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17th May 2018 – Italy Set To Ignore European Union EU Spending Rules

It will be interesting to see how the EU reacts to the Italian government massive increase in spending on top of an already profligate budgetary policy.

The EU expects members to limit government budget deficits to 3 percent of gross domestic product GDP and debt to 60 percent of GDP.. If member countrys do not comply they should face punishment. However the EU changes the rules depending on who the rule breaker is.

6th April 2018 – Central Bank Of Italy Knows The Southern Europe Countries Need QE For A lot Longer

The Bank of Italy wants the European Central Bank ECB to maintain cheap money for significantly longer.

An executive board member Fabio Panetta said that its necessary to maintain current ECB policy of effectively making money cheap to borrow.

Italys central bank does not want to withdraw expansionary monetary policy until the Eurozone is growing fast.   Germany on the other hand want to make borrowing more expensive as it has an overheating economy.

16th March 2018 – Italy’s Banks Given Get Out Of Jail Card

Italy’s banking association’s director general Giovanni Sabatini, says that the European Central Bank ECB will not impose legal obligations on Italy’s banks with high non-performing loans.

Italy’s bank bad loan burden has lost weight in a flash

5th March 2018 – No Outright Winners In Italian Election

No party or even coalition has a majority to run Italy.   After the election, deals will have to be done to create a viable government in Italy.   The party which received the most votes was anti-EU right wing 5-Star Movement headed by a comedian.   America is run by a reality-tv star so people shouldn’t look down their noses at Italy!

Political populism around the world based on the lack of trust in traditional leaders.   At the moment the old-guard politicians are hanging on by their fingertips to power, but the world may yet be thrown-off its axis.

In Italy, the politicians will scramble to form a government.   Who will be in and who will be out is not yet known, but it is unlikely to last, whatever is formed.

Italy’s election result means the European Union is closer to collapse than at the end of last week

Corporate Italy’s shares plunged in value on reflection that anti-establishment political party’s performed best in the election.   Already weak Italian banks were amongst the share price fallers making them even weaker post-election result.

8th February 2018 – Italian Economy To Grow Faster In 2018 Than Previously Forecast

The European Commission (EC) has been reported as saying that Italy’s economy will grow 1.5% in 2018 compared to just 1.3 percent forecast in November 2017 for 2018.

The EC still thinks that Italian banks are comparatively very weak, which is holding back business growth compared to the likes of France, or even Portugal and Spain.

22nd December 2017 – Italy Government Moved Step Closer To Getting 2018 Budget Through

The Italian government won a confidence vote on its 2018 budget in the lower house Chamber of Deputies.

22nd October 2017 – Lombardy and Veneto Votes

Lombardy and Veneto regions of Italy are to vote on whether these regions want more autonomy.   The polls suggest that people in these regions do want more autonomy.   These two regions make up most of northern Italy and say they contribute more to Italy than they get back.

Is it further evidence that the EU will eventually fall apart?

26th June 2017 – Monte dei Paschi’s Rescue Deal Done

The Bank of Italy’s Deputy Governor, Fabio Panetta, says that Monte dei Paschi’s bailout is a “done deal”.   The European Commission EC still has to approve the bank rescue deal, but this is a formality.   The old bank will soon be able to use Italy government money to survive and much of its bad loans will be sold.

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