Tesco and Carrefour Strategic Alliance

Retailers continue to put pressure on suppliers to cut costs

Biggest retailers continue to create strategic alliances to maximise profit and protect mutual retail market share. Carrefour and Tesco plan to formalise an informal arrangement for global long-term purchasing alliance.

Food and Drink Magazine UK
Food and Drink Magazine

The strategic alliance will aim to put pressure on global suppliers to reduce their prices. Such cost reductions will enable retailers to maximise profit or protect and grow market share.

Is the survival of your supplier business threatened? Will retailer strategic alliances crush your profit? How can you change your small medium sized business strategy to combat continual pressure from big supermarkets?

Supply Chain Risks Management

Retailers have to respond to threats to their core business objectives. The world of retail is currently undergoing seismic changes. The pace of change is only going to accelerate. How prepared is your retail business to manage threats and seize new business opportunities?

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Enterprise Risk Management ERM Capabilities

How do you develop and improve your enterprise risk management model

Your enterprise risk management framework is critical to embed cost effective enterprise risk management principles practices and procedures to protect your business better and grow it faster. Apply an improved ERM framework to aid improved strategic operational and project risk outcomes to support improved business performance and sustainability with less uncertainty.

Build a more holistic integrated risk based decision making process

Could you boost your enterprise risk management ERM capabilities?

Business leaders face new challenges to their business survival and prosperity on a daily basis. Our service will help you to build your enterprise risk management ERM capabilities for free.

Grow your risk knowledge and risk intelligence enterprise wide with the help of BusinessRiskTV. We can help you complete a business health check of your ERM capability and provide tips help and support you to grow your understanding of ERM in a practical way that brings improved productivity and business performance.

Manage enterprise risks better and grow your business faster with less uncertainty

Preserve and grow the value of your business with help of BusinessRiskTV.   Enhance your enterprise wide risk awareness to improve your business decision-making process.

Dynamically respond to internal and external risks for better risk management outcomes for benefit of all stakeholders in the business.

We will help you to put the enterprise risk management ERM theory into practice to help you achieve strategic operational and project objectives with more certainty.

Our ERM capabilities oversight will enable your business to adopt a more practical more cost effective approach to risk mitigation, and seizing more new business opoortunities.

Take the ERM capabilities business healthcheck to find out your enterprise risk management framework maturity level. When you have benchmarked where your business is now you can work on enhancing your enterprise risk management ERM capabilities.

Changing your decision making process will help managers and business owners achieve performance and profitability targets with more certainty. Improve your risk management capabilities with help of BusinessRiskTV.

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Are you looking for practical advice on how to develop and embed your enterprise risk management ERM capabilities?

Most businesses have room to continuously improve their ERM capabilities for the purpose of improving overall business performance and enterprise wide risk management with more certainty.

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Enterprise risk management ERM capability
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Most Important Things To Know In Business Are What Are Your Biggest Problems Impacting On Business Objectives

Take The Courage To Embrace Potential Failure Of Business

Then take action to reduce the risk of failure

What is achievable in your business?

Know with more certainty what your business could achieve if it makes some changes.

Once you know what your biggest business problems are, you can identify how to best use limited business resources to reap the quickest gains to achieve greater business success more quickly.

Too often people in business at all levels of the organisation are working extremely hard.   This can be a problem because they can burn out whilst solving problems that don’t matter to the achievement of key business objectives.   Solutions include employing more staff to work on the same minor business problems then business leaders wonder why they are spending more without any increase in business productivity and no business performance improvement.

Improving business performance requires better use of existing key business assets for a better return in your investment of time and money.

Develop the quality and capacity of your workforce to achieve more for themselves and the business

Training employees to help themselves will help your business achieve its objectives by overcoming the biggest business problems more easily with existing  resources.

What are your biggest business problems

If you can’t answer this question immediately, right now, then you are missing out on quick more profitable gains to easily make your business more successful.

If you can answer this question immediately, and with near absolute certainty then you should be performing pretty efficiently already.   If not why haven’t you taken steps to remove barriers to your greater business and personal success?

Develop a new business management strategy with a new decision making process designed to help you identify evaluate and manage your biggest business problems more cost-effectively.   If you can’t tell us what your biggest problems are in a very short summary of the key information then you haven’t truly identified your biggest critical business problems impacting on your business objectives.

You could develop a new business strategy for success that is less complicated, cheaper to implement and brings greatest rewards if you change your thinking about business management.

This could be a pivotal moment for your business

You either know exactly what you need to do today to change your business trajectory, or you may need a little outside help.   BusinessRiskTV.com can provide that help.   If you don’t need help, we wish you well for the future.   If you do need help, get in touch below and tell us what you need help with.

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Try Not To Be Stupid Instead Of Trying To Be Clever

Use A Simple Business Decision Making Process That Tries To Stop You Being A Loser

Doing the dull things well can be more sustainably successful than trying to come up with the best thing since sliced bread

Better Business Protection Faster Business Growth

Many business leaders look foolish after major risk events that destroy business value

Ill-advised actions, or inaction,  can often have been avoided if only business leader’s made straight forward decisions to reduce uncertainty.

After the risk event investigations normally discover ludicrous decisions were taken that were more likely to cause a damaging risk event than the shortsighted manager’s would have you believe.   They were either incompetent or reckless.

Rash business decisions don’t have to be taken by unintelligent human beings.   They are normally made due to a deficient decision making process than dim business leaders.

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Higher UK Interest Rates Are Coming So Fill Your Boots With Cheap Money Now

UK Interest Rate Predictions

Current interest rate in UK is 0.25%, but this is set to rise in 2017

International business growth tips advice and support

If the Bank of England pushes up UK interest rate, lenders will follow suit and it will cost you more money to buy a house, build that extension, lease a new car or invest in your business.

17th October 2017 – UK Inflation Rises Even Further Beyond Bank of England Target of 2%

UK’s inflation reached 3% in September, 50% higher than targeted, according to the Office for National Statistics ONS.

3% is the UK’s highest inflation level in since April 2012.   This is a continuation a rising inflation trend in the UK.   This validates the expectation of a UK interest rate hike in November 2017, especially as rising UK inflation should herald rising wages.

Pensioners will definitely win from September’s increase in inflation.   UK state pension is linked to September’s inflation rate and this means pensioners will get a 3% “wage rise” next April 2018.   The triple-lock on pensions means that pensioners are guaranteed a minimum increase each year by whichever is the highest of September’s inflation rate, average earnings growth or 2.5%.

If you are planning on borrowing money in UK get in now whilst lenders rates are at their lowest

Could UK interest rates fall even further?   Of course they could!   Will they?   Not on your nelly!

UK interest rate is currently at its lowest.   The only way is up, but when will they rise?   They should have risen by now and as each day passes the likelihood of an increase in interest rate in UK increases.

Currently the UK manufacturing sector is selling more than it has ever done since 1988.   Exports are at their highest since 1995.   The UK manufacturing sector is trying to recruit more people.

Unemployment is at its lowest rate since the 1970’s.   Employment rate is at its highest ever.   Million’s of job vacancies are unfilled.   Employers will have to increase pay to retain and attract staff and this will push inflation up higher.

Inflation is running at 2.9% and is probably already at 3.0%.   The Bank of England has a KPI to trigger interest rate increases.   It’s 2.0%.   UK inflation is currently 50% higher than the optimal inflation rate of 2.0.% and if the Governor of the Bank of England was a balanced analyst he would know that he needs to help the Monetary Policy Committee to increase UK interest rate to 0.5% in 2017.

Mr Carney has today admitted UK businesses are investing more as the global economy is set to boom.   The UK economy will probably grow at least as fast as 2016 and by the end of 2017 growth in UK will be a healthy 2.0%.

Increasing UK interest rate will support the value of the UK pound and this will make it slightly harder to export and slightly easier to import to UK which will help control inflation.

The UK needs to prepare for the next financial disaster that the financial services industry cook’s up.   Part of the preparation is increasing interest rate towards the long-term UK average of 5.0% (yes 5.0% not 0.5%).   Even if the Bank of England did increase UK interest rate to 0.5%, it would still be at a rate that is a tenth of the normal for the UK.   That’s how far interest rates will go and it will go relatively fast to stop consumer bubble like that in car sales by finance.

So if you want to borrow money in the UK you will never get a better time to borrow than now.   Mr Carney flip flops about when it comes to monetary guidance.   One minute the economic data points to a UK interest rate rise, the next Mr Carney thinks the same data points to maintaining UK interest rate, or even cutting UK interest rate.   Mr Carney will soon be going on a mid-career break with Mrs May.   She will bore him to death about her policy of a strong and stable government, and he can bore her about his kangeroo petrol monetary guidance policy.

The new and enlightened and emboldened MPC should increase UK interest rate this year.   If the MPC doesn’t then we need a new MPC.

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Global Economy

World Economic News Headlines

Read global economy articles and watch video updates on global economic news headlines, business risk analysis, business leader debate and discussion.   Entrepreneurs, executives and business leaders take part in our strategic growth business forum online events from you phone, pc or mobile device.   Inform your business decision-making from expert panel and member discussions and sign up for innovative business development online workshops from anywhere in the world where business innovators operate.

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Global Economy News

Current global economy news articles and video content.   Stress test the global economy with latest forecasts, reports and global economic analysis.

17th April 2018 – Global Economic Growth 3.5 Percent

Institute of International Finance IIF forecasting faster global economic growth. IIF increased global economic growth for 2018 to 3.5 percent. Much of the increase in growth down to USA tax cuts. These will not only power USA growth but global growth.

16th March 2018 – Global Growth Strongest In 7 Years

According to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development OECD, global economic growth is growing faster than at any other time in last 7 years.   It is forecasting economic growth at 3.9 percent for 2018.

Threats to global economic growth include growing trade war between most other countries and USA as well as other geopolitical issues like Russia v EU / UK, North Korea and the ever present tensions in Middle East.

14th March 2018 – A Credit Rating Agency, Fitch, Has Suggested Global Economic Growth Is Strong and Accelerating

Global economic growth is rising faster now than it has for around a decade.

Unemployment is falling, money is still cheap in most parts of the world and corporate investment is strong.

Fitch is forecasting global economic growth of 3.3 percent in 2018 and 3.2 percent in 2019.   Last year it was 3.2 percent according to Fitch.

27th February 2018 – You Should Be Optimistic About Your Future

Global growth prospects for 2018-19 are improving and accelerating.   Most parts of the world are looking to a better 2018 than 2017 in terms of economic growth and 2017 was one of the best year’s for growth in close to a decade.

Not every business will take advantage of increasing global economic growth, just like not all businesses went bust during the financial crisis starting in 2007-08.   The rising tide of business opportunities creates the environment for your business to grow much faster in 2018.

Corporate business leaders in UK who look for new business development opportunities will find them.

If you don’t think you have time to explore business growth opportunities, you may get the opportunity to reflect at your leisure  after your business collapses.   Those companies that fail to grow may find they contract, or even fail to survive.

7th February 2018 – International Monetary Fund Chief Economist Says Global Economy Growing Faster

The IMF’s chief economist is reported as saying that world economic fundamentals are strong.   There is increased trading and more business investment.   As a result major economies are the world are growing faster than expected.   He sees “very broad-based (global) growth”.

2nd February 2018 BusinessRiskTV Forecasts The Economic Forecasts Will Get Global Growth Wrong For 2018

Many economists are forecasting around the 4 percent mark for global economic growth in 2018.   BusinessRiskTV forecasts this will underplay the global economic boom that is set to happen in 2018.

If a major global event occurs like World War 111, then growth will be slower, but if World War 3 happens we will not care about economic forecasts any longer!   Such geopolitical risk events aside, we can look around the world and see great news unfolding:

  • America is feeding in huge corporate and personal tax cuts into its economy.   When America grows so does the rest of the world.   In addition, low unemployment and faster wage increases in USA will turbo-charge the USA economy in 2018.
  • Eurozone is experiencing is fastest growth period in around a decade and this will continue, but accelerate in 2018, as people find jobs and property values start to rise making people in the Eurozone feel wealthier.   Manufacturing is returning to countries in Eurozone that may have once have forgotten how to make things.
  • Africa is a sleeping giant that will fail to get its act together in 2018 but will improve on recent economic performance.
  • Asia Pacific is set to expand faster with the likes of India in particular racing ahead.   China will continue to find more and more people jobs in 2018 and will lift more people out of poverty further increasing demand for domestic and international consumption.   Japan will finally put decades of deflation behind it and new technology will begin to overcome demographic time-bomb to the benefit of Japanese economy.
  • The Americas, and Brazil in particular, was once a fast growing area of the globe.   South American expenditure will be healthier in 2018 and help develop continental and global growth faster than 2017.
  • The UK is constantly put down by people in the UK but the UK economy will continue to surprise most UK economists trying to subvert Brexit and grow faster than 2 percent in 2018.   Low unemployment, faster wage growth due to skills shortages and rising housing prices will encourage UK consumers to spend more and manufacturing and services sectors will push UK growth faster supported by a return of the construction sector.
  • Middle Eastern countries will benefit from rising oil prices and rebuilding of some physically damaged countries.

We’ll look back on 2018 as the real start of the 4th Industrial Revolution as many new developments will turn into fast growing businesses and global productivity will start to increase overcoming the bad old days of doing business.

8th January 2018 – Global Economy Forecasts: Increasingly More Positive Business Outlook

Previously poorly performing eurozone helping to drive more upbeat global economic outlook.

A survey for Sentix index indicated eurozone business leader confidence is at its highest level since August 2007.   The global economy in all regions is looking more positive.

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