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Many jobs in the UK go unfilled due to a skills shortage. There is a widening skills crisis across the UK.

Some jobs are more in demand than others. Many businesses need people to fill their skills gap to grow faster to meet demand for their products and services.   The skills gap is holding many firms back. It is impacting on the UK’s ability to be competitive in the global marketplace. UK productivity is threatened by skills gap.

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City and Guilds Survey reported in June 2018 that 9 out 10 UK employers are struggling to fill skills gap. It is the biggest threat to businesses in UK. The problem is getting worse not better.

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The UK is struggling to provide the right quantity and quality of labour skills to satisfy the market. Don’t let your business get held back due to the cost of recruitment or the lack of suitable candidates.

The annual 2016 Confederation of British Industry CBI survey July has found that 69 percent of employers surveyed were concerned about not being able to find enough highly-skilled staff. The problem is worse in 2016 than it was in 2015.

Whilst it is crucially important for business leaders to invest in staff for a sustainable business model it is also important to use recruitment tools which will find the best job candidates quickly and as cheaply as possible.

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