarried Couples Rights To Pension

Supreme Court in UK gives woman right to late partner’s pension.   The woman was refused pension payments from her partner’s local government pension scheme after he died suddenly in 2009.   He add not completed a form nominating her to be eligible for survivor’s pension.

If they had been married she would automatically been entitled to the pension payments, but without the nomination form the pension scheme argued it was not obligated to pay her anything.   She took her case to the Supreme Court who said she was entitled to pension as if she was married to her partner.   Her case means millions of families in her position will also be entitled to pension benefits without going to court.   Cohabiting couples will not be discriminated against when compared to married couples – they will have equal rights to pension benefits.

Pension scheme rules in the UK will need to be altered to reflect the ruling of the court. Retirement Planning

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