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19th October 2018 Italian Economy Almost Stagnating 

The Italian economy grew just 0.1 percent in the third quarter of this year from the previous three months according to Bank of Italy estimate.

Italian economy still eurozones third largest economy

The Italian government has revised growth forecasts for 2018 to 1.2 percent.

17th October 2018 Italian Government Approves Budget That Contravenes European Union EU Deficit Rules

The Italian cabinet has signed off a budget for 2019 that will increase Italian debt and deficit. Other countries have had to cut their budget to me EU rules. This has resulted in other countries cutting pensions and benefits in their country. Meanwhile Italy plans to increase debt to help fund cutting the retirement age and increase welfare spending.

13th October 2018 Italy Is European Unions Biggest Threat Not Brexit

What will the European Union EU do with a problem like Italy. Italys budget problems could lead to the break up of the EU.

Italys new populist government wants to increase borrowing over the next three years to spend more and lower taxes.

However Italy already has the second highest debt problem in Europe after Greece but Italys economy is much bigger than Greeces. Italy is a much bigger problem for the EU than Greece. Italy presents an existential problem for the EU where as Greece did not.

In addition Italys bank threaten the whole banking system in Europe and beyond regardless of the Italian governments plans.

If Italy does increase its debt burden it will thumb its nose at European Union budget rules.

14th August 2018 Italy Bridge Collapse Kills At Least 20 People 

A bridge in Genoa has collapsed killing at least 20 people. People fell in their vehicles on top of people 150 feet below the bridge.

8th August 2018 Slower Growth in 2019 Forecast

The Italian government is forecasting even slower economic growth in 2019. It is forecasting growth of 1.2 percent in 2018 and 1.1 percent in 2019.

Slower economic growth i Italy is of particular concern given its high debt level and plans to increase the debt pile even more.

6th August 2018 Trucks Collide And One Explodes Near Bologna

A lorry carrying cars collided on a bridge with another full of flammable materials. The bridge partly collapsed and fire spread to a car park below where several more vehicles exploded.

Two people have been killed and at least 60 injured.

3rd July 2018 Italy Drowning In Debt Limits Options For Italian Government

Italy has more than 2 trillion euros in debt. Italys banks are extremely weak and unlikely to recover strength soon. Italy can not afford to stay in eurozone and can not afford to leave it! The whole Euro Zone area would struggle to bail out Italy if it really needs to.

Threats that Italy will leave the euro are confounded by the fact it can not leave even if it wanted to. One of the biggest supporters of the euro is now one of the biggest threats to the survival of the eurozone. Many in the eurozone would rather force Italy out of the eurozone than help it recover.

19th June 2018 Italian Debt Reduction Still Key Aim For New Italian Government

Italy will try to reduce debt to protect investor confidence in the Italian economy according to Italian Economy Minister Giovanni Tria. Italy will stay on its debt reduction path so as to not scare away investors who may stop lending money to Italy if they think they are going to lose their money.

14th June 2018 Italy Could Block European Union EU Trade Deal With Canada

Italy will not ratify the EUs free trade agreement with Canada according to Italys agriculture minister. 28 EU member states must approve the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement CETA. However Italy is not happy with the potential loss of farm products if Italy agrees to CETA.

7th June 2018 Weak Italian Growth

According to Italys statistic agency ISTAT it is likely that Italys economic growth will slow this year. Economic growth in the first quarter of 2018 was only 1.4 percent. Italy is therefore in danger of slipping into a recession.

Retail sales continue to fall month after month

28th May 2018 New Elections In Italy?

Political chaos in Italy will probably only be resolved by another round of elections.

Giuseppe Conte has failed to form a new government after the last elections several months ago. His anti-EU candidate for economy minister has been rejected by Italys president.

New elections in Italy are likely to focus on whether Italy should be in the EU. Italy has a stagnating at best economy. Italians used to love the euro but may now what a divorce from euro and EU.

Recent surveys of Italian public opinion suggest Italexit is still long way off

17th May 2018 Italy Set To Ignore European Union EU Spending Rules

It will be interesting to see how the EU reacts to the Italian government massive increase in spending on top of an already profligate budgetary policy.

The EU expects members to limit government budget deficits to 3 percent of gross domestic product GDP and debt to 60 percent of GDP.. If member countrys do not comply they should face punishment. However the EU changes the rules depending on who the rule breaker is.

6th April 2018 Central Bank Of Italy Knows The Southern Europe Countries Need QE For A lot Longer

The Bank of Italy wants the European Central Bank ECB to maintain cheap money for significantly longer.

An executive board member Fabio Panetta said that its necessary to maintain current ECB policy of effectively making money cheap to borrow.

Italys central bank does not want to withdraw expansionary monetary policy until the Eurozone is growing fast. Germany on the other hand want to make borrowing more expensive as it has an overheating economy.

16th March 2018 Italys Banks Given Get Out Of Jail Card

Italy’s banking association’s director general Giovanni Sabatini says that the European Central Bank ECB will not impose legal obligations on Italys banks with high non-performing loans.

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