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2008 should have been the watershed moment for the financial services sector and banking in particular to implement systemic changes to incorporate enterprise risk management principles and practices.

Financial services companies have continued to bring to market products that have led to claims for compensation. Nonsense of putting the customer first is often uttered in the financial services sector.

The reality is that the financial services sector risk management culture is still systemically broken and it is likely to lead to the next financial crisis. A financial crisis comes along roughly every 10 years. As we look towards 2019 the next financial crisis is overdue.

How will the next financial crisis manifest itself? Not known. Will it happen? Almost certainly. Most countries have not fully recovered from the last financial crisis. Their economies are still very weak. Even the strong are comparatively weak. This means we may never recover from the next financial crisis and so should do more to make sure the next financial crisis is avoided or mitigated.

Most likely cause of the next financial crisis is the compounding and aggregation of financial risk.


The last financial crisis grew and exploded from the productionisation of simple debt prototype ideas thought up by people who thought they were masters of the world. Despite the new false perception that after ten years we have now paid our dues we are in fact drowning in more unpaid debt than ever.

Unpaid debt will continue to be wrapped up in shiny new marketing material designed to protect the buyers from the toxicity of the core material. Piled high and sold cheap these debt instruments will be combined and recombined. The new for old debt products will build the tower that will be the start of the beginning of the end for many a business in the next financial crisis.

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