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Covid19 UK Latest News and Risk Management
Covid19 UK Latest News and Risk Management.
Health and Fitness Industry Trends and Risk Management
Fitness industry leaders and political lobbyists work on the opening of the fitness industry in the England

23rd June 2020 Make your hospitality business Covid secure and attracting more revenue from summer staycations with BusinessRiskTV

England has the opportunity to make money this summer. In March 2020 it looked incredibly unlikely that hospitality businesses like holiday accommodation pubs and restaurants would be able to open this summer.

Do not waste this opportunity to survive the coronavirus Covid19 pandemic in business. UK citizens will also soon have opportunity to fly to Frances Spain Greece and Portugal. You are going to work hard to make sure your business activities are safe and secure the holiday money of people in the UK.

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12th May 2020 Are you following the new office safety guidelines from UK government?

The UK government has produced safety management guidelines for offices during coronavirus pandemic. Are you following latest guidance for your office workers?

  • Are you facilitating home working wherever possible?
  • Have you devised one way system to minimise contact amongst their staff?
  • Do you stagger arrival and departure times at work to reduce crowding?
  • Can you arrange extra parking given the reduced public transport capacity? Social distancing rules on public transport means there will be 90 percent less public transportation capacity.
  • Can you provide extra facilities such as bike racks to encourage people to cycle to work if possible?
  • Are all meetings held remotely and do you restrict number of participants to only those absolutely necessary?
  • Can you organise meetings outside as an alternative?
  • Screens barriers and floor tape should be used to keep people apart and help show 2m distances.
  • Stopped using hot desking?
  • Introduce workstation sanitising between shifts.
  • Stagger work breaks.

What are the key safety management threats to your business?

What opportunities to improve business performance arise from good safety management? Network with top safety management leaders.

Discover new ways to improve your occupational health and safety strategy. Access the latest health and safety management news opinions and reviews. Join the discussion on best health and safety management practices in the workplace.

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Safety Management Tips Advice Guidance Support Online

Safety management forum for improving safety management in the workplace. Learn workplace safety management best practices from peers and guest speakers. Interactive safety management forum for safety risk managers safety practitioners safety trainers and enterprise managers with responsibilities for improving safety management in the workplace.

Health and safety news features opinions reviews and tips online. Quickly access latest news in the world of health safety and environmental management with comment and opinions on best occupational safety practices and techniques.

Read articles on safety management which is the magazine of and Safety Management Online. Essential reading for health and safety managers. Safety Management magazine reviews prosecutions case studies legislative changes industry safety initiatives and reviews the latest health and safety at work products and services offered to businesses in the UK.

Improve your health and safety culture at work. Use our health and safety occupational audits to benchmark your business against best practice.

Join topic country and industry specific safety management forums to identify assess and discuss safety threats and opportunities to improve safety management systems in the workplace.

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7th March 2020 Boeing“culture of concealment” and Inadequate Risk Oversight

A “culture of concealment” and “grossly insufficient” oversight led to two crashes of Boeing 737 Max aircraft according to a USA a congressional report.

Boeing misled and withheld information from the Federal Aviation Administration FAA. However the FAA did not escape criticism. Not for the first time a nation regulator did not perform risk oversight properly and as a result others suffered. In this case hundreds of people died.

Boeing was forced to ground its fleet of Max airliners after the crashes of the Lion Air Max in 2018 and an Ethiopian Airlines jet in 2019. USA government will now decide what to do about Boeing after ripping apart its safety culture within the company.

Bringing together a community of like minded individuals who are or want to be leaders in our safety management forums

Safety Management Forums To Solve Problems Quicker and Cheaper. Continuously improve your understanding of safety risks in your country or industry and learn from specialist safety risk experts in our online safety management forums

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  • Improve the effectiveness of your safety management systems
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Risk Experts On Reopening Gyms
Balancing the risks from socially distanced gym use incl benefits in terms of health and job retention with virus spreading risk

Risk Experts On Reopening Gyms

Assess the risks from obesity mental illness loss of jobs and loss of taxation with the threat from the virus

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